Far Leftist Trudeau compares ISIS Terrorist to Greek, Italian, Portuguese immigrants

Trudeau’s stupidity can excuse a lot of things he does and says but he should not be let off the hook for this one
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This was bad. Even for him.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held one of his town hall meetings. The PM is currently crisscrossing the country in an attempt to bolster his sinking popularity. While many things coming out of the mouth of the most unqualified prime minister in history are bad, this comment was particularly disgusting.

Towards the end of last year, Trudeau made it very clear he welcomes the return to Canada of Canadians who went to the Middle East to fight for the Islamic State. Gone is the law stripping dual citizens who have taken part in terrorist activities of their Canadian citizenship. Of course these people are never referred to as “terrorists” by the Liberal government. Those who have returned to Canada have been given the cutesy label of “returning foreign fighters.” Gee, they sound just like Canadian vets returning to Canada except the terrorists get much more respect and better treatment from the government than do members of the military.

In what passes for his mind, Trudeau believes these returning foreign fighters can be rehabilitated by being given hugs and hot chocolate,  and he actually believes these fighters can de-radicalize others who wish to join the cause. Trudeau is incapable of understanding these “travellers” are returning to Canada not because they have seen the error of their ways but because since the election of Donald Trump, ISIS has been pretty well wiped out in Syria and Iraq. And even Trudeau’s Public Safety Minister said the chances these terrorists can be rehabilitated is “remote.” But nothing will destroy Justin’s love for these savage head choppers.

At the town hall in Edmonton, a man asked the PM a question. Whoever he is, he obviously didn’t get the memo that the purpose of these town halls is to lob softball questions at Trudeau to make him look good. The man wanted the PM to explain his views on ISIS; “how you’re going to protect future Canadians like my young daughter 10, 15 or 20 years from now, when you’re letting in people with an ideology that just does not conform to what we’re doing here.”
Trudeau then went into his rambling answer about how Canada is a welcoming country that takes in people from all over the world who are fleeing persecution and poverty. He then made reference to other groups of people who came to Canada in large numbers, specifically Greek, Italian and Portuguese immigrants.

In other words, ISIS fighters are no different than the immigrants who came to Canada in years gone by from Western European countries.

There are several possible reasons why Trudeau answered like he did. One is that, as simple and straightforward as the question was, he did not understand it and thought the man was asking about Muslims, not ISIS. In pointing out the questioner, Trudeau referred to him as “the man in the red hat” and wondered if it was “THE red hat.” In Canada, these hats usually say “Make Trudeau a Drama Teacher Again.” While the question was clear, it is possible Trudeau simply was incapable of understanding it.

Another possible reason is that he did not listen to the question but assumed the white Albertan with the red hat is a racist and an Islamophobe and needed to be told that Canada welcomes immigrants as the country did in the past.

A third possibility, and this is the scary one, is the prime minister did understand the question and really doesn’t see any difference between Muslim immigrants, Western Europeans and members of ISIS. If true, this is not the first time Trudeau has called daring to question his beloved returning foreign travellers Islamophobic. Last November when CPC leader Andrew Scheer questioned Trudeau on giving group hugs to ISIS fighters instead of jailing them, the prime minister shot back the reason the Tories lost the last election was because “they ran an election on Islamophobia and division.” In Trudeau’s world, any criticism of ISIS is Islamophobic.

It appears our prime minister really doesn’t think members of ISIS are any different than ordinary immigrants to Canada.

Last week, groups of Chinese Canadians held protests against Trudeau in various Canadian cities. They were protesting Trudeau’s silence concerning the now infamous “hijab hoax.” An 11-year-old Toronto girl reported a man ran up to her twice while she was walking to school and cut her hijab with scissors. She described her attacker as a tall “Asian” man with a mustache. Trudeau, as were other politicians, was quick off the mark to condemn this horrific attack. Three days later Toronto police announced the incident never happened and the case was closed. Canadians of Chinese descent were particularly upset Trudeau had no response in light of the fact this girl chose an Asian man as her imaginary attacker.

Hopefully Greek, Italian and Portuguese Canadians will also protest Trudeau for comparing Western European immigrants to radical Islamic terrorists. Trudeau’s stupidity can excuse a lot of things he does and says but he should not be let off the hook for this one.

The question and answer begins around the 14:50 minute mark of the video.


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