We Hear You: The President’s First Year in Office, and Other Passions

Editor’s note: Since President Donald Trump began his second year in office over the weekend, we thought we’d highlight some of your thoughts on how he’s doing so far. Keep in touch at [email protected]—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: I was leery and quite critical of Trump initially, but he has won me over. I know he is doing what he believes is right for this country (“7 Areas of Successes and ‘Incompletes’ for Trump’s First Year“).

He may be more crude and crass then we are accustomed to, but he is a fighter and a survivor. He has successfully harnessed the American spirit, and he seems to be enjoying himself.

God bless you, President Trump. You should be very proud of your first year as president of the United States. We are proud of you.Joe Tropea, Miami Beach, Fla.


All Democrats have voted no on President Trump’s proposals. He also has been undermined by self-interested, backstabbing, colluding, conniving, GOP RINO swamp rats who today fight him on his promise to voters on building the wall and eliminating chain migration and  lottery visas.

Most of his success has been through executive action. Imagine the success if he had a little help. He said we’d be sick of winning; he didn’t anticipate all those who campaigned on lies and really have no interest in the American voters. Vote the bums out. Make America Great Again! Art Anton

From the first day in office, President Trump has had a fight on his hands from both sides of the aisle … and a lot of what he wanted ended up in court.

Then are the phony stories that some in the news media are trying to report on Trump. But it’s funny how much he has gotten done with all of these attacks from both Republicans and Democrats.

Think what he could have done with at least the Republicans on his side? Drain the swamp.Jeff Pearson, Sparks, Nev.


This man has accomplished some incredible things in his first year, and all under duress. More will come and he will go down in history as being the best president of the modern era.

Screw the career politicians. Let’s elect some more senators and congressmen to back him up.

Trump is like the Energizer Bunny: just keeps on going. Love him and his attitude.Jim Rich, Henderson, Tenn.

Energy independence and dominance is the most important issue Trump has triumphed over. This will give us a big stick in international affairs and prosperity for all. Open up ANWR in Alaska and start shipping liquefied natural gas from Alaska to Japan.James Rust

Go, President Trump! A good start, but more to do.Geoff Mizel

With all his money, why would anyone subject himself to all this [email protected]? Answer: He must be a patriot.Dean Hunkele, Mars, Pa.

More on DACA and Immigration Reform

Dear Daily Signal: I’m a 68-year-old farm boy from the Midwest, a self-employed accountant since 1986, writing about your most recent collection of readers’ thoughts (“We Hear You: DACA, Illegal Immigration, Sanctuary Cities, an Voter Fraud“). I suggest a possible answer to illegal immigration and sanctuary cities is to have everyone get one of the three Social Security cards available—not through the DMV, but by post card or online.

Everyone has to file a tax return; get a job, if old enough, that issues a W-2 from the employer unless self-employed. That is a start. Then set up a five-year plan that includes a photo ID issued by DMV since they have such already.

Each person within the five years must work on some level of English-speaking ability. Not free lessons, but many churches, private schools, and public schools offer them. If during that period they are convicted of a major offense, they are deported.

I think our money is better spent watching the border and advertising in Mexico and Central and South American countries that this is the plan: No new people in as immigrants until we get a handle on everyone here. We will still have to take in our share of the world’s refugees regardless of where they are from, but we’ll have a process in place that works.

We are spending way too much time and money on this idea of “American purity” and not what it takes to be an American.  Citizenship we will have to decide on after everyone is accounted for. Why not just deport all of them?  Do you know the cost, or how many will try to come back? Talk to many employers, large and small, and find out what they say.

Now the drug issue: There always will be drugs coming into this country as long as there is a profit motive and a demand. We have to understand and figure out how to diminish both, maybe legalizing marijuana as is being done now in some states. But we should wait and see how that plays out first. The “war on drugs” hasn’t helped the cause.

We will always have differences of opinion. I see a great need to reduce the friction and fracturing of our people. We have enough issues with all of us being racists at some level, but that is for another day.—Mike Ellsworth, Elkhorn, Wisc.


