We Hear You: Amnesty Politics, Improving the Immigration System, and Why America Chose Trump

Editor’s note: Some conservatives saw victory in the Senate’s inability to attract 60 votes to advance any of several immigration reform bills before the weekend, including President Donald Trump’s preferred solution. The Daily Signal’s audience isn’t shy about why some liberals favor amnesty and citizenship status for illegal immigrants.Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: Regarding Dennis Prager’s commentary, we can point fingers all day, but the situation is that America has a serious illegal immigration problem (“Why the Left Wants More and More Immigrants”). It needs to be resolved before it tips this country over the edge.

We pride ourself as a nation of laws, so we need to make our government enforce those laws. Nobody should get a card to “pass Go” and get $200. President Trump is just trying to do his job and enforce and comply with current law.

If Congress doesn’t like it, then they need to get off their back ends and change the law. But we know that they won’t, because at the end of the day that is too much work for them.—Christopher Norfolk, Albuquerque, N.M.

Dennis Prager is absolutely right in discerning three leftist motivations for more immigration: votes, Marxist “class” unity, and self-gratification.

Related to reason No. 2 is another leftist motivation—deracination, that is, the cutting of America away from its roots. This is achieved by demonizing America’s past, by condemning national pride, and by massive, disparate immigration that floods the country with those who have absolutely no ties or association with our origins and historical values.

Once cut away from its roots, America can easily be pushed in any direction.—Ed Rosenblum, New York City

In reference to the photo accompanying Dennis Prager’s commentary, those with signs stating “Make it clear: immigrants are welcome here” are totally correct. It is the illegal “immigrants” who are not “welcome here.”

If they don’t know the difference, they’re certainly not the kind of “immigrants” we do welcome here.—Ed Vanove


Americans I know, including myself, have no problems with immigration. The problem is with illegal immigrants.—Joseph Abraham, Barnabus, W.Va.


“Why the left wants more immigrants?” Votes.—Jerry Zacny


Honorable, honest, law-abiding immigrants are welcomed with arms wide open. Illegal immigrants are none of those; they crept in breaking the laws and for all the years they were here many did nothing but leech instead of right the wrong they committed.—Diane Janovyak


The way to solve this problem is take down the names of these advocates of illegal immigration and make each of them completely responsible for a family of illegal immigrants.

That way, nothing comes out of other taxpayers’ pockets. We’ll all know just how much these advocates will support illegal immigration once they’re held completely responsible for their advocacy.—Bob Shoemaker

Fixing the Immigration System

Dear Daily Signal: David Inserra and Paul Fredrick outline reasonable and relevant immigration reforms that Democrats should support with a renewal timeframe of five to 10 years (“These 3 Changes Would Drastically Improve Our Immigration System“). Our “open arms” immigration policy of the past was OK when we had a lot of land and resources to divide up 240 years ago.

President Trump’s DACA program must also be embraced by Democrats and Independents. When this serious reform is done, I will be pleased to give Trump credit for the art involved in this deal. He would certainly be making real progress for all Americans. No more “show and tell.”John Kominitsky, Los Osnos, Calif.


I felt that any amnesty deal had to have strings to wait until the numbers of “Dreamers” went from 700,000 to well over a million. But I do think the proposed 12 years until actual citizenship and any criminal charges negating their chance is good. That will weed out the worst.Carole Rule, Tucson, Ariz.


I happen to speak Spanish and know many DACA “babies.” I am happy to see them turn on Nancy Pelosi. It reveals their true regard for Anglo people.

Because I am an octogenarian and walk with a cane, I have been intimidated and threatened several times in parking lots by these wonderful young children of illegal immigrants. I hope Nancy gets a clear picture of what they are: illegal immigrants demanding things they have not earned.

If President Trump chooses the welfare of the DACA “babies” over the welfare of our own legal citizens, then he will find his working-man base sorely eroded and deserve to go down in flames as a one-term president.—Nelle Verell, Meade, Kansas

Dear Daily Signal: The difference between the lawsuits against the Obama administration by Republican state attorneys general and the current round of Democrat AGs taking on the Trump administration, as reported by Fred Lucas, is simple: Republicans proved their cases, prevailing in many (“In 8 Years of Obama, GOP AGs Sued 46 Times. Democrats Already Sued Trump 35 Times“).

