The Gross Cultural Appropriation Sideshow of the Trudeau Family in India


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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, their daughter Ella Grace, son Xavier greet in Indian style during their visit to Golden Temple, in Amritsar, India, Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018. (Public Relations Office Govt. Of Punjab via AP)

It’s interesting that every Halloween we have to hear from rabid race purists about how our toddlers will offend the sensibilities of minorities if they wear culturally insensitive costumes. These same people adore Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and fawn over his every move. #TrudeauInIndia is trending on Twitter, showing the Trudeaus in crazy get-ups they think are an Indian custom, which apparently they are not. I don’t know, I’m not Indian, but neither is he. Is anyone concerned about the “cultural appropriation” he appears to be engaging in? If my kid can’t be Pocahontas without some pink-haired harridan pointing and screaming, why does he get to be Gandhi? I demand equality of outrage.

But Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, can go to India dressed like a walking stereotype, mugging and posing in weird yoga poses — and the world just giggles? Where are the calls for his resignation for insulting everyone in India? Oh right… they’re waiting for a Republican to do it.

Imagine Trudeau runs into this young lady in the video wearing Dreads to the black community.

Opps what next Justin Trudeau wears traditional Muslim clothing to Iraq. FAIL

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