Racist Rally Turns Violent: Car Strikes Crowd 3 Protestors Confirmed Dead

Hundreds of white racist, neo-Nazis  marched down East Market Street toward Lee Park during the August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Soon clashes with Black Lives Matter racist and Antifa rioters ensued. The  two racist hate groups will never lead to a positive outcome, soon disaster approached as a car driven by a Neo-Nazi intentionally drove through the crown killing at least three people.

Neo-Nazi’s are motivated by hate from the Nazi party and Adolph Hitler, the Racist Black Lives Matter group and  Antifa are newer hate groups that have been inspired with hate from former president Barack Hussein Obama, both pathetic hate groups that bring divisions to our once civil peaceful society.

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Police said the rally was declared an unlawful gathering and people were forced out of Lee Park even after the the city had already been told by a federal court that it didn’t have the authority to prohibit the rally precisely because the group’s First Amendment rights. A  statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee is slated to be removed from the site.

So far three people have been killed and at least nine others were injured after a car plowed through a group of counter-racist who were demonstrating against the white racist.

When the counterprotesters and BLM racist started showing up and things got violent, that clearly became a matter for the police. But the action required in response to the violence is for the police to restore order and arrest violent perpetrators.

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The BLM, Antifa and counterprotesters had an agenda of making sure the assembly turned violent. That would have given the city a further pretext for trying to retroactively ban the rally, even though they’d already been told by the courts that they weren’t supposed to do that.

A shocking video shows the moment a car speed down a Charlottesville, Va., street, hit a group of protesters and sped off.

The crash happened Saturday afternoon during the violent clashes between the two racist hate groups on both sides.

The amateur video starts with a tire screech of what looks to be a silver Dodge Charger, which then accelerates forward toward a group of peaceful protesters. The car crashes into the rear of another car as people are heard screaming. The car, with a damaged front end, then shifts into reverse down the narrow street and drives away.

Being held without bail on murder, and other charges inthe  Charlottesville hit-and-run: James Alex Fields, Jr., 20, of Maumee, Ohio. Gov. Terry McAullife declared a state of emergency.

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