Russia Defends Islamic Terrorists Again: Gives Hezbollah Diplomatic Cover in UN

Haaretz: Russia threatened to veto US and Israeli moves against Hezbollah last week as the UN weighed extending and expanding UNIFIL’s mandate:

However, during the negotiations over the wording of the resolution, significant portions endorsed sought by the United States and Israel were removed, chiefly the direct reference to Hezbollah as conducting prohibited military activity in southern Lebanon that is in violation of Resolution 1701. It was Russia that ensured all mention of Hezbollah was omitted . . .

One Israeli official said the Russians’ conduct attests to the closeness between Russia and Hezbollah as a result of the coalition they formed with Iran to help Bashar Assad’s regime survive in Syria. The official also said that because of Russian interests in Syria and its joint military activity with Hezbollah against ISIS and Syrian rebels, the Russians gave Hezbollah diplomatic cover in the UN.

Knesset members outraged at UN funding legal aid for terrorists.

According to IDF assessments, Hezbollah is spread too thin in Syria and is too economically strapped to start a war with Israel right now.


Source material can be found at this site.

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