We Hear You: Celebrating the First Lady and Other Strong, Accomplished Women

Editor’s note: The Daily Signal’s audience appreciates those who stick up for first lady Melania Trump, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, and White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Those sentiments kick off this weekend’s mailbag. Write us at [email protected]—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: We love how Melania Trump is doing so far, the subject of Ginny Montalbano’s commentary (“Despite Hollywood’s Scorn, Melania Trump Has Accomplished Much as First Lady”). The White House looked spectacular during Christmas.

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The first lady seems strong, graceful, compassionate, and dignified—all anyone could ask for. That Hollywood is clueless is certainly no surprise.—Randy and Peggy Malcom, Limon, Colo.


I think Melania Trump is an awesome lady and, like her husband President Trump, has done more good in a short time for our country than the Obama family did in eight years.—Lynndell Cox, Milford, Utah


She is beautiful, graceful, and doing a great job being first lady.—Delores Powell, Broken Arrow, Okla.

Melania Trump is intelligent, accomplished, graceful, beautiful, and loves America (unlike a former first lady). Unfortunately, there are those who are unforgiving that a woman, who was none of these things, lost the election.—Beverly Hemmann


Melania demonstrates a love for our country, unlike the previous first lady, who never failed to demonstrate her resentment of America. That alone makes Melania a far superior first lady.—Rich Olmsted, Peoria, Ill.


Melania is a beautiful, classy lady and we are lucky that she represents our country with grace. Not to mention being an exceptional mother. She is an asset to her husband and her family, and to all of us.—Fern Kurland


It is so refreshing to have a president and first lady who really care about middle class America and aren’t just giving us lip service.—Pauline Cornelius

At least she didn’t screw up the school lunch program. She is already a winner.—Douglas Crosby


The Smearing of Nikki Haley

Dear Daily Signal: Nikki Haley has shown herself to be an honest representative for all Americans on the world stage (“Michael Wolff Is the Misogynist the Left Loves”). I have nothing but admiration and respect for her.

It is revolting to me to see the depths that this journalist moron stoops for the mere notaries of small-minded people.—Randy Lewis, Folsom, Calif.


Democrats know that accusations made against their opposition are often as good, if not better, than facts or proof of wrongdoing. The more salacious the slander, the more some will believe it to be true.

The Democrats are experts at this kind of slander; it puts their opponents on the defensive, and most often it brings denials from those falsely accused.

If those falsely accused refuse to dignify the slander, critics say, “They didn’t deny it.” If the falsely accused person denies the slander, critics say, “Guilty people always deny what they did.”—Jerry Zacny


When are the defamation lawsuits going to begin?—Charlie Snider, Medford, Ore.


This troll Wolff will say anything to try to look important and stay in the limelight (“Michael Wolff  Doubles Down, Says Nikki Haley ‘Embraced’ Rumored Trump Affair“). And and now he is trying to spread rumors and innuendos about whoever he thinks won’t come out and give him a good butt-kicking.

Funny thing,  don’t count out Nikki Haley on that one. Then we can talk about how this troll got his butt kicked by a girl.—Jeff Pearson, Sparks, Nev.


Nikki Haley is probably one of the best future woman candidates for the office of president. Is this an effort to tamp down her chances of future office-seeking?—Mar Bay


Wolff isn’t even qualified to lick her boots.—Dale Athanas


‘Badge of Honor’ for Sarah Sanders

Dear Daily Signal: White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders should consider it a compliment that these low-life entertainers don’t like her and are not claiming her as one of theirs (“Must-See Moments: Hollywood Continues to Attack Sarah Huckabee Sanders”). Good job, Sarah.  I think you’re great.—Irene Mills


A bunch of Hollywood phonies, whose only talent is pretending to be something they are not, are attacking Sarah Huckabee Sanders, an intelligent, well educated, accomplished, strong, and articulate woman.—Larry Klassen


Sarah wears these insults from the Hollywood/Weinstein crowd as a badge of honor, just as she should.—Joe Tropea, Miami Beach, Fla.


Remember, Sarah: If they’re talking about you, you know the y’rethinking about you. Keep up the good work, you’re fantastic!—John Rowe, Milwaukee


Sanders is doing such a wonderful job that all the haters can do is comment on her attire. Democrats are so lost on what reality is.—Marc Peloquin, Ewing, N.J.


Muzzling Speech at Jefferson’s University

Dear Daily Signal: Unfortunately, as Hans von Spakovsky’s commentary indicates, it appears that most of our U.S. universities today are pandering to the snowflakes (“University of Virginia Betrays the Legacy of Its Founder, Thomas Jefferson”).

Parents are wasting their money if they think they’re sending their children to a university where they can discuss differing opinions, and learn via the process. So sad for our future.—Leilani Jensen Montez Abam, Etzatlán, Mexico


Last I heard, “911” operators function as dispatchers to assist people in imminent danger. I wonder what Patrick Hogan, the University of Virginia’s chief operating officer, would have first responders do.

Perhaps Hogan believes emergency personnel should modify their job descriptions to include graffitti and neatness patrol.

It’s absurd and reflects a well-known leftist derangement. It’s fitting, though, since he’s a university executive—much like most others in his profession.—Gene Ralno


Hogan needs to be fired immediately. Thomas Jefferson is spinning in his grave at such abuse of the First Amendment.—Susan Puryear

Identity Politics  and the Census

Dear Daily Signal: As long as identity politics has its influence on our culture, we will not be a unified people, as Mike Gonzalez writes (“Trump Administration Strikes a Blow Against Identity Politics”). Instead of focusing on our differences, we should be focusing on being Americans.

