Mark Levin Dares Congress: ‘Shut It Down’

“Already, Paul Ryan has buckled multiple times. He has given the Democrats what they want on this Child Health Insurance Program, which is another program that sounds great and is massively out of control. But the Republicans have long ago given up any notion of trying to bring the budget under control, let alone the annual deficit or the overall debt. They don’t even talk about it.

“So, the Democrats are telling the American people, ‘Either Congress legalizes illegal aliens, the vast majority of whom are not children, or we’re shutting down the government.

“So the Democrat Party has told you what their priorities are. And their priority, number one priority, is illegal aliens – foreigners who are here, who are not supposed to be here – not the American people. That’s number one.

“Number two: the Democrat Party in the form of Pelosi and Schumer and the rest have also told you that you the American people are no better than people from any other country. Well, you might say, ‘Well, what do you mean by that? What do you mean by that?’ What they’re telling you is that even though they are your elected representatives, even though their obligation is to you their constituents, even though their obligation is to this country, they’re prepared to shut down the government, regardless of all that.

“It’s a big deal.

“Number three: the Democrat Party has made abundantly clear through Cory Booker, through Dick Durbin, through a conga line of left-wing Democrats in the House and Senate and in the Praetorian Guard media that America is no better than Venezuela, Haiti, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Syria or any other country on the face of the earth – none of which they will move to, of course.

“So the Democrat Party has exposed itself hugely.

“And I do not know why the Republicans are running scared. I do not know why the Republicans don’t get to a microphone one after another and state exactly what I just said, that the Democrat Party has just said that illegal aliens, people who are here illegally, come first, second and third, and they’re prepared to shut down the federal government unless the President of the United States legalizes illegal aliens, unless the President of the United States morphs into Lindsey Graham, unless the President of the United States rejects his promises to the American people, upon which many of you voted.”

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