Times Square Terror: ‘Multiple casualties’ after speeding car ploughs into pedestrians

What Appears to be another terrorist attack that is similar to the Islamic terror attacks in Nice, France, the German Christmas market attack and the latest attack in Stockholm Sweden.  

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Multiple casualties have been reported at Times Square in New York after a speeding car drove into pedestrians.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) said so far at least one person was killed. Thirteen others are receiving medical treatment, according to the New York Fire Department.

The NYPD reports the car “lost control” between 42nd and 43rd streets near the popular tourist destination. A witness told Reuters the vehicle drove against the flow of traffic, striking the pedestrians. One injured pedestrian said the driver’s actions appeared “intentional”.

The NYPD reports the driver is in custody.

Police do not believe the incident is connected to terrorism, CBS reports. A NYPD spokesperson said their investigation into the incident is “very preliminary”.

“We don’t have any details yet but on the information that we’ve got so far it looks more like an out of control vehicle at this time,” he told the network.

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