If Hillary Goes Down So Will Obama

Keith Davies political correspondent

As the truth continues to come out about all the scandals intertwining together, i.e Uranium One, Clinton email scandal, FISA Scandal with illegal spying, framing of Michael Flynn, the phony special counsel and the leaks of classified information in the first few months of the Trump administration; the key information which has not been revealed yet are the private communications between Clinton and Obama on their illegal private emails, while they were in office. The real reason why there was no prosecution of Hillary Clinton is because she and Barrack Obama were communicating both classified information and dastardly schemes to subvert our laws and play the dirty tricks that are now being exposed slowly from Congress and other sources. There is also the Benghazi scandal that involved both Obama and Clinton. The private email conversations/threads between Clinton and Obama will surely give us the true picture of the coverup and lying over the “Video” and what they were doing to coverup their negligent missteps and possibly the illegal arms to terrorists in Syria with Turkey as the conduit (unlikely to see these as they will probably be redacted). The emails will also show how these two so-called public servants plotted to deceive the American people on an ongoing basis.

It is apparent that the law breaking by Obama is just as big or possibly even bigger than Hillary Clinton. After the election both Clinton and Obama panicked and were attempting to cover up the law breaking and dirty tricks they had sown while in power because they knew they would be found out unless they could cover their tracks. It appears Susan Rice the faithful sycophant and former National Security Adviser was playing the loyal soldier in so far that she was playing coverup girl for Obama.

The FISA court applications are a prime example as the warrant was only required to legitimatize the spying on Trump even though the Steele Dossier was weak. The first FISA was turned down in June 2016. It is a good guess that the Obama administration along with a willing DOJ and FBI reintroduced the FISA application in October 2016 hoping to get a different judge who they knew would side with them, so they could legitimize the spying, however, the time line shows that spying was already going on without even the bogus FISA warrant. It looks like FISA Judge Rudolph Contreras was either their patsy or he himself was an eager participant in their scheme by his bias for Obama and against Trump. The FISA transcripts will expose whether this is true or not, or whether the judge was just a fool, as the Steele Dossier on its face was a ridiculous fraud just on its face value.

One of the issues that the left-wing media dismissed or ignored was a few months before the 2012 reelection bid of Obama on a hot mic (meant to be private conversation) message to the Russian prime minister Dimitri Medvedev saying ‘Give me space, let me win the election first – them I can do what Vladimir wants.’

Was this arms control, international affairs or was it something else? Uranium one was signed off in 2010 couple of years before this meeting but it begs the question was Obama involved also in the Uranium One scandal and was he also one of the financial beneficiaries of the bribes? I think the Feds need to check Obama’s finances and offshore trusts. With Clinton through her Crime Foundation receiving one hundred forty-five million from Vladimir Putin’s cronies, do we think Obama would not want in on the deal? It is hard to believe Clinton and the CFIUS (Investment Security in the Department of the Treasury) committee were not on board unless Obama was going to get some of this cash or a separate bribe. While this is speculation at this stage the current news and evidence suggests that the above is a strong probability and needs to be thoroughly investigated. If this scheme turns out to be true then both Clinton and Obama are guilty of High Treason along with the other members of the CFIUS committee for undermining the security of the United States in return for a bribe.

As the whole picture is revealed and the private emails between Obama and Clinton are exposed it will show both of them not only played dirty tricks with illegal spying and corruption, but also probably committed High Treason. It will be hard based on the facts that come out not to prosecute the two of them for the crimes they committed without subjecting the credibility of the country, do we as a country not believe that the Republic believes in equal justice under the law. If public opinion reaches over 65% that Obama and Clinton did in fact by virtue of information in the public domain committed acts of treason and then no legal action is taken against them with an appropriate punishment if convicted, then our country will be seriously compromised and our constitution will have been shown as a useless document undermined by people who have sworn to uphold it.

The information we have seen so far suggests that the worst of the behavior of the previous administration has not been revealed yet. While your expectations as readers of Shoebat.com will not show surprise of more major malfeasance, on the other hand it will be very shocking for the average American who does not tune into the politics of the country and gets most of their news from the MSM who will try their best to cover for the Democrats even though it will be very hard to do so based on the amount of arrests that will be made. Some of the media might even try to blame Trump for the arrests suggesting he is like the brown shirts rounding up his political opposition. The crimes are so bad and done by so many that it might certainly appear that way when dozens of people are arrested and the public are lied to as to why by the MSM. It will be up to as many of us who believe in the truth to explain to our neighbors and using social media to get the truth out on the scale of the crimes committed, which were not just against Donald Trump but were directed against WE THE PEOPLE.

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