German women march against migrant violence and rape Spreads to Austria


On Saturday afternoon numerous women gathered in Austria’s capital to protest against the rapidly increasing migrant violence in the country, news outlet Wochenblick reports.

According to organiser “Patriots for Home and Tradition”, about 250 people took part in the first protest against migrant violence in Vienna.

During the march Antifa extremists tried to attack the peaceful women on the streets of Vienna. Thanks to police interventions their plan did not succeed. Later Antifa members were throwing eggs at women who were holding a speech.

In several speeches at Vienna’s Ballhausplatz, clear criticism was focused on the noticeable increase in migrant violence against the weakest in society. “I want our children to live as safe as we once were able to,” said one Viennese woman.

After introductory speeches at Vienna’s Ballhausplatz, the protesters marched peacefully towards the German Embassy. Participants wanted to express their solidarity with further German protests against migrant violence.

Numerous protestors were enthusiastic and promised their support in the future as well. The next demo in Vienna is already planned, the organisation team said to Wochenblick.

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