Make school shootings a thing of the past and now

It is time for President Trump to do something and fast about this national safety emergency in our schools
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According to the FBI, there have been over 160 school shootings since 2000.  All kinds of guns were used in these, some of the perpetrators were apprehended and some killed themselves.  All attacks were completed in the first 5 minutes, before the police or other authorities could respond.  The bottom line was that the school was on its own during the shooting crisis until they were ready to pick up bodies and treat the wounded.

Starting with Columbine and now the growing collection of school shootings there has been no real effort put in place to protect our kids, only talk and the usual gun control screams.  This has been at the continued expense of our children and their safety.

Time for gun agenda talk and distractions are over.  We must protect our kids at schools now.

Removing all the guns in the world or certain brands aren’t going to protect our kids against evil kids or adults who are on drugs, demonically possessed, mentally ill with delusions of being a known school killer or just out for revenge of some kind.  A person obsessed and driven to murder will find, steal or make a weapon, guns or no guns.

We have seen people use all kinds of guns, pistols, shotguns, semi-automatic weapons, knives, cars and trucks to attack school kids and crowds of people.  Weapons are out there and can be stolen, legally or illegally obtained.  Bad people with bad intentions will always find their guns, by lying, cheating or stealing.

They could care less about gun laws, rules or restrictions.  These endless gun control efforts only hurt law abiding folks and their 2nd amendment rights.  They simply take away the ability for the masses to protect themselves and our kids.  Us Moms get that,  so why can’t so many politicians and gun control fanatics get a clue?

The gun control crowd’s only end game and goal apparently is to make our kids sitting ducks, take away our gun rights and use all school shootings and disasters to attack all the wrong and innocent people.  Meanwhile, they leave our kids even more exposed than before.  Gun free zones grow and so do the deranged killers as they consider their growing freedom to act out.

It is time for Moms to wake up if no one else will.  Are there any elected politicians, other than President Trump who understand the national emergency we are facing with the growing danger our kids are in every day at school?  Thankfully, there are a few emerging but not enough.  Florida State Senator Greg Steube is fighting for the support of teachers carrying concealed Weapons. Though he introduced a bill in 2014 and 2015,  the Teacher’s Union and PTA fought against and crushed the bills.  Now, that 17 lie dead having been killed in a Florida school, I wonder how the Teacher’s Union and PTA feel?

I have a 14-year-old boy who is a freshman in highs school and struggles with Diabetes.  Only a few weeks ago the school was locked down due to a potential threat and school shooter suspicion.  It turned out ok and they caught the suspect before any nightmare happened…this time.

It is time to get trained people with concealed weapons on watch throughout our schools.  Allow teachers, janitors or coaches to get background checks and gun training.  They must have guns on them or access to them so if another school shooting event starts in, one of them can quickly take the killer out instead of 20 or 30 kids lying dead in a pool of blood.

Why has this been so hard to figure out and get in place?  Planes have skirmishes on flights, but they have armed sky marshals hidden amongst the passengers. They are armed, trained and ready to stop an emergency in the air.  Armed guards, with concealed weapons are protecting the public and walking through malls, colosseums, concerts, federal buildings and events.  All this, but we can’t protect our treasure in schools, our own kids?

We must now, get real security protocols and systems put in schools.  They must also have those in the school with hidden weapons, ready to roll if needed to protect and stop a perpetrator.  Remember, police can’t get there in time, staying alive is up to those at the school.

It is time for President Trump to do something and fast about this national safety emergency in our schools.  Those who use this recent school shooting as a political gun rights football should be ashamed.  The only football that should be thrown is for the winning touch down that creates a school environment of safety and protects our children for real.

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