Confirmed Media Lied About Russian Hacking Claims: DNC Emails LEAKED; Not Hacked

The biased Leftist media reportedly documented that the DNC emails were hack by the Russians for months.  They are using the old ploy: tell a lie enough times and it becomes truth.  The reality is the emails were leaked … not hacked.

(And the “evidence” that it was the Ruskies has collapsed.)

The head of Wikileaks – the organization which published the leaked DNC emails – has previously hinted that the leaker was DNC insider Seth Rich.

Today, the local Washington DC Fox news channel reports that the Rich family’s private investigator – a former Homicide Detective in Washington DC and white collar criminal investigator for the Attorney General of the State of Ohio – says that evidence on Rich’s computers proves that he communicated with Wikileaks:

For several months, the leftist propaganda machine  has been misleading Americans that Russia hacked the emails of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hilary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta during the 2016 presidential election.

Now the truth is coming out and the reality is the “Russian hack” was in reality an inside job by a disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter and a  rogue campaign staffer, in part or in whole.


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