We have to have the border wall for a true effort at security (“Trump: Immigration Deal ‘Has Got to Include the Wall’“). Government spends $150 billion in taxpayers’ money per year on illegal aliens, and that number will never go down unless we get serious about security. A real wall at strategic points with other measures, like or similar to the Israelis’ system, could work.

Every day, the mainstream media finds yet another poster child or adult who has an emotional story about their illegal journey with their families to the USA. As gripping as these scripted scenes are, the facts remains the same: They along with their families have broken American laws.

We can’t allow emotion to guide our nation’s law enforcement. The cost to taxpayers is a factor not discussed by Democrats or RINOs, but should be. If we spend $150 billion of taxpayers’ money per year on illegal aliens now, that figure only will go up once the flow reignites because of obvious political indifference.

The word spreads fast, and our neighbors are glad to be rid of the potential unwanted troublemakers, so their border security doesn’t try to prevent the crossing as long as they keep moving.—Brannen Edwards, Savannah, Ga.


Some conservatives’ insistence on putting their heads in the sand and simply labeling everything other than deportation as being amnesty has got to stop (“In DACA Talks, Trump Open to ‘Comprehensive’ Immigration Deal“). We here in Texas are on the verge of losing it politically if we do not solve this problem.

Through sanctuary cities and amnesty by President Reagan to not enforcing the law, we have promoted illegal immigration. And those guilty should have to pay part of the charges brought against the illegal aliens.

I have sent a copy of a resolution on the issue I have presented in Texas to President Trump, and will do so again. A couple of years ago, the state resolution committee was excited about it because they had something to work with. But when it got to the general meeting, the fireworks by those who hate Mexicans got it shut down.—Richard L. Cure


Seems like President Trump is caving in with DACA beneficiaries. The American people want the DACA people deported. Their parents were illegal immigrants, making their children chain illegals.

Obama had no authority nor the constitutional rights to create Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Now even more children are crossing the Mexican border into the USA in hopes that DACA is passed as legislation. So everything about this is illegal from the get-go.

Trump ran on deporting all illegal immigrants and having Mexico pay for the border wall. Now why is Trump negotiating on both? I am certainly not happy about this, and I’m sure a lot of his supporters are not as well.—J. Kin Ng


Thousands of Americans, including children, were killed or murdered for years by illegal immigrants before Donald Trump ever thought of running for president. Many of the murders could have been prevented if America followed immigration laws. This country hasn’t protected­­ its own citizens and borders.

Thank God for President Trump and for his support for the victims of illegal immigrants. Politicians, journalists, and others should have tried to stop illegal immigration years ago, for the safety of American citizens. Those Democrats and others who support illegal immigration ought to be sued now or in the near future.—Tony D.


The very best way to curb illegal immigration is to put a stop to the policy that if you are born in the USA, then you are automatically a citizen. Put an end to this outrageous loophole for illegals to get a foothold. This creates the dilemma of separating children and parents. Pass a law that gets rid of this policy.

In California, illegal “maternity hotels” for “birth tourists”  allow Chinese and other Eastern women to give their children American citizenship. Thousands of Mexican women also cross our southern border when pregnant to give their babies U.S. citizenship.

The law should be: No baby born of an illegal immigrant is considered a U.S. citizen. All children born of illegal immigrants are also illegal immigrants.—Persistent Professor


Hans von Spakovsky’s commentary about DACA is possibly the best article I’ve ever read on the program (“Cutting Through the Media Falsehoods on ‘Dreamers’“). Great writing like that is exactly what this country needs today; too bad you don’t have a broadcast channel.—Terry Christensen, Utah


Has anyone heard a Democrat say they’ll fight for Americans?—MDB

This and That

Dear Daily Signal: Is anyone requesting Rocket Man’s promise not to punish any North Korean athletes who do not win at the Olympics in Seoul? I fear for any North Koreans who try to compete if they do not win big. Real world attention should help protect them.—M. Filer


