Open Borders and dangerous, skilled’ ISIS jihadists bound to hit Europe

Europe is on the fast track to self suicide, as the continent becomes more and more unstable with every Migrant that enters. In the last two years numerous Islamic terrorist attacks have stricken the continent from France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Spain and foiled attacked throughout Europe.  Thing are so bad travel warning are now in place, something unheard of just 15 year ago.

Think things are bad in Europe, well they are about to get worse, much worse. Europe is in the receivership of an exodus of “dangerous and disillusioned” Islamic State jihadists, defeated in Syria and Iraq earlier this year and possibly seeking revenge, the head of the UN Security Council’s counterterrorism agency has warned.

Scores of foreign Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) fighters, determined to migrate to Europe, are “more dangerous” than previous waves of migrants, Jean-Paul Laborde told reporters on Thursday. Some may be eager to seek revenge after defeats on the battlefield, including in recent confrontations in Mosul.

 This second wave of Muslim migrants contain a much more extreme Muslim. Islamist who had more time to build contacts with terrorist organizations that can assist them in committing attacks inside Europe.Between 40 to 50 percent of foreign fighters, who left for Syria and Iraq, have already left territories controlled by IS, Laborde added.

“On average, these people are much more committed, more experienced and more skilled,” he told reporters, as cited by Reuters.

A number of foreign terrorist fighters which will probably slip through the borders and migrate to these countries, especially with smuggling networks,” he added.

 Some 5,000 Muslim EU nationals are currently fighting in Syria among the ranks of IS and other jihadist groups, a senior Syrian official said last month, warning that it’ll be a disaster for European security if these militants are allowed to return.

 We have statistics that about five thousand terrorists fighting in Syria have come from the EU countries,” Syria’s Deputy Minister of Expatriates and Foreign Affairs Ayman Susan told Sputnik in mid-April. To put that into prospective it took only 19 Muslim terrorist to commit the heinous acts of Sept 11, 2001 and take down the World Trade center and murder almost 3,000 people.“Imagine that these 5,000 terrorists will return to Europe … what they will do it,” the diplomat warned.

IS provides free passage to Europe to refugees willing to join the terrorist group, offering potential recruits up to $1,000 while actively infiltrating migrant communities in countries of destination, a British anti-extremism think tank warned in February.

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The report by Quilliam think tank also found that underage Muslims asylum seekers are at increasing risk of being radicalized by IS preachers infiltrating refugee camps and local migrant communities. So when you see those pictures the media post of minors trying to migrate to Europe to make us feel bad, well they are just as dangerous and brainwashed as the adults.  Woman have also been joining ISIS and committing acts of terrorism.

“Groups such as Islamic State and Boko Haram recruit using financial incentives within refugee camps and work with smugglers and traffickers to facilitate the journey to asylum,” Quilliam said.

According to the think tank, IS is clearly aware of the value of migrant routes in the Eastern Mediterranean as it offers free passage and “a degree of security” to those willing to join IS.

If Europe cannot soon control it borders and stop the Muslim migration soon terrorist attacks may becomes a normal part of life for Europeans,  those picturesque storybook cities soon to becomes as unsafe as any 3rd world war-zone. We can thank leftist liberalism to why this is happening to Europe.

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