Department of Justice Blueprint for Fake Investigations

It Is Now an Obstruction Investigation: Which means that it’s an impeachment investigation


A National Review article, posted on December 4, 2017, written by former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, entitled “It Is Now an Obstruction Investigation: Which means that it’s an impeachment investigation,” affirmed what’s long been obvious to many.

The purpose of the Mueller investigation is not now, nor was it ever, to prove collusion between Russia and the Trump Presidential Campaign.  That stated purpose was, from Day 1, a red herring.
McCarthy fails to address the real motive behind the Mueller investigation.

Misdirection-by-distraction operation

Müller’s investigation, based on the dissemination of a fake dossier, is a misinformation campaign designed to: (1) discredit the election of Trump, hindering his efforts to govern, and (2) distract the media’s attention – easily done – away from Uranium One, and other events where possible criminal acts were committed by the Clintons, and others.

In short, the Mueller Investigation is a misdirection-by-distraction operation.

And, daily, more Americans are seeing that it’s fake.

The pattern for the current DoJ operation replicates a previous “special counsel” puppet show: Plamegate.  Two key players who starred in the Plamegate investigation, Comey and Müeller, designed this latest puppet show.

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Here’s the blueprint for both:

Rod Rosenstein, appointed Assistant Attorney General by Obama to serve under then Attorney General Loretta Lynch, has a history concerning Uranium One. According to The Hill, a leading news outlet exposing the Uranium One scandal,

“Obama administration figures involved in the 2009-15 investigation of [the Uranium One deal] include Robert Mueller, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe  — all of whom are involved in some fashion in the current investigation of President Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia.”

The closer Trump moves to accomplishing major tax reform, the louder the liberal media will chant the mantra of his eventual impeachment.  That is their motivating goal.

Daily, they grow more desperate to damage him, as The Swamp runs scared.

All the key players, in both past and current DoJ Blueprint investigations, are Swamp creatures.

And the longer it continues, the more damage done to the Department of Justice, and, thereby, to the nation.

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