Spitting on veterans, taking the knee

The communist agitation this time
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In the 1960s, overtly communist agitators came up with an effective strategy for dividing Americans: they attacked veterans returning from the Vietnam War. They mercilessly targeted men who had the least power in society: those who lacked the resources to avoid the draft through political connections or college enrollment. Following Saul Alinsky’s hateful playbook, they targeted, isolated, and demonized young men coming home who had just been through the hell of war.

The strategy paid off in great whopping dividends of social division and discord. It also did nothing to convince ordinary Americans or elected officials of the need to stop the war: instead, it weakened the rest of the anti-war movement.

But here is the important part, the part nobody remembers now: ending the war didn’t matter to the communist agitators who screamed at legless 21-year olds returning from Saigon. It didn’t matter because those agitators were not anti-war: they were pro-communist warmongers rooting for communist victory abroad and at home.

This important history is now willfully denied. Mere mocking is enough to shut down discussion of it in the worlds of education, the media, and politics. Even conservative pundits and politicians dumbly grandstand against “McCarthyism,” as if there never was a real and powerful communist movement in America, let alone one now.

Mocking the idea that communist agitation in America was and is real has become even more fashionable of late, just as communist Antifa thugs and their useful idiots in academia riot on the streets and shut down free speech on college campuses – and Google campuses, and everywhere else suppression of thought is deemed a special priority of the human resources battalion.

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(Editor’s note: America Under Siege: Antifa, is now available for viewing online. The documentary film headlined by renowned radicalism expert Trevor Loudon, is a production of Dangerous Documentaries, which, like Bombthrowers, is a project of Capital Research Center.)

Such mass denial feels like a psychological phenomenon, but underlying it now (unlike in the Sixties) is a completely rational fear: fear of losing one’s job for saying the wrong thing, or losing one’s grade point average because the hag teaching you Revolutionary College Composition has sniffed out your carefully concealed resistance to her ideology, thereby jeopardizing your chance at having a career or supporting a family or all the other things that make a nation survive.

This strategy of the communist thugs has never wavered because it works: divide ordinary, non-political Americans against each other by “occupying” a beloved institution or public property with confrontational (but disguised) communist tactics. Make sure nobody can escape your politics, not in pre-school or college or at work, or when they’re in their own homes settling in to watch TV. Count on the New York Timesor the New York Times and Hollywood to carry your water (or Gatorade).

Hold people hostage until they give in and give you things, in the entirely vain hope you will go away.

We are witnessing this strategy being played out in the national football and basketball leagues, where useful idiots “take a knee,” allegedly to protest non-existent “racist police brutality,” but actually to lash out at all police, and white people, and Americans. Like the soldiers coming home from Vietnam, it is the courageous men (and women) serving in uniform who are the overt targets of the agitator’s bullets and rage, but all Americans of all races are trapped in the agitators’ cultural crosshairs.

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“Taking a knee” is just the latest iteration of “Occupy Wall Street” or “Black Lives Matter” or any of the other countless stupidity parades disrupting college campuses.  Countless more useful idiots join in by virtue-signaling their support for professional agitators whose real goals have nothing to do with “peace” or “equality” or “bullying” or understanding the historical pain of minorities or, as so many columnists are bleating now, “free speech.”

If we had honest academicians in the universities teaching the real history of domestic communist agitation, maybe we wouldn’t be so universally gormless in the face of this now. Maybe we would stop ceding public property and public treasure – our universities and job opportunities, and real free speech – to the communist agitators this time.



Tina Trent writes about crime and policing, political radicals, social service programs, and academia. She has published several reports for America’s Survival and helped the late Larry Grathwohl release a new edition of his 1976 memoir, “Bringing Down America: An FBI Informer with the Weathermen,” an account of his time infiltrating the Weather Underground.

Dr. Trent received a doctorate from the Institute for Women’s Studies of Emory University, where she wrote about the devastating impact of social justice movements on criminal law under the tutelage of conservative, pro-life scholar Elizabeth Fox-Genovese.

Dr. Trent spent more than a decade working in Atlanta’s worst neighborhoods, providing social services to refugees, troubled families, and crime victims. There, she witnessed the destruction of families by the poverty industry, an experience she describes as: “the reason I’m now a practicing Catholic and social conservative.”

Tina lives with her husband on a farm in North Georgia. She blogs about crime and politics at tinatrent.com.

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