We Hear You: The State of the Union, the FBI, the Nunes Memo, and Faith at the Super Bowl

Editor’s note: President Donald Trump’s first official State of the Union address pleased many skeptics as well as supporters, polls say, and our mailbag reflects that. Don’t forget to write us at [email protected]Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: What President Trump got right in the State of the Union address is speaking his mind and doing so in a temperate voice (“Here’s an In-Depth Analysis of Trump’s Policy Proposals in His State of the Union Speech”). What the audience at the Capitol got wrong is booing him.

We can hate the guy, disagree, or get a headache from what is said. But our president should not be booed by members of Congress. This is a perfect example of the disrespect that has reached an all-time high in our great country.—Linda Short, Hot Springs, Ark.


I thought President Trump did a great job in his speech. I was disappointed he didn’t call for the repeal of Obamacare this year. Something must be done to fix the skyrocketing prices of health insurance.—Tonie Lesia Dalton


Trump has more access to the data required to make the decisions he must make than anyone else on Earth. He has shown over the past year in office that he is going to focus on working for the betterment of American citizens, with some consideration to others as long as that consideration is not directly harmful to American citizens.—Robin Boyd, Lancaster, Pa.

Just one example of the absolute economic victory we’ve scored in the last year is our swing in energy policy. That includes withdrawing from the Paris climate accord, which will be a net positive $4.9 trillion in gross domestic product by the year 2035 with no measurable effect on climate. Wow. Finally, policy that makes sense.—Tom Antoine


I like that Trump spotlighted average citizens and wants a sovereign USA. It’s why I support him.—Bearhand HW Chosa


Trump’s 2.4 million jobs is bogus where he is still taking credit for jobs created under Obama. The official figure is 1.84 million (“11 Touchstones for Trump in His First State of the Union). Some say it’s 561,000 less. He at least had the gumption to tackle America’s prison problem, which is very unusual for a Republican, to help those who can be helped and given a second chance.

Infrastructure? He brags about what he will do ($1 trillion), but in reality he is dumping most of the problem (costs) onto the states. That is smoke and mirrors.  He should stop taking so much credit for helping Puerto Rico when a third of the island is still without power plus clean water.

He was correct that it takes way too long to build something in the U.S., and two years is definitely long enough for the process to proceed and even be completed.Edward Laurson, Denver


Trump’s speech from the heart was true, despite what the liberals say. I’m very proud of him and his family and all members of our Congress who are willing to do what is best for America. Yes, America. That’s our country, in case some have forgotten.Elizabeth Richards Jones

Fact-Checking the Speech

Dear Daily Signal: What? A president who actually tells the truth (“Fact-Checking 6 of Trump’s Claims During State of the Union)? How can that be? He’s Donald Trump. Making America Great Again.—Dave Haskins


President Trump is the answer to America’s prayers. If the Democrats keep up their war against him, they are going to feel the wrath of the American people. They will lose their jobs when more and more people see the corruption and their lack of caring.—Charlotte Holst Minick, Little Mountain, S.C.


I was impressed with this State of the Union address. You could really see people’s true colors, watching the joint session of Congress. So if you paid attention, now you know who has to go.—Mary Halford, Houma, La.


The difference is Trump and the right are optimists (he succeeded through free enterprise), and their policies will be sunny, freeing, and positive for prosperity. Not for all, that is impossible; but certainly for those who work hard (and are lucky). Opportunities are opening up, and optimistic people will take advantage.—Ted Wight, Seattle


I did not like Trump, but voted for him as I could not vote for Hillary. Like what he is doing, making good on his word. When did we ever hear that from other politicians? Still don’t like his bombastic manner, but someone needed to do something to bring our country back up. Actions speak louder than words.—Elizabeth Ann Pesco


What About That ISIS Bit?

Dear Daily Signal: Regarding Robin Simcox’s commentary, President Trump said in his State of the Union speech that ISIS is “almost 100 percent” defeated. He is telling the truth (“Did Trump Really Beat ISIS? Here Are the Facts”).

He has changed the rules of engagement and now our military can really fight. I am so proud we have a president who loves our military, and they respect him very much.Angela Dawn Selden, Adairsville, Ga.


When we set out to win a war rather than maintain the status quo, things happen. Obama had tied the military’s hands with ridiculous rules of engagement to the point that they couldn’t fight unless fired upon.

Now we have a commander-in-chief who wants to win the war and get the heck out of there, like it should have been from the start. Guess what? It’s happening.Randy Leyendecker, Kerrville, Texas


While Turkey should be respected for taking in hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria, it’s hard to tell which side they are on. Now they have amassed tanks and troops on their border with Syria. Not to aid the U.S., but to enter Syria and strike against the Kurds, our allies.

