Another Judge Rejects Muellers Move, Mullers Team is now in Panic Mode

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Just last Friday
federal judge  sharply criticized Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s criminal case in Virginia against President Trump’s former campaign manager and openly questioned whether Mueller exceeded his prosecutorial powers by bringing it.

“I don’t see what relationship this indictment has with anything the special counsel is authorized to investigate,” U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis.

Now Muller is in more hot water,  Mueller’s prosecutors disclosed that Concord’s attorneys, Eric Dubelier and Kate Seikaly, had made a slew of discovery requests demanding nonpublic details about the case and the investigation, something Muller’s team seems to fear, they don’t want any details released.

Mullers Prosecutors also asked a judge to postpone the formal arraignment of Concord Management set for next week.

Three companies named in the indictment are all reported to be controlled by a Russian businessman known as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “chef,” Yevgeny Prigozhin. He’s also one of the 13 individuals criminally charged in the case.

The problem arose as Mullers team foolishly assumed the foreign firms and individuals would never respond to the case as they are located in Russia. Mullers team assumed the 13 people charged in the high-profile indictment in February were unlikely to ever appear in a U.S. court. ” And ” The three businesses accused of facilitating the alleged Russian troll farm operation … were also expected to simply ignore the American criminal proceedings.

Although to Mullers surpise the defendants voluntarily appeared through counsel as provided for in [federal rules], and further intends to enter a plea of not guilty.

The Concord lawyers said Mueller’s attorneys were seeking “to usurp the scheduling authority of the Court” by waiting until Friday afternoon to try to delay a proceeding .

Mullers team is now unprepared and in a panic,  as the plaintiffs attorneys Dubelier and Seikaly complained that the special counsel’s office has not replied at all to Concord’s discovery requests. The lawyers, who work for Pittsburgh-based law firm Reed Smith, also signaled Concord intends to assert its speedy trial rights, putting more pressure on the special counsel’s office to turn over records related to the case.

Also According to a filing Friday in federal court in Washington, Dubelier even wants prosecutors to catalog U.S. efforts to influence foreign elections around the world since 1945.” So, first, let’s see how many foreign elections the US interfered with, Mullers team does not want that type of information going public.

Mueller filing was a PR stunt, he never expected to actually prove his case and now in a panic as they don’t want to release any documents related to the case to the plaintiffs that may show Mullers staff has little to nothing.  This could potentially expose Muller’s investigation as a hoax is they have no real concrete evidence.

Obviously it appears Muller has no evidence. It’s all made up. He thought the Ruskies would never show up so he would never have to prove it, now he is being called on his bluff, the Russians showed their poker hand, your move Muller, what do you have….


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