Inventing Racism at Starbucks

A place filled with racialised hipsters is coincidentally filled with racism. What a coincidence.

A Starbucks store in California
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A Starbucks store in California

Most people when asked to leave after not ordering, obliged and try to be civil. However some people have chips on their shoulder, and they rebel and refuse to do the polite thing. This is the case in the Starbucks loiterers.

Two black men were loitering in Starbucks for hours, they demanded to the use the restroom but were told it for paying customers.  The loitering two started harassing costumers asking if any of them used the restroom prior to ordering, one customer did , he was provided an access code to the bathroom.

The police were called because these men hadn’t ordered anything and started making a scene harassing customers.

Officers said they tried to reason with the men, asking them to leave on their own accord, but when they continued to refuse they were arrested. if you’re not a paying customers of any color skin its often called trespassing, but these two men did not seem to like that.

Starbucks business is not meant to become a free gathering place for loiterers yet thinks it their personal gathering place, paying customer or not. The coffee chain has been accused of racism over the incident in Philadelphia and the hashtag #BoycottStarbucks became the top trending term in the US.

These two in general must feel entitled, most egocentric, people around. Now couple that with their inferiority complex, and their ignorance you get some very touchy, obstinate people who think they can do no wrong and it’s always because of others that they get into trouble.

It doesn’t even cross their mind, that all of this could have be remedied if they would just either leave the Starbucks, or spend a couple of dollars to buy a coffee like everyone else in the place did.

Trying to insult the Starbucks employee harass customers on video and refuse to comply with the police officers lead to the situation they found themselves in.

Starbucks said:  “We apologize to the two individuals……
“……..And to our customers.”

Except they  were not customers. They refused to make a purchase at this private business. The business asked them to leave, they refused, reasonable action was taken.

A private business is for paying customers only, these two are cynical manipulators and opportunists out to play the race card like the cowards they are.  Either be a patron and buy something or you’re trespassing. It’s really simple.

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