Even when Republican AGs didn’t, there were questions as to whether the courts were being pressured by other parties, i.e. the Supreme Court’s Obamacare “tax” ruling.

The Democrats have filed many cases in which they have not prevailed after the activist judges they work with have been overruled, leading many of their cases to be distractions and nuisances.Michael Jones, Frisco, Texas


The Democrats have always used the courts to get their way when out of power. This time they have reached new heights, or depths, depending upon your point of view. They will try to obstruct Trump every way possible.

Some of these court decisions appear frivolous. Shouldn’t federal judges be impeached for malpractice? Congress, where are you? I know, they’ve got a massive case of criminality in the leadership of the FBI and Justice Department to deal with first.Randy Leyendecker, Kerville, Texas


Don’t forget, these are our tax dollars these state attorneys general are wasting to take a political stand that at least half their constituents disagree with. It’s a protest using our money. Pauline Cornelius


Let’s see how these suits play out over time. For the most part, they seem frivolous and definitely not in the same league as those filed against the Obama administration.

The main problem is that there are too many progressive district judges who ignore the Constitution and rule only by their political agenda. They need to know that many of us can see through their shenanigans.Ken Marx

Obamacare Looks Here to Stay

Dear Daily Signal: Any plan that pumps more money into the Affordable Care Act gets a thumbs down, like the one described in the commentary by Doug Badger, Marie Fishpaw, and Mike Needham (“The GOP’s Coming Obamacare Capitulation“). How long does,  it take for our leaders to understand there is no more money to throw away?Sam Spradling, Murfreesboro, Tenn.


Where is the House Freedom Caucus on this? Why would the GOP have Susan Collins, the most liberal Republican member of the Senate, speak for them? Obamacare must go.Christopher Shea, Fairfield, Conn.


Many of us saw this as a real problem with Obamacare, and tried to warn others. Now I believe that any and all money spent in trying to prop it up will be futile and wasted.Obie Batesmiller


Word of wisdom: Democrats used only 51 votes to put this in, so use 51 votes to take it out James Tucker

Gone With the Statues

Dear Daily Signal: Thank you for Jarrett Stepman’s commentary, “What We Lose When We Take Down Statues of Men Like Columbus.”  He has perfectly illustrated what I’d like to say to those who insist on erasing or ignoring America’s history.

As they cite some of their objections, I chuckle inwardly as I can think of some modern-day leaders (loosely used description) who raise my eyebrows with their political antics. They will, as they should, remain part of our history. Hopefully, we will learn something from it.Lori Fisher


I’m sure Christopher Columbus never thought of anything like genocide or racism when he bumped into North America. He just wanted to get to India and find something worth bringing back to his queen to justify his trip.

I wonder if anyone has ever asked who the American Indians displaced when they arrived? Let us please look forward and not back. We can’t change what is history, even though some people rewrite it to suit themselves. We can, however, go forward with better and kinder attitudes, hopes, and dreams.Fay Butler, Baton Rouge, La.


I am so sad to see our country being torn apart by ignorance. Not one of the sign holders in the photo with Jarrett Stepman’s piece probably has tried to understand the real Columbus or what he did. They just go with the current steady stream of lies.

Columbus was truly a religious man, and he did not “invade” this country. No army, no permanent roots. He was a real sea navigator, doing the bidding of his sovereign, something none of these critics comprehend. The people who promote this trash have no real understanding or concern for their lack of facts.Linda Basinger, Idaho Falls, Idaho


Columbus was a courageous hero who risked his life. In school, we used to respect Columbus and his act of bravery in sailing the unknown seas.Mary Alice Hall, San Jose, Calif.


Funny. If Columbus had not “invaded” America, these people would not exist. Really, it might have been better if he had stayed there quietly.Giulianno Monteiro, São José dos Campos, Brazil

Making Sense to More Americans

Dear Daily Signal: Thank you for Ken McIntyre’s wonderful, encouraging article regarding Kay Coles James (“Heritage Foundation’s New President Pledges to Reach ‘Americans Who Are Conservative but Just  Don’t Know It Yet’“). It gives me new hope that, finally, our conservative principles will be clearly expressed as the best way for Americans to succeed in their pursuit of happiness.