Not African Americans, nor Latino Americans. Not Asian Americans, and not even Native Americans. Just Americans. Out of many, one (the nation’s original motto).—Wes Potts


The central identity of the U.S. is the individual, and enforcement of unalienable individual rights by law. We’re being charitable to policymakers, bureaucrats, and special interest groups, and that’s a radical mistake.

They’re not trying to do “right.” They’re very carefully, deliberately, thoughtfully, by their own wild and primitive, cold-blooded calculation, trying to tear all humanity into chaotic violence of all against all, down to the individual, the perfect recipe for universal slavery, by force.

They know exactly what they’re doing. We must respond to them accordingly.—Mike Kevitt, Simpsonville, S.C.


It is in the people’s hands. When asked about race, just write in “American.”—Dave Bowden, Silver Spring, Md.


It’s good to see this, especially after following the yearslong effort to further carve, divide, and plunder legally in the name of a very poor manner of referring to each other. This 1980s accelerated approach to man-made “race” labels is clearly destructive.—Gary Wood, San Antonio, Texas


I think all designations in the census should be gone. I create a box on the census that says “American,” and fill that in. Everyone should do that.—Susan Rosenberg


Children and the Transgender Agenda

Dear Daily Signal: About Ryan T. Anderson’s commentary, to truly love a child is to truly love who they were created to be (“Transgender Ideology Hurts Kids”). As parents, we are to teach our male children what a blessing it is to be a male.

They need to know that God created them for a purpose. That there are countless blessings in the male gender and to be proud and embrace those blessings and qualities that are unique to it.

Our beautiful daughters should be taught as well the great gift and blessings of being female. And also to stand strong and proud of their uniqueness.

I can’t think of anything more confusing and damaging to a child’s self-image than parents and a society that do not lift up that child, male or female, as a true joy and teach that unique gifts, based on their gender, are a blessing to be cherished.

Trading who you truly are for a delusion has to be the scariest place a person can be. I pray for these confused people, that they might find truth in this dark world.—Cindy Beth Jensen


How about treating children to accept their birth gender instead of catering to some mental and emotional disorder that is threatening to destroy them?

Young children can have many issues that get resolved as they mature. Parents and doctors attempting to interfere with normal development by administering drugs are being abusive and trying to impose their will on the helpless. It may be politically correct, but it is still wrong.—Steve Fowler


Doctors have researched this for a long time. The studies are conclusive. Supporting young people saves lives. There is a good reason for the many new gender clinics opening across the country.—Rose Marie Surma, Erie, Pa.


A quote from Anderson’s article: “We should be tolerant—indeed, loving—toward those who struggle with their gender identity.” I wholeheartedly agree.

The .05 percent to .50 percent who self-identify vs. the .002 percent to .014 percent who will be diagnosed (per Wikipedia) with genuine gender dysphoria are those of whom the quote is talking.

Anderson’s commentary brings to light the unhealthy behavior of well-meaning but dangerously confused people who refuse to accept, understand, and embrace the differences in the two genders by normalizing instead of treating people who need help.—David Ludwig

The Rights of Accused Assailants

Dear Daily Signal: Absolutely we need to nullify the bill in Congress described in Amy Swearer’s commentary (“This Junk-Science Approach to Sexual Assault Cases Would Trample on Rights of the Accused”). No way is this due process under our laws. That would be like asking someone his or her “opinion” of whether you are telling the truth.

There must be evidence of a crime before the law steps in to prosecute. Evidence surely can be seen regarding causes of abuse if reported timely. Or witnesses to the fact, if in the past.

Although I stand with anyone who is a victim of abuse, you can also ruin someone’s life by falsely accusing him or her.—Tonie Lesia Dalton


I agree with Amy Swearer’s well-prepared article. Regardless of anything else, the federal government, especially an untrained Congress, needs to keep its nose out of this kind of thing.

It is not in the purview of Congress to involve itself in such nonconstitutional issues, however important those issues might be. It is the nature of politicians to align themselves with current causes that they simply know little if anything about—especially if it might get them some votes.

This can cause unforeseen results to the best of causes.—Terry Michael Fitzgerald, Temperance, Mich.


To expand beyond perhaps the obvious, what happens when we start redefining what constitutes a traumatic experience?

After all, would a traffic accident not be traumatic? How about the effects on someone who is mugged and severely beaten or shot? I can think of all manner of human experiences that could and have had traumatic effects on a person.—Robert Minor, Old Town, Fla.


Appreciating an Imperfect President

Dear Daily Signal: About Tony Perkins’ commentary on President Trump: I believe in repentance, and that is turning from what is wrong to what is right (“I Support Trump Because He Has Delivered, Not Because He’s a Role Model”).

Trump isn’t perfect; no one is. I believe he is being honest with us, and is honestly doing his very best to lead America in the right direction.

He’s already done an amazing number of things he said he would do. He is proving himself every day. His record in office is way above anything any other president has done. Let him continue to prove that he is doing his best, which is great so far. I say, God bless him!—Jean Clay Grover Turley, Redmond, Wash.


Donald Trump seems to be a man of his word. I am so sick of politicians who talk but never deliver. That’s enough moral fortitude for me.—Tom Yunghans, Fullerton, Calif.


Just continue to support our duly elected President Donald Trump, who, in spite of a dwindling opposition continues to work positively on his promise to Make America Great Again.—Mike Todd

Chrissy Clark helped to compile this column.

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