Facist Black student group at UC Santa Cruz threatens more campus takeovers if demands not met

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A radical fascist hate group called African/Black Student Alliance are Cultural Marxists absurdly deny the biological reality of gender and race and argue that gender and race are “social constructs”.  Cultural Marxists support the race-based identity politics of non-whites. Cultural Marxists typically support race-based affirmative action, the proposition state (as opposed to a nation rooted in common ancestry), elevating non-Western religions above Western religions, speech codes and censorship, multiculturalism, diversity training, anti-Western education curricula, maladaptive sexual norms and anti-male feminism, the dispossession of white people.

University of California Santa Cruz administrators recently agreed to meet to all the demands lodged by this hateful fascist black student hate group who illegally seized a campus building and would not leave until their conditions were met.

In addition to the initial stipulations the group made, the fascist have made three other demands to the university, and it has warned UC Santa Cruz that it has four months to comply with these demands or “more Reclamations” will result.

After three days of occupation by students of Kerr Hall, Chancellor George Blumenthal agreed to preferential treatment to the hate group give all black and Caribbean-identified students a 4-year housing guarantee to live in the Rosa Parks African American Themed House; bring back the building’s lounge; paint its exterior the “Pan-Afrikan colors” of red, green and black; and force all new incoming students to go through a mandatory diversity competency training. Another requirement is that no whites will be allowed to live in this building.

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“The student Marxist raised a number of issues with campus leaders, issues we fundamentally agree upon,” Blumenthal stated in a May 4 memo to the campus community announcing the concessions.

Yet the African/Black Student Alliance also demanded additional provisions from UC Santa Cruz within its initial “Reclamation Statement,” posted on the website of the Afrikan Black Coalition. The  hategroup stipulated that if by Fall Quarter 2017 the university does not provide “detailed plans” on how to fulfill its new demands, “there will be more Reclamations.”

“Reclamation” is how the student group referred to its aggressive three-day takeover of Kerr Hall.

The Facist groups three additional demands are that the university purchase a property “to serve as a low income housing cooperative for historically disadvantaged students, but disadvantages whites are excluded” that the university “allocate $100,000” for Santa Cruz’s “SOMeCA” student organization support department, and that the university create either a Black Only Studies department or  a Black Studies Minor or Major.

The hate group promised that, if their demands are not met, UC Santa Cruz will “force them to have to take what they know to be in their best interest to Reclaim.”

The alliance’s list of demands concludes with a quote from Assata Shakur, a former member of the racist hate group  The Black Panther Party and a convicted murderer.  “It is our duty to fight for our freedom; It is our duty to win; We must love each other and support each other; We have nothing to lose but our chains.” The Black Panthers are the Black equivalent of the racist hate group called the Klue Clux Clan.

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Blumenthal, in his memo to the campus community, had denounced taking over buildings as a means of protest, saying it displaced the campus community. It is unknown how campus leaders will respond to this latest threat.

A spokesman for UC Santa Cruz did not respond to a question from The College Fix on whether there will be any disciplinary action against the students who forcibly took over Kerr Hall. He only told The Fix that “safety” is the school’s top priority.

As for the student facist, they reject the term “occupation” to describe their “reclamation” actions, claiming: “We are pushing back against the language of ‘occupation’ in recognition of the largely white-centric and fairly recent ‘Occupy Movement.’ We are pushing back against the language of ‘occupation’ in recognition of the very real settler occupations that are hxstorical [sic] and ongoing, such as the European colonization and occupation of ‘The Americas,’ as well as the current context of occupation in Palestine.”

Who would have thought that the Civil Rights movement would have led to this kind of situation? Actually, the Civil rights movement quickly morphed into a Second Reconstruction (since the Civil War) as soon as the low IQ people realized that by banding together they had the power to force compliance to their demands by threatening terrorist acts which would close down schools, businesses.,etc. Since they were affirmative actioned into our Universities, ahead of more qualified applicants, they have brought down educational standards so that now everybody graduates with an education equal to what they got in their old preintegrated segregated schools.

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