Report: President Trump Tries To Help Christians Persecuted By Muslims But Is Being Stonewalled By USAID

President Trump is trying to help get aid to Christians in Iraq that have been persecuted by Muslims but is being stonewalled by USAID according to a recent report:

The USAID is stalling President Donald Trump’s initiative to stop funding “ineffective” relief efforts at the United Nations and provide support directly to persecuted Christians and other minorities in the Middle East through the agency, said Laura Ingraham on her show “The Ingraham Angle.”

The U.S. government says Iraqi and Syrian Christians are undergoing a genocide “so why aren’t they getting the help they need?” asked Ingraham on her Fox News show Friday, adding that USAID, which is the government agency for administering civilian foreign aid, is a “deeply entrenched government bureaucracy” and is “dragging its feet” on implementing the Trump administration’s agenda.

The benefits have gone largely to those form the Muslim faith, she added.

Vice President Mike Pence announced last month at the annual “In Defense of Christians” summit that the government “will no longer rely on the United Nations alone to assist persecuted Christians and minorities in the wake of genocide and the atrocities of terrorist groups,” and “provide support directly to persecuted communities through USAID.”

“The United States will work hand in hand from this day forward with faith-based groups and private organizations to help those who are persecuted for their faith. This is the moment, now is the time, and America will support these people in their hour of need,” Pence said.

Ingraham said sarcastically that an agency spokesperson told her that the next step is a “workshop on proposals” in January 2018, which is winter “when these populations are most vulnerable.”

“And the agency announcement said nothing about cutting off funding to the U.N. as Pence originally declared,” she pointed out.

The population of Christians have fallen in Syria and Iraq by almost 80 percent, and U.N. camps there are filled with Islamic State infiltrators, so Christians do not go into these camps, Rep. Brian Babin, a Republican from Texas, tells Ingraham.

“It’s so important for the tax dollars of the United States to go directly to these persecuted groups, rather than through the corrupt and the obviously incompetent U.N. agency,” Babin says, urging Congress to “step up to the plate.”

There are hundreds and thousands of Christian refugees, who are survivors of ISIS’ genocide, added Nina Shea, a senior fellow at Hudson Institute.

She said the U.S.-led coalition has liberated their towns and they are desperate to go back home in northern Iraq, and points out that monetary help is needed now as they have spent four winters in displacement.

Shea warned last month that Iraqi Christian communities are in dire need of humanitarian and reconstruction assistance as they continue to receive a minimal amount of aid from the U.S., and as Iranian-backed militias and Shiite Muslims have moved into villages and towns where Christians once lived.

“That Consolidated Appropriations Act (of 2107) has essentially been ignored by the State Department,” Shea, who served for 12 years on the U.S. International Commission on International Religious Freedom, told The Christian Post.

As the Christian population in Iraq has decreased from over 1.4 million to less than 250,000 in the last 15 years, Shea, wrote an op-led recently arguing that the Trump administration is “making the situation worse by continuing Obama’s policies that effectively exclude these non-Muslims from U.S. aid in Iraq.” (source)

Ronald Kessler, author of Inside the CIA, wrote decades ago that CIA was the direct tool of the President himself and to organ by which American foreign policy is executed. What the President cannot get in public is gained by use of the CIA’s influence. This directly echoes the words of Victor Marchetti, former Deputy Director of the CIA and one of the most influential yet barely known men during the 20th century whose role was critical to shaping American foreign policy and, in his own words from a document in the CIA Archives declassified in 2006 states directly such, calling the CIA the “President’s Loyal Tool”:

The Central Intelligence Agency’s role in U.S. foreign affairs is, like the organization itself, clouded by secrecy and confused by the misconceptions, many of them deliberately promoted by the CIA with the cooperation of the news media. Thus to understand the covert mission of this agency and to estimate its value to the political leadership, one must brush myths aside and penetrate to the sources and circumstances from which the agency draws its authority and support. The CIA is no accidental, romantic abberation; it is exactly what those who govern the country intend it to be- the clandestine mechanism wherby the executive branch influences the affairs of other nations. (source)

USAID, the official American organization for doling out foreign aid, has been known for years to be a direct extension of the CIA. Kessler speaks of this in his book, and the influence of USAID is well-documented, including in the recent situation in Ukraine. This should not come as a surprise and only makes sense, especially if one thinks of it in terms of a mob.

For example, when Cosa Nostra would move into an area, they would offer loans to individuals and businesses. Often times, they were offered freely and people could choose or not choose to take them, but those who did take them were now indebted to whichever famiglia offered the loan, and they could make demands of them at a later point which they would have to abide by, and if they refused to abide or if they betrayed, they could suffer destruction of their businesses, families, or even be executed. Francis Ford Coppola’s film The Godfather shows this multiple times:

Governments also operate in a similar way. Financial assistance is given in a variety of forms (loans, grants, etc.) with the understanding that upon taking the loan you are indebted to the one who extended the loan, and failure to act on whatever stipulations the one who gave the money requests results in a “reminder” or a bit of “motivation.” As such, it only makes sense that in the American context, the CIA would be the one giving out the money through a front group so that if another nation fails to “obey” the commands made of them at a later point, they would get a “special visit” to remind that nation of what was asked of them.