I think one of the reasons that the president has not filled all the executive branch positions is because the left will not help out to run this country (“There Are 633 Key Positions in the Administration. Trump Hasn’t Appointed Nominees for 252“). It seems they want to kill our country, and it makes me very sad.—Lois Freeman


I read with interest your article on Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s increasing its work in California (“Acting ICE Director: Let’s Charge Sanctuary Cities for Violating Federal Law“). Is there a way to get hard data on the numbers and types of violations of law such as murder, assault, and robbery by illegal aliens in these sanctuary cities? Without data and well-planned research, there’s no way to create a case for public discourse.—Mark Bigley


I am a conservative sharing opinions with others on Twitter. But Twitter can’t be transparent; it seems blocking conservatives is their main purpose. I got blocked last night for standing for who am I. We must unite against the enemy of America. I stand with the Constitution, writing for our freedom and justice.—Alicia Savino

How Are We Doing?

Dear Daily Signal: I have thought for some time that The Daily Signal is one of the very few most trustworthy and valuable news sources of which I am aware—print, broadcast, or digital. The Signal offers insightful, timely, and important story concepts followed up with thorough, balanced reporting and clear writing. Basically just classic journalism.

Most of the articles you publish seem to me to be stories that should be being researched and written by the major mainstream news media. Since, in my opinion, they are not doing that job nearly so well as it needs to be done, I am very glad that you are doing a lot to fill the void.

Thanks for your hard work—and I know it often is hard, unpopular work. Please keep it up.—John M. Jones Jr.


I enjoy reading your assessments of our president, the liberals, the socialists, Bernie Sanders, the communists, De Blasio. My world as I knew it has been under attack ever since Ronald Reagan.

I am originally from Arkansas. I have great fear for our young people. I talk with my two grandsons. The 25-year-old may be a loss, but the 19-year-old is going to be a very good citizen. He likes his fellow man, he is very respectful to his parents, he is a good student in college, participates in sports, and is a good Christian.

My point being is that institutions like The Heritage Foundation need to find a way to get to more of our young people. I think this could become possible if social media were to become more open to good news about our president and the ideas of free men were to touch their lives. Because when you are talking to people like me, you are preaching to the choir.—Claude Pugh


I have a hard time reaching my children due to the indoctrination they encounter on social media and within the school system. Exposing them to ideas that counter Hollywood and the mainstream media is a challenge.

I don’t believe my children have to think exactly like I do, but I do want them to realize there are other viewpoints. While my response is often too emotional to be objective, I have been having them read many of your articles. It’s a great resource for me, and I’m grateful for the thought and insights your authors put into their articles. Keep up the good work.—Karen Nelson, Tampa, Fla.


I’ve received The Daily Signal for about two weeks now, and I am enjoying reading about what the administration is accomplishing—with labor and in combatting terrorism, for instance. Plus, it is nice to get a picture or two of our president that is complimentary, like the one of him shaking hands with the president of Kazakhstan.

The constant drum of the mainstream media is disheartening to say the least. I am not a huge Trump fan, but do feel we owe our president the benefit of the doubt, and we should support him and his policies in leading our country back to some semblance of a government of laws. Thanks so much for a more balanced approach.—George Shupe


So, Fred Lucas, you are pretending to be an open-minded news reporter with no bias for or against President Trump? When I read your words, I feel you lean all right of center and are a Trumpster through and through. Am I right?—Larry Parks


We love The Daily Signal. Thank you for all your work to get out the conservative point of view. The interview with Justice Clarence Thomas was so good, I listened to it two times. And I was so excited when The Heritage Foundation selected Kay Coles James as its new president. Praise God!—Shelley Spanogle


I like the format. Very enjoyable.—Rod Smith 

Sometimes I type so fast that I make grammatical mistakes. Why don’t you have “spell check” like other sites?—Stephen Honig

I appreciate the straightforward, synopsis style of your conservative perspectives. Don’t fix anything. It ain’t broke.—Bob Couch

Best wishes. Hope you prevail against the so-obvious, fake,so-called media.—Shelton

I absolutely love The Daily Signal. Thank you so much for this new source of information, news, history, critiques, and objective reports.—Rebecca Moore

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