Again, libs have it wrong on low skill immigrants


As soon as President Trump and Senators Cotton and Perdue finished their brief introduction of the RAISE Act, the blowback from liberals reached gale force. Immediately, the cry became how the proposed bill discriminates against non-English speaking and low skilled workers who might seek to come to the United States. As to the preference for admitting English-speakers, White House aide, Stephen Miller, handled the issue with aplomb, setting aside any need to revisit it here.

The so-called barring of low skilled laborers, however, begs for clarification. From both progressive and conservative press came off-center arguments pro and con the focus on demonstrable higher labor skills as qualification to immigrate here. Most all of it circled around the fallacious concept that there are jobs Americans won’t do for which low skilled labor must be imported.

Wrong. The argument isn’t tied at the hip to the fact that muscle work pays less and Americans won’t apply for these jobs, making it necessary to bring in under-educated, non-English speaking manual laborers.

The problem is not that Americans won’t take these jobs but that they don’t have to.

Did y’all get that? If not, let me delve into this a bit further. For far too long, able-bodied teens and adults have been spoiled by not being required to work at labor-intensive jobs. High schoolers don’t bother to buck hay or flip burgers for a summer or two. Adults who could do construction, housekeeping, kitchen detail or lawn work simply don’t. The answer is that the welfare state has been so well entrenched that anyone with a bent finger, occasional headache or emotional distress can get assigned disability. Once collecting disability (check how the numbers skyrocketed during the Obama administration), food stamps, free healthcare (to continue disability status), Section 8 housing, etc. becomes a self-perpetuating cycle of “gotcha, so gimme.”

With all these “benefits” why would anyone want to take a low skilled job? And for those who can’t qualify for disability or other entitlement programs but still don’t want to pick up a hammer, dishrag or a shovel, there’s always the drug trade.

Methods to derail the welfare state and illicit drug industry

Methods to derail the welfare state and illicit drug industry have already begun under the Trump administration. Optimism alone has opened doors to creation of entry level to high experience job opportunities. Statistics show that application for food stamps has dropped dramatically as a result.

In order to see more American citizens lining up to fill the available service and agriculture jobs, welfare reform must be instituted without delay. During the Clinton administration was the last time anything was attempted to rein-in the wild growth of welfare by denying benefits to able-bodied individuals. Left with the decision to work or starve, most put their shoulder to the wheel and landed jobs. This is always an option for government and it may take an act of God to force democrats to loosen their grip on the welfare noose they’ve been tightening around American necks, but it must be done. Given his head, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson is the man to act with fortitude and respectful regard to real need and lollygaggers.

Those still determined to avoid a noble day’s work will have no compunction about turning to crime for what they think is an easy living. Once more, the Trump administration has set a collision course with drug traffickers, especially coming from Mexico. Setting up to scan all trucks crossing the southern border is a step in the right direction of halting both illegal drugs and human cargo. Drying up product assists in closing up some of the illegal activity, though where there’s demand, someone will make a way to supply product. (Odd, isn’t it, how liberals recognize free market concepts behind drug trafficking but not for legitimate economic applications?) In such an instance, cartels and gangs like MS-13 then turn their efforts to making product on US soil, which is another surefire reason for limiting low skilled, non-English speaking immigrants from entering our country.

It’s not that Americans won’t take lower paying jobs, it’s that, under today’s nanny state, they don’t have to. Time to change that

The real reason democrats and media are raising a ruckus about the RAISE Act is that the majority of unskilled, non-English speaking legal immigrants are muslim refugees from the Middle East and African nations that have no intention of assimilating, or working, for that matter.

If we really want to turn around the low skill labor market, it isn’t by allowing more workers to immigrate, it’s to close off the welfare ranks and drug importation, forcing Americans to fend for themselves by legitimate means—creating positive work habits.

To reiterate, it’s not that Americans won’t take lower paying jobs, it’s that, under today’s nanny state, they don’t have to. Time to change that.

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