Anti-gentrification is more Anti-White Leftist Racism

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 A coalition of scorched-earth young Racist most Hispanic “activist”s from the surrounding neighborhood — the heart of what they say is Mexican-American L.A..  These racist Anti-gentrification bigots  have rejected the old, peaceful forms of resistance (discussion, dialogue, policy proposals) and decided that the only sensible response is to attack and hopefully frighten off the sorts of art galleries, craft breweries and single-origin coffee shops that tend to pave the way for whom they call invaders invaders: the real estate agents, developers and bankers whose arrival typically leads to gentrification of the area.

During the 1950s and ’60s the area was in a true a period of rich diversity, a cultural and racial tapestry of Russian Jews, Latinos, Japanese and even “Amerikkkanos.” The diversity went away and it eventually became a majority Latino community.

Racist Latino protestors in Boyle Heights want to keep their community strongly Latino, lower middle class and frozen in time.

They want to insulate themselves against the invasion of “minimalist aesthetics and hipster style” that, as hand-holding inevitably leads to pregnancy, will spawn gentrification and the neighborhood’s ethnic cleansing. A coffee shop is as dangerous as an art gallery — and it’s not coffee or art per se, but “the effect.”

But much more dangerous is the overt racial profiling component to the protests — the railing against “white art” and “white coffee” as the enemy. What’s next, urging Latinos to avoid Anglo businesses anywhere in the prophylactic effort to combat possible gentrification infection?

Make no mistake these Hispanic leftist are racist to the core and want whitey out of their neighborhoods at all costs.

The racist demonstrators at a coffee shop passed out racist fliers calling it “White Wave” Coffee Brewers (although one of the owners is Latino). Another sign at the demonstrations mentioned the Ku Klux Klan and others made derogatory (and obscene) use of the word “white.” The unfortunate decision to frame the gentrification debate in racial terms was made early on. A profanity about “white art” was scrawled on one of the art galleries targeted by the protesters. Latinos who defended the galleries or the coffee shop were derided as “coconuts.” (Brown on outside, white on the inside.)

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No doubt many of the higher income people moving into this mostly Latino neighborhood are white. But at its core, gentrification is an economic force, not a racial one.

Anti-gentrification signs havepopped up at Bow Truss coffee shop, this time reading: ‘White people out of Pilsen!

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Racist opponents of a planned luxury residential complex in The Bronx are also using a  racist, anti-white symbol of a white person drawing crossed out.

The entire anti-gentrification protest movement, has racist undertones.

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The anti-gentrification fight being waged against a “white” coffee house or business should be seen for what it is: racism.

It was ugly when whites protested against African Americans moving into Cicero, Ill., in 1951. It was ugly when African Americans burned businesses owned by Asians or whites in Los Angeles in 1992. It’s ugly now when Americans of Hispanic descent protest new business because their owners are white.

The left has been a champion of racism and dividing us up into categories of race, packaging it as Multiculturalism vs uniting us as one, Americans.

Time to stand up to leftist racism, the Democrats were the racist during the civil war, and in the 1960, appears not much has changes, the same racist party today as it was yesterday, just a different group to attack.

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This is how is how it started in Nazi Germany, blaming the Jews for being hard working and prosperous, nobody thought much of it at first.  Then, much like now with leftist racism is progressively gets worse, first they are privileged they assume your position in life based on skin tone. Today Black University students demanding segregated dorms.  Hiring practices demanding racist hiring practices to exclude whites.

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We must demand the left stop their bigotry and for once treat everyone as equal, not use race for university admittance, or for Government jobs, or to make scary demands of who can and cannot move into a neighborhood, because if we don’t get control of the bigotry now, tomorrow they may be factories burning whites as they are torn from their homes. The left blames a white person today for slavery from 200 years ago, even if they immigrated from Poland recently, their white skin makes them guilty to the racist leftist.

Whites will soon no longer be a majority in the USA, what will happen when the racist “multiculturalist” are in charge? The Hitler like propagandist like Black Muslim Farrakhan or LA Raza promoting White Genocide and hatred.

The most frightening thing about leftist racism is they don’t even think its wrong, many believe you cannot be racist toward a white person, or that’s its well deserved.

Stop Liberal Racism Today!

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