Nothing to Worry About, Folks -Europe Has Chosen Disgrace

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this report on last week’s unfortunate knife attack in the Hague by a mentally challenged man. Needless to say, the incident had nothing to do with Islam.

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Nothing to worry about, folks

by H. Numan

Friday was Liberation Day in The Netherlands. The Dutch celebrated their liberation from German occupation in World War Two. A “disturbed” man thought it would be a good idea to celebrate it by slashing throats. Nothing to worry about, folks. He’s not a jihadi, but merely a disturbed person. From Syria. Where he fought for ISIS. Who’s here on refugee status. No idea about the injuries of the victims, as no media thought to write about them. None. Not important — the disturbed man is the Real Victim©; the victims provoked him (by being alive and non-mohammedan). The police had to shoot and taser (in which order they did that I don’t know) this friendly man before they could subdue him.

No reason to inquire if this guy was somewhat overzealous preaching the da’wa. Mayor Krikke already knows he is simply a disturbed person. Why? Apparently he tossed his own furniture out of his house in February. Sane people don’t do that; therefore he must be disturbed. What else can you conclude? You must be a virulent islamophobe if you think this guy is practicing his religion.

Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands, but The Hague is the seat of government. Methinks a knife attack in the seat of government is pretty serious. So does the mayor, as she ordered the Rijksrecherche (sort of police to police the police) to immediately investigate the fact that the police had shot this man. Wounded, admittedly. But nevertheless they used their weapons! We can’t have that, can we? What about the “disturbed” man? Yes, she ordered an investigation of him as well. A psychiatric investigation. And she ordered a committee to look into his mental state.

As you can see, the situation is completely under control. Nothing to worry about.

Or perhaps we should worry? What I read on other than mainstream or government-approved media (in Holland that is the same) is that this gentlemen was fully under control of himself. He knew what he was doing, that being the slicing of throats of infidels. Nope, nothing to worry. Because it’s not mainstream media, therefore it must be fake news. Can’t be anything else.

Some other news you don’t have to worry about. The province of Frisia wants to make it compulsory for primary schoolchildren to visit mosques. Of course mohammedans came up with this brilliant idea, but the provincial government kind of likes it too. All in the name of community cohesion, understanding other cultures and whatnot. What I strangely miss is a compulsory visit of mohammedan children to churches and synagogues. But then, mohammedans take their religion — of peace — a lot more seriously than Christians and Jews. Because those religions explicitly forbid entering heathen temples as well. It’s just that nobody seems to care anymore.

The Dutch ministry of defense, officially, likes community cohesion too. Participating in an iftar meal is professional, they say. Which means if you do not want to participate, you’re not professional. We don’t want unprofessionals in our organization. Out you go, or that least no promotion ever. As you probably can understand, the Islamsterdam municipal police leads the way here.

What you will not hear a peep about is the rate mohammedans procreate in The Netherlands. In 1973 there were about 25,000 mohammedans in the country. Mainly guest laborers who were allowed to stay. Soon after that they were allowed to ship in their families. Then they got full DUAL citizenship and now they have their own mohammedan political parties. And how many adherents of the religion of peace in 2018? About 2 million now. Probably more. Which is quite a lot for a country with 17 million. That’s more than 10% of the population.

I stress DUAL because by law Dutch citizens are not allowed to have dual nationalities. Supposing that I were able to obtain Thai citizenship, I would have to make a choice: Either become Thai, and hand in my Dutch passport (which will automatically be revoked anyway), or keep my Dutch nationality and forgo Thai citizenship. This does not apply to people where their country of origin does not allow them to change nationality. Which are mainly mohammedan countries. Now we have a chair(wo)man of parliament, several mayors and high officials of state with dual nationality. The mayor of Rotterdam said in an interview he felt himself to be a Salafist.

The media went into overdrive to defuse that statement. It was an expression; he never meant that literally. That sort of thing. So, nothing to worry about. The fact that he considers every mohammedan a Salafist is just a figure of speech. Nothing to worry about, folks. Islam is the religion of peace. That the word means ‘submission’? Oh, you must be disturbed. Very disturbed!

There is nothing to worry about. Everything is just fine. You can read it in the news or hear it from our politicians.

— H. Numan

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