Liberal, self-serving politicians attempt to convince others that our belief in limited “gobblement” (my term for ineffective, inefficient, bloated government) is selfish, uncompassionate, and greedy, when in fact the opposite is true.

It is my hope that Kay Coles James will articulate clearly that choosing the despair of government dependency is a dead-end bunny trail away from the joy of participation. Like water seeks the lowest level, uneducated minds can be convinced the liberal gobblement is the best way to happiness, when in truth it leads to the misery of dependency.

Or as President Reagan stated: “Government can’t solve the problems of society. Government is the problem.”

“Choose the Joy of Participation” should be conservatives’ clear message to those who have been convinced of the liberals’ mantra of “It’s for the poor, it’s for the uninsured, it’s for the immigrant, it’s for the children,” when in fact it’s for liberals’ own employment.

I will pray that Kay Coles James will be effective in bringing the conservative message to, as she says, “Americans who are really conservative but just don’t know it yet.”—Joseph Fronius


Wow, what a speech that must have been! Beautiful and determined, a real call to action by all of us who are conservative and who think conservative, but don’t yet realize it. The best to you, Ms. James, and thank you for taking on this new leadership.—Harry Evans, Oconomowoc, Wis.


Ten years ago, I sat on my back porch and talked politics with my son-in-law’s mother. We didn’t argue, I just talked about what I believed and she listened.

Then my son-in-law came by and listened for minute. He said to her, “Mom, you have always been a conservative, you just vote for Democrats.”

When I saw her a couple of years ago, she mentioned the conversation and that she has voted conservative ever since, and thanked me for opening her eyes. Too many people think the media is reporting the truth and not their bias.—Douglas Crosby


At least 70 percent of Americans live like conservatives. If they ever discover that, it is over for the libs.—Ken Moore, Rio Rancho, N.M.

The President and the Second Amendment

Dear Daily Signal: About Ted Bromund’s commentary, “The Gun Industry’s Surprising Take on the Trump Administration,” I hope someone discovers the simple answer is self-policing.

Take politicians and bureaucrats out of the mix and fix the problem with the same verve as the NRA spokesperson who proclaimed the answer is for more people to be armed.Franz Holzer, Falls Church, Va.


What happened to the Second Amendment? The right to bear arms “shall not be infringed.” The National Instant Criminal Background Check is nothing more than a back-door way for the government to know who to look for when it’s time to confiscate firearms.Roger Fenton, Harrisburg, Pa.


Unelected government (civil service) bureaucrats have no business making important decisions and running our government. It’s time the Senate stopped stonewalling on Trump’s appointments so we can get on with the business of governing this great nation.Bob Terrell


The firearms industry, like all industries and all individuals and all economic life, must depend on the free market for stability and growth.Mike Kevitt, Simpsonville, S.C.

This and That

Dear Daily Signal: Count me in. Donald Trump is the best president we have had in many decades.

Sure, his tweets are troublesome, but I trust Trump like I have never trusted any American president in decades.

Trump is up against the most hateful press, politicians, and others, and yet is getting good accomplished for hardworking, loyal Americans. The left was bringing America to its knees, but because of courageous and wise leaders like Trump, we will make America great again.

By the way, I was once part of the left until another giant man, named Ronald Reagan, came along. Thank God.—Jerry Gennaro, Redondo Beach, Calif.


Michelle Malkin spends several paragraphs in her commentary attacking family and neighbors of David and Louise Turpin, but no time decrying the evils of the parents themselves (“Homeschooling Is Not a Crime“). This is horrible writing.

I am a homeschooling father of two sons, now successful adults. We ran a private school for homeschool families, so I have strong concern for freedom for parents in educating our children.

I am saddened, even perturbed, that The Daily Signal gave space to Malkin’s screed. Surely you can find someone who can defend homeschooling and still criticize the Turpins rather than their families and neighbors.—Robert Simpson

How Are We Doing?

Dear Daily Signal: What you guys are doing is absolutely great, and I plan to support your effort financially. So easy to read and get facts on the conservative end. And not just a blank check for the Republicans, either. They’re the best alternative party, but those who aren’t fiscally responsible need to be reeled in.—Wayne Harris


I was disappointed that The Daily Signal has not covered the treasonous visit of John Kerry with the Palestinian leader, where he told him to not have peace talks with President Trump.—Liz Damas

Chrissy Clark helped to compile this column.

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