Migrant Crisis: Rapes Increased 232% Since Liberals Took Power

Skyrocketing terror and crime following increased numbers of migrants and refugees from Islamic countries has seriously depleted police resources. Yet another EU country will see a decrease in its ability to fulfill international military obligations as a result of domestic instability.

Safety of women has declined under Liberal rule in Denmark.

Since the Liberals took power in the Summer of 2015, the number of reported rapes has increased by 232 percent, according to fresh data from the Danish state bureau of statistics, Danmarks Statistik.

An increase in reported rapes also means an increase in unreported rapes. A state reportconcludes “many rapes are not reported.”

Since the Liberals took power, tens of thousands of migrants and refugees from Islamic countries have been allowed into the country. Many more are now following, due to family reunifications.

Rule of law in Denmark is imploding as the police run out of resources. An incident back in 2016 underscores this: A mother in downtown Copenhagen had to witness her son being beating to a pulp by masked Arab migrants. During this attack, the devastated mother called law enforcement, but due to a lack of resources, police could not respond in a timely manner. Her son was attacked because rumour had it that he was from the USA.

Already in 2013 “36 percent percent of Danes do not trust the police to come when needed.

The incidence of Arab gang shootings in downtown Copenhagen is out of control, putting in danger everybody who visits this popular tourist city. In what has been described as a “massive low-tech jihad, thousands of incidents involving loosened wheel bolts, large rocks thrown from highway bridges, rapes, and now also shootings of random innocents on the streets, has dealt a massive blow to the general feeling of security among citizens and tourists alike.

In almost all cases, the perpetrators have been from MENAP countries (Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan).

Danger, unreasonable amounts of overtime, and stress, is causing 60 percent of the Danish police officers to consider quitting. One third of those within the ranks of law enforcement already have applied for jobs outside of the police department, magnifying this crisis.

In a bid to regain some security in public spaces, the Danish Liberal-Conservative government will now deploy the army. From September onward, soldiers will join ranks with police officers. Initially, it will be at Denmark’s border with Germany, and in the context of protecting vulnerable synagogues, which for many years have been in a critical security situation as a result of immigration from Islamic countries.

Denmark thereby joins the growing list of EU countries that are depleting their military resources in an effort to contain this ongoing wave of crime and terror that has followed the influx of people from Islamic countries.

The Danish military is warning that this will negatively affect their ability to fulfill NATO obligations, a discussion that is likely to continue well beyond Denmark’s borders. Among those countries currently using military personnel to address growing domestic instability, aside from Britain and Greece, no other EU members (within NATO) are spending the 2 percent of GDP agreed upon in 2006.

In this way, the EU’s reckless migrant and refugee policy actually might end up paralyzing NATO, leaving a power vacuum on the global political scene which inevitably will be filled by big players such as Iran, Turkey, Russia, and China.

Will NATO, or US president Donald J. Trump, take steps to address this development?

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