The Leftist Attacks on Christopher Columbus Are Based on Lies and Progressive Propaganda

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Italian Explorer Christopher Columbus (Cristoforo Colombo) is also on the growing list of targeted historical figures from the left as they erase all links to white America. There are calls to remove statues of Columbus in several cities, even in Columbus, Ohio the city named after him.

And according to Far Left Watch, a watchdog organization, Antifa and other left-wing communist groups plan to deface and attack Columbus statues across the country today Columbus Day.

Columbus did something incredible reaching the Bahamas on board three small ships. The fleet’s caravels were not warships but explorer vessels. He brought together two continents that didn’t know of one another’s existence. For the first time in history, the world acquired a truly global perspective.

Some cities are no longer celebrating Columbus day, this was all started while Obama a Black Nationalist that was part of the Black Theology movement that set this anti-White behavior and racism toward white people.  Today it is getting out of control, claims of privileged, blaming whites for every problem “minorities” face the list goes on and on.

While Columbus is blamed by the left for much that went wrong in the New World after his arrival, Dr. Carol Delaney, a professor emerita at Stanford University and a visiting scholar at Brown University, describes his relations with the Natives Americans as generally “benign,” and his intentions as generally good. Columbus certainly is not the sinister villain that he’s been made out to be by the lefts propaganda.

Those who now question Columbus conveniently ignore the fact that slavery, cannibalism, warfare and even human sacrifice all existed in the Americas before he even sailed.

To blame Columbus for everything they dislike in U.S. history, despite the ample evidence that he was a moderating force on his men, and the fact that he sought to keep good manners and friendly relations with Native Americans.  The anti-Columbus narrative is any sense is due to the leftist ignorance of history and facts. Wrongfully blaming Columbus is terrible injustice, and it does something else, too. It focuses anger on one man and on the wrong man.

Columbus cannot be blamed for the diseases that his men brought to these shores any more than the Native Americans can be blamed for introducing tobacco to the Europeans.

For one without Columbus the Country United States would never have been formed.  Second for those on the left saying this is Native American land; well then you are an occupier in your own eyes,  when do you plan on leaving? Plus isn’t a native someone born here, or only people from 500 years ago count?

Here is the ineluctable and undeniable fact to the left. A superior civilization came due to the Exploration of Christopher Columbus and created a powerful empire from Sea to Shining Sea, whose culture dominates the earth today.

Why, even the remotest parts of the world, even deep in the Amazon jungle a person is likely to be wearing a Coca-Cola t-shirt, or Nike shoes.  The entire world celebrates and benefits from American Advancements. The  technology like computers, airplanes, automobiles, electricity, GPS, modern medical advancements that saves lives around the world.  Yes you have the Americans to thank for that, and Columbus was on the forefront of it all.

The discovery of the New World and the expansion of Western Civilization by Christopher Columbus was a signal event in the history of the world no one can deny, and it made the world a better place and it still is.

The low-rent romantics on the left, go ahead and screech, glorify primitive, tribal man while you are sipping your lattes and run from one air-conditioned place to another while writing right now in a laptop and the internet both invented by the early Americans you despise so much.

Western civilization does not need you, dust in the wind that you are.

The same people who tout the myth of the evil Columbus would have us believe that Native American culture was as good as Spanish was evil. This binary approach warps reality.

Indians (Native’s) practiced slavery. Comanches, Navajos, others. Remember the Navajos brought children they had captured from other tribes and offered to sell them to the Spanish settlers as slaves. When the Spanish declined to buy them (are you surprised?) the Navajo beheaded the children in front of them.

Another example is the Native Aztecs who administered a vast empire, built on a subjugation of neighboring tribes with , among other horrors  human sacrifice. So lets not be so quick to condemn one and prop up another.

Yes while America does not have a perfect history, bad thing happened, don’t think the Natives were all so perfect in themselves, they had many issues, slavery and killing children being one of the many, so before you choose to erase American history, erase all working of people due to their skin colors being too white, think of your own racism and how “Natives” were not prefect either.

In the end Native means being born in a certain place, if your are born in the USA you are a native just as much as the natives from 300-800 year ago.

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