Secret FISA Memo Will Be Redacted When Released


The predicted release of the FISA “Secret Memo”  mid-week will be the biggest FBI PR rip-off of recent times.

Can anyone say “REDACTED!”?  That’s what the released Secret Memo will be even though trusted people who read it like Rep. Steve King have already given us its size and scope.  Now that the FBI has had a chance to cover its tracks, the “Secret Memo” will be as explosive as reading a note from FBI agent Peter Strzok’s wife reminding him not to forget to pick up the milk on his way home.

Millions already knew that the FBI was a sewer of sabotage and lies long before House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes began teasing the public about the contents of so-called “Secret Memo”.

They’re the ones who knew that the FBI had become the rogue intel arm of the Deep State working feverishly to overturn the results of Election 2016.

FBI agents like Peter Strzok and his love interest Lisa Page are a dime a dozen.

FBI agents of the day are nothing like the romanticized television version you see on popular programs like NCIS and haven’t been for some time.

It is no coincidence that January 27th’s ‘This Day in History’  reminds us of this information gem from 1975:

“A bipartisan Senate investigation of activities by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is launched by a special congressional committee headed by Senator Frank Church of Idaho. On November 20, the committee released its report, charging both U.S. government agencies with illegal activities. The committee reported that the FBI and the CIA had conducted illegal surveillance of several hundred thousand U.S. citizens. The CIA was also charged with illegally plotting to assassinate foreign leaders, such as Salvador Allende, the democratically elected socialist president of Chile. In 1973, Allende was killed in a coup that the CIA secretly helped organize. The Senate committee also reported that the CIA had maintained a secret stockpile of poisons despite a specific presidential order to destroy the substances.”

“We keep hearing about “The Good Rank And File” at the FBI.  Where are they?”

“Where are the agents resigning en masse, or  spilling the beans on cruds like that smarmy McCabe?

“There appear to be none.  What we do have are those two philandering love birds, whose texts sound like Inspector Clouseau meets Tiger Beat.”

“No free society can have a federal law enforcement agency that has gone rogue, and unaccountable to the people that were elected to prevent such a thing from ever happening.

“They surveil the citizenry with illegally obtained warrants, institute gun running schemes to Mexican drug cartels that get people killed, and God only knows what else they’ve done.”—Canada Free Press letter writer

“The FBI has turned into a completely corrupt organization, and is now grasping for “independence”. They now view themselves as a policymaking branch of government that answers to no other branch.

“They are not elected, so this back channel influence-peddling and blackmail operation is how they operate. There needs to be serious discussion on disbanding them.” – Free Republic Comment.

Bearing all this in mind how is it even possible that House Republicans keep shadow boxing over the classified FISA memo?

How is it that a memo with the content described as “explosive” by some of those who read it can possibly remain “classified?

In spite of all the hype and hoopla, the content of the memo is already known.

“It claims that senior federal officials abused a secret surveillance program, commonly known as FISA, to target the Trump campaign. It also alleges other federal law enforcement wrongdoing that some Republicans insist should lead to the firings of senior officials.(Politico Jan. 20, 2018)

“But while several Republicans have publicly cited the document as cause for alarm—triggering an aggressive Twitter campaign that has featured dozens of supportive tweets by the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr.—they have not detailed its specific allegations.”

By doing so the jelly-spined Republicans playing peek-a-boo with a long-suffering public have left the door open for the Democrats to do what they do best: introduce innuendo and smear campaigns.

“That has prompted Democrats to allege a smear campaign. The House Intelligence Committee’s top Democrat, Rep. Adam Schiff, calls the memo a misleading ploy to discredit federal probes into 2016 Russian election meddling and ties between Trump associates and the Kremlin. (Politico)

“It’s designed to push out a destructive narrative and further the attacks on the FBI. It’s basically a burn-the-house down strategy to protect the president,” he said.

“The memo, according to three people who have viewed it, raises questions about how the FBI handled a fall 2016 application for a warrant to surveil a Trump campaign adviser, Carter Page, and whether agents were forthcoming about the role a controversial dossier alleging Kremlin influence over Trump played in their decision to seek the warrant.

“The dossier was compiled in 2016 by former British spy Christopher Steele, a trusted FBI partner in previous investigations, who had been commissioned by the private research firm Fusion GPS to investigate Trump’s business ties to Russia. Fusion’s work was funded at that time by a lawyer who represented Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee. It’s unclear if Steele’s relationship to the campaign was disclosed in the FISA application.

“The main debate in the House centered not around the memo’s secret allegations, but whether the classified document can be publicly released without compromising FBI sources and methods.

“You don’t want the enemy to know that,” said Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), an intelligence committee member who supports allowing his colleagues — but not the public — to see the full document. “This is not to protect the guilty. It’s to protect the innocent.”

“Other members of the panel were similarly cautious. Rep. Mike Conaway (R-Texas), said that releasing the complete memo would be “dangerous.” Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) said he’d only be comfortable if a “scrubbed” or “unclassified” version of the memo were released. And King said he’d support a “redacted” version of the report to inform the public of their findings.”

If Nunes and Company had no intention of releasing the “Secret Memo” to public consumption, then they shouldn’t be talking about it.

If the memo is redacted when it’s released, it will be the equivalent of Christopher Steele’s discredited “golden showers” raining down on the American public.

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