Allen West: I Can No Longer Remain Silent on Colin Kaepernick

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I’ve kept my peace on this subject, but you can refer to my original comments on the issue of Colin Kaepernick from last year’s football season.

But now I hear there’s a petition of folks who are planning to boycott the NFL if Colin Kaepernick doesn’t get picked up by a football team. This is typical of the left who only operates in the world of intimidation, coercion, and violence … threats.

So now the progressive socialist left wants to coerce and intimidate a private sector business into accepting one of their chuckleheads.

Here’s the bottom line: Colin Kaepernick utilized his freedom of speech and expression — stupidly — in protest against our national anthem. That is his right, but guess what my tender cupcake leftist social justice warriors, there are consequences.

If Colin Kaepernick wants to make politicized statements he is free to do so. And NFL teams also have a freedom, not to hire him! You delusional leftists seem to believe we have to put up with your insidious proclamations and actions. We do not.

Can y’all be so intellectually challenged to believe that you get to say and do whatever you wish, and all others must accommodate and acquiesce to your whims? That is reflective of the childlike immature manner in which you live your lives. You throw a tantrum in public and expect not to get spanked.

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Let me tell you how dumb this is. Most of y’all don’t even like football because it’s too violent for you. Furthermore, football isn’t about participation trophies; there are winners.

Here’s the deal; Colin Kaepernick may not have a future with the NFL, so just have ol’ Uncle George Soros hire him to be a spokesperson for some stupid progressive socialist cause. But just be advised, there are many of us red-blooded Americans who look forward to the fall and high school, college, and professional football. You leftists have pretty much screwed up everything from our healthcare to North Korea … doggone, leave football the hell alone!

And we will not be discussing Colin Kaepernick any more on this Facebook page or website.

Allen West is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army. During his 22-year career, he served in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom, receiving many honors including a Bronze Star. In 2010, West was elected as a member of the 112th Congress representing Florida’s 22nd District. He is a Fox News contributor and author of “Guardian of the Republic.” Mr. West also writes daily commentary on

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