After the U.S. invaded Iraq, the Kurds helped us. But we refused to help them form a homeland separate from Iraq. We thought we could hold Iraq together and used the Kurds as a uniting factor, which they didn’t want.

Will we sit back and allow the Turks to attack those friendly to us, such as the Kurds? Should President Trump proclaim victory and get out of that region and let them sort out their own grievances?Edward Laurson, Denver


So, long story short, Trump took politics out of war fighting. As it should be.Rich Norton

What’s in the Nunes Memo

Dear Daily Signal: Regarding Fred Lucas’ report on the Nunes memo, the real story here is that the memo contains 30 specific bullet points regarding malfeasance and deliberate obfuscation of “facts” used by FBI officials and knowingly supported by Justice Department officials in the FISA application (“Anti-Trump Politics in FBI Drove Russia Probe, Memo Suggests).

Without those unverified and salacious “facts,” a warrant would not have been issued to surveil a Trump associate. And the apparent political bias of the FBI and Justice Department leadership was a driving factor in using unverified, salacious rumors to affect the outcome of a presidential election.

No one, not one Democrat or any of their apologists, has refuted any of these 30 bullet points. The memo is as clear as day that, to some Democrats, rules apply only to the little people. It truly is shameless.Derek Dubasik


To be clear, this means House Republicans deliberately conspired to compile a fraudulent memo with the intent to give Trump cover to make changes at the Justice Department with the goal of interfering with an independent investigation into whether the president is unduly influenced by a foreign power.Edward Buatois, Cleveland


Trump’s approval to publish this memo and his immediate claim to be “vindicated” is another nail in his coffin for attempting to obstruct justice. He has used many nails to date. His worst enemy is his own loose cannon of a mouth. Yet he thinks he’s messaging only to his believers.John Kominitsky, Los Osos, Calif.


I think this whole mess that Hans von Spakovsky analyzes goes beyond a few Justice Department and FBI political appointees (“GOP Memo Raises Serious Questions About FBI, Justice Department”).

The entire fourth branch of government—the unelected career bureaucrats—recognizes Trump as a danger and will do everything possible to oppose, obstruct, and delay anything he tries to do.

The bureaucrats must protect their fiefdoms, and their best tactic is to stall and wait him out. Presidents and their appointees come and go, but the bureaucrats remain. They have a good thing going and don’t want the boat rocked. And Trump is the ultimate boat-rocker.—Randy Reeves, Templeton, Calif.


The real issue, in my opinion, is how easy it was for the FBI and Justice Department to obtain the FISA warrant to surveil an American citizen. Makes me worry that the top levels of the FBI and DOJ have subverted the system.—Larry Dean, Nesbit, Miss.


Let the truth be known. There is absolutely no room for the FBI or the DOJ to use their powers to favor one political party over another. If the claims in this memo prove to be true, then everybody who had a hand in it has got to go to jail.—Wes Potts


It would be useful to the ongoing discussion if you made a habit of using the phrase “FBI and Justice Department leadership” instead of just “FBI and Justice Department.” The problems are at the top, not with the people who take orders and do the grunt work.—Jim Mooney


Regarding John Malcolm’s commentary on the Nunes memo, the bigger picture will be disclosed, given time and money (“The Facts Currently Known About Nunes Memo, FBI Bias Accusations).

I appreciate President Trump, who I believe is attempting to drain the swamp of deceptive practices. These are agents of the people, paid by taxpayers.Thom Cady, Fort Myers, Fla.


Nunes could have prepared a similarly factual memo declaring that the FBI has concealed the truth about Santa Claus for political reasons, and that “the FBI has left itself vulnerable to the charge it was acting with partisan intent.”John Levin, New York

Faith and the Eagles’ Flight

Dear Daily Signal: Great Super Bowl game, great comments from Nick Folesand his head coach and other Christian men on the team, as Jarrett Stepman writes (“The Inspiring Faith of the Eagles’ Comeback Quarterback). And it was great to see freedom of speech on display in such a public venue.

Only those who have no understanding of our freedoms would complain about this man’s right to speak of his faith. God bless America.Randy and Peggy Malcom, Limon, Colo.


Haven’t watched an NFL game since Colin Kaepernick  took his first knee. Haven’t really missed it. Wanna watch football, not have politics pushed in my face, especially politics I don’t agree with since they’re misguided and plainly wrongheaded.

God bless this soaring Eagle, Nick Foles. He’ll probably get treated worse at the hands of this media than did Tim Tebow, but with his faith, I’m sure Foles will withstand it.Gregory J. Budzien, Chenequa, Wis.


