Breaking News: Legal Team File Court Motion To Obtain Evidence To Prove That General Michael Flynn Was Framed.

Keith Davies Political Correspondent

Michael Flynn’s legal team filed a motion in court today to acquire the FD 302s that were possibly tampered with, that were possibly used to gain a guilty plea bargain against General Michael Flynn.

Byron York of the Washington Examiner reported on February 12th that Comey had testified in private Congressional hearing and stated that there was no evidence that Michael Flynn told lies or intentionally misled the FBI yet nearly a year later the Special Counsel brings charges for exactly what Comey had stated DID NOT happen.

We also know from what has come out in the public domain that Andrew McCabe the former deputy FBI director is under suspicion for altering the FD #302s which are files made by FBI agents after they interview persons of interest in an investigation.

Watch this video which explains McCabes Animus against General Flynn and his motive to get him

It is also now known that Andrew McCabe in a conference call/meeting eyewitnesses by at least 16 high level officials that Andrew McCabe stated quote “First we will F**K Flynn and then we will F**K Trump.

Now we know why Robert Mueller filed a delay – it is now apparent that there is a very high probability that Flynn was framed by Andrew McCabe along with willing Clintonistas hired by Robert Mueller, with new evidence now appearing. Mueller realizes the game is up and now is probably in a clean up mode to protect his own reputation. I will speculate that not only will General Flynn be exonerated, but charges against Paul Manafort will also be dropped and Mueller will close the Special Counsel’s business to try to avoid scandal around his own team. Based on the information currently in the public domain appears to also be a frame up job to get the bigger prize which is the scalp of President Donald Trump. Fortunately but for a few good men this plot might of succeeded.

It is also hard to believe that Robert Mueller has clean hands and he himself should be investigated to see if he was aware of a conspiracy and what was the basic material evidence he was using to start his investigation. If it was predominately the “Steel Dossier” in my view he is also part and parcel of the illegal conspiracy to frame a sitting President.

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