Palestinians And Democrats Have Wiretapping Their Political Enemies In Common: American Freedom Is ON THE LINE

Keith Davies political correspondent

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ ‘Heavy-Handed Rule’ Exposed by Reports of Secret Wiretapping Operation on hundreds of his political adversaries.

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Mahmood Abbas Leader of the Palestinian Authority

Full Report on Mahmood Abbas wire tapping scandal can be read about here

While this is not surprising as Mahmood Abbas is a terrorist and the government of the “Palestinian Authority” is corrupt and full of cronies. What does this tell you about Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party; they believe in the same tactics and values as the Palestinian authority, based on what is in the public domain it is now a proven fact that Hillary Clinton bought and paid for a FISA wiretapping warrant to both undermine a political opponent and when he beat her in a “stacked” election against him, Hillary and her band of merry men at the FBI and Justice Department decided to try to frame him for a false crime.

What is now even more despicable is the Demo Rats been caught red-handed, instead of admitting that what has happened is an offense against ALL the American people, they are now trying to cover up the crime, evade the truth and spin lie after lie to try to dig themselves out of the mess. If the Democrats wished to look honest and have integrity, all of them should disavow these criminal acts by bad apples in their ranks and clean house of the stench of corruption in their party. Apparently they are all, bar a very few, corrupt and evil in their pathetic defense, which requires them to lie constantly about their political opposition with only power and tyranny their primary goal. If a political party can condone the stripping of our fourth amendment rights, it will be a tragedy if the American people will ever give them the responsibility of governing the United States in the future. Unless they can have leaders that can act to protect our rights under the constitution and act with integrity and transparency it would be dangerous for the American people’s freedom to have any Democrat in a position of political power.

When President Nixon was forced to resign instead of facing impeachment from the Senate in the Watergate scandal, most Republicans were on board to clean house of the crime and coverup of Nixon. When crimes are committed by major political leaders that undermine the very fabric of our basic freedoms we are no longer Republicans or Democrats but We are Americans. It is time the Democrats stop being Democrats and start to be Americans.

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