Trump Must Deal with Iran First

By Peter Paton

The American President should not be distracted with the little local difficulty he has at the moment with North Korea and their bellicose Nuclear tests and acts of aggression.

The Main Course is Iran, and will always be.

The Clerical Regime of Mullahs in Tehran have their own greatly advanced Nuclear technology and capabilities, and these illicit activities are still proceeding rapidly in clandestine fashion, under the beguiled noses of the Western Powers, who were suckered into signing the Ill Fated and Phony so called Iran Deal.

President Trump should instead focus on the massive Iranian build up in Syria, as the Mullahs are pumping Cash, Arms, Munitions and Shia Militia into propping up the corrupt and heinous Assad Regime, aided and abetted by their Shia Proxies Hezbollah, who have committed a third of their active combat forces into Syria, all now dangerously bordering on the borders of Israel. Iran is also setting up Missile Production Factories in both Lebanon and Syria, and is seeking to open a Sea Port in Tartus, Syria, just like their sponsors Russia. All assisted of course by Obama’s $150 Million Gift to Iran.

Trump must not allow Iran to build a new Persian Empire, stretching from Yemen to Lebanon, via Iraq and Syria.

Trump should avoid perilous military action against Iran, and instead go for Regime Change in Tehran, and support the Iranian Resistance and the Human Rights Movement to topple the Mullahs from within, while at the same time upgrading the Economic Sanctions Stranglehold against the Clerical Shia Regime and its Proxies.

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Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

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