Great football game, great story. Congratulations, Nick Foles, a man of God and a world champion.Joe Tropea, Miami Beach


Not a football fan, but watched most of the game. Very happy for the Eagles and so glad they choose to keep Foles, who led them to victory. High principles won out.Adair Hibbard

Last Straw in the Golden State?

Dear Daily Signal: In her commentary on California’s straw bill, Amy Swearer describes one of the typical Democrat laws imposed on law-abiding citizens (“California Bill Threatens Waiters With Jail for Providing Plastic Straws”).

Meanwhile, the Democrats would protect illegals by creating sanctuary cities. Can someone tell me again the reason anyone would support today’s Democratic Marxist party?—Juan L. Bassett, Germantown, Md.


Swearer’s commentary says California’s legislation on plastic straws increases the odds that citizens “will be fined—or imprisoned over actions that are not inherently immoral,” and “is simply not a very efficient way of protecting either the environment or the citizens.”

Liberals don’t really care about silly things like morality, protecting the environment, or its citizens. Unless it can make them some money, and lots of it.—Charles Buck


Americans (assuming no illegal aliens or other noncitizens) go to jail for offering straws, while criminals run in the streets. California is past nuts.—Dennis Puckett

Is This Us? Plus ‘Peoplekind’

Dear Daily Signal: As Katrina Trinko comments, “This Is Us” is a well-written and well-acted show and yes, tells the stories of people who are … people (“The Unique TV Family of ‘This Is Us’”). They are missing out on a lot in life, by not having godly morals and Christ in their lives, but so do a lot of people in our world.

And sometimes it is good for us who believe to be reminded of the pain in other people’s lives, so we can show them the way.—Marilyn Reed, Wexford, Pa.


Interesting, Hollywood believes there are no Christians in our country anymore, or that Christians are the evil people.

Here the characters of “This Is Us” are supposed to be loved and representatives of morality while there are no Christians on board, with no one living a moral life and no reason for a Christian to watch. Just as is the case with almost every show.

Well, we now have more time to read good books or get involved with worthwhile activities. Anything but TV.—Tommy Thorson


Regarding Kyle Perisic’s report, this politically correct crud is getting way out of control (“Watch Jordan Peterson React to Justin Trudeau’s Telling a Woman to Say ‘Peoplekind’).

It’s “mankind” because we are all a “kind” of “man.” Can we no longer say “woman” because it has “man” at the end? Charles Buck


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not correct the speaker, he interrupted her to impose his version of free speech. And the “peoplekind” cheered his rudeness, applauded his enforcement of compelled speech.

“We, the people” think it is obnoxious.Mary De Voe

How Are We Doing?

Dear Daily Signal: I am a lifelong Democrat, Hispanic, native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and retired graphic designer who just stumbled upon your website. Kudos on an excellent site.

The content is concise and well formatted. Your web designer has a distinct touch and keen understanding for excellent design and communication. Keep up the fight and stay conservative.—Tom Salazar


You are doing great. We forward your articles at times to people we know, both conservative and liberal.

Hopefully, what we send to The Heritage Foundation will be helpful and show our appreciation; only wish we could support you more financially. Meanwhile, we send our thanks, appreciation, and encouragement to keep on keeping on as best you can.—DL Conroy


I am a sophomore in college who registered for The Daily Signal email less than a month ago. Very thrilled with it so far. Thank you for all the work The Heritage Foundation puts into this.—Anastasia Wilhelm


I was seriously considering dropping my subscription with The Daily Signal because I was beginning to feel that you were too liberal. Well, a recent Morning Bell changed my mind.  You are slowly returning with your news to the middle of the road, without opinions, which I like. Stay in the middle and you will not lose me.—Warren Shawen


As a “recovering Democrat,” I am grateful for the truth that The Daily Signal provides. I have converted to Independent due to the evidence that I have seen. The Democratic Party is not for the working people, especially here in California. Thanks again for the truth.—Kari McMillion


I know it is painfully hard to report down the middle, neither to left or to right, but try hard as this country needs the truth.—Kit Goldsbury

It seems like The Daily Signal is one of the few places I can get true reporting of the news without a lot of editorializing of the issues. Thanks.— Shirley Welden

The Daily Signal could be significantly more effective with a print edition.—Bill Parker Headland

Thank you for your in-depth information, including the charts on tax reform. I appreciate truth.—Patricia Wilthew

Great job.—Jerry Snowden

I absolutely love The Daily Signal. How refreshing to read sensible news stories. Thank you.—Joni Johnson

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