I bring this up not because there are any “threats” being made here against Christians or that there is active persecution being made on behalf of government agencies or their controllers in business, industry, or finance. I say this because what you are witnessing with this “controversy” is not a controversy, at all, but a simple case of misdirection to create a non-existent controversy to distract people from deeper questions.

The question is: Given the USAID is an extension of the CIA, and the CIA is the personal tool of policy for the President, what is there to stop the President from using his “personal tool” to simply get aid to the Christians?

The answer is a very hard one to hear, and it is one that we at have personal experience with because we witnessed it ourselves.

One of the most important missions we have at, and beyond reporting the news events of the day, is to help persecuted Christians all over the world, and in particular those in Muslim majority nations or suffering from Islamic terrorism. The Rescue Christians project has gone all over the world helping people, and in early 2017 Rescue Christians Director Keith Davies traveled to Hungary to meet with a coalition of Christian organizations to deliver a presentation to the Hungarian government and ask them to help with rescuing persecuted Christians in light of the “refugee crisis” in Europe.

What Keith discovered and reported on in February 2017 was that the Hungarian government, in spite of all of their pro-Christian rhetoric, had no interest in actually helping Christians at all except in so much as to give the outward impression that they wanted to help Christians. They gave verbal acknowledgement to the Christian organizations, including Rescue Christians, and asked the groups to sign a document saying that Hungary agrees that it should help the persecuted Christians, but without anything else. Rescue Christians even put in a direct offer to the government to help 25 Pakistani Christians, but they refused:

I was hopeful that the government of Hungary based on its recent statements of support for the persecuted; who refused to be bullied by the EU and because of its past history from the threat of the Islamic empire would be a beacon of light to the persecuted church, alas I was so very wrong. A darkness not seen since the 1930s and 40s has now covered Europe. The Christians of the Middle East, Far East and Africa are doomed to the same fate as the Jews unless we can find countries who are righteous. Europe has turned its back on its Christian brethren who are in dire need of rescue.

We submitted a petition to the government requesting emergency assistance to 25 Pakistani Christian families in Bangkok needing a safe haven. It is two weeks and we have received no response to our petition. The Hungarian government has been pressured by the EU to take Muslim refugees and they have refused but have indicated they are willing to help the Christians instead. This is a bare face lie! The Hungarian government is playing political games to avoid helping anyone. They have no interest in helping Christians, they as per the usual politicians, they talk a good game but there is no real action as to what is actually needed to alleviate the suffering of the persecuted. (source)

Keith was absolutely disgusted, and he refused to sign the document placed before him because it was a lie.

This example reflects from our own experience and ongoing theme that we have noticed, which is the usage of the real plight of other people in order to further political ends that ultimately have nothing to do with the suffering in question, and once said goal is realized to ignore the suffering of those same people because they were never cared about from those who raised the issue of their suffering in the first place. As we have mentioned on, much of this relates directly to the “counter-jihad” movement, since we have come to find (and much to our disgust) that the purpose of the movement is not to address the real issue of Islam and the threat it poses to society, but to use the inherently violent and disordered nature of Islam as a lever to aid in reviving nationalism that will then be channeled into another war for the purpose of ultimately solidifying the creation of a new, technocratic elite that desires to use advanced technology and biomechanics to attempt to make themselves into “gods among men” and at the same time reduce and control the majority of people to serve as their slaves, reflecting the ultimate end which the Georgia Guidestones speak of and which we have written about here at

This entire disordered situation is simply recontextualized on a governmental level for the case mentioned by this story.

It is well and good that President Trump has spoken about helping Christians, but what has actually been done in a tangible sense? I do not say this as an attack on him, but as an objective question. This comes in addition to other observations that we have made:

-We have reported how Trump is continuing the exact same policies in Iraq that Obama did that caused the genocide of Christians (source).

-We have seen how Christians are asking for American intervention to help them, and there has been no answer but silence (source).

-We have seen how Trump has become very, very friendly with Turkey, one of the nations who not only helped ISIS, but is defiant in the face of committing genocide against Christians and expresses a desire to do this again (source).

-We have seen how President Trump has even ordered the deportation of Christian from Iraq back to Iraq, and were it not for the intervention of a Federal Judge they would have certainly had to face torture and death in their native countries (source).

So returning to the original matter, how can Trump be “stonewalled” by USAID when USAID is just the finance office within the CIA, which is the President’s “peraonal tool”?

The answer is that there is no conflict at all. It is that these claims are false. The Christians are not being helped because we do not want to help the Christians, but use the claims of their plight to rally support for the administration and future policy goals. It is what Rescue Christians experienced with Hungary, but just in an American context.

It is good to support one’s nation, but never put one’s faith in political leaders, for all men are sinful and inclined to fail. As always, one’s hope must always be in God, Who sent His only Son to enter into our humanity so that we might be raised up to His divinity.

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