Democrat Lie of Fake Russian Collusion is Endangering the World.

By Peter Paton

The Democrats must be called out by Donald Trump, Vladimar Putin and the rest of the civilised world for their malevolent projection of the Fake Russian Collusion Story, as it is a feeble excuse for their Landslide Election Loss by Hilary Clinton and the Left at the hands of Trump in 2016, and their highly dangerous obsession with propagating this Russian Nonsense is now endangering the safety of the entire world.

The Democrats, CNN and MSN are Obstructing Justice and driving a Deliberate Wedge between the two World Super Powers, this simply cannot be tolerated anymore in a Free and Pluralist Society.

The Democrats have been aided and abetted in their dastardly deeds and heinous crimes in this regard, by their ” Partners in Crime “, CNN, New York Times and the MSM, who have slavishly followed their master’s bidding by assaulting the airwaves on a daily basis, with the constant repetition and peddling of the Russian Lie in an attempt to brainwash and manipulate the American public into believing this ridiculous and nefarious story, and in so doing so, have set themselves up as the Political Wing and Propaganda Tool of the Democrat Party.

The obvious and transparent motive by the Democrat Party and MSM is to create a False Narrative and Concept of Russian Collusion against the President and his Inner Circle based on not a single shred of evidence or corroborating facts, which is Defamation at best, and a Treasonable Offence at worst, the choice I will leave up to President Donald Trump, the Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the American public themselves.

The solutions are both simple and manifold.

1.Both Trump and Putin must call a Summit to call out the Democrat and Media Liars in Public together.

2. The Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and his Team should be dismissed.

3. The Attorney General Jeff Sessions should start Indictments of all the Guilty Parties.

Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

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