Barack Obama Separated Kids From Parents at the Border Too

Apparently, separating kids at the border only matters if the story can be used to attack Donald Trump.
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There is a lot of leftwing outrage at Donald Trump for allowing the border patrol to separate children from their parents at the border if they are illegal aliens.

The left, in fact, went nuts over an ACLU report that showed rampant child abuse from children detained without their parents. The problem was that the report covered 2009-2014, a period when Barack Obama was President.

Members of the media who blew up the story then quickly deleted tweets once they found out Barack Obama was in charge. Apparently, abused kids only matter if they can be used to attack Donald Trump. That is how bad and biased the media is these day,  the same subject okay if it happened under Obama, but under Trump they are outraged.  How did liberals become so lost without principals anymore?

 The report related to unaccompanied minors and what happened to many of them. They documented abuse in many cases horrific during the Obama years. But the facts of the report should not overshadow that Barack Obama was in charge at the time, not Trump.

The Obama administration made the rule due to a suspicion that the parent of the child was not really the parent in many cases . In numerous cases, people brought otherwise unaccompanied minors with them even though there was no family relation. While there were cases where actual parents were separated from their children during the Obama years too.

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 I wish the pro-life community would get as upset with ripping a child from his mother’s arms as the community does over ripping a child from his mother’s womb.

 What we should do is build the wall ASAP and suggest migrants go to the nearest embassy in their home country and apply for a US Visa in a legal manner and not risk being separated from your children.

It never crossed Marco Antonio Muñoz mind to find a legal way to enter the USA. Instead he illegally crossed the Rio Grande with his wife and 3-year-old son in mid-May near Granjeno, Tex. When he was separated from his family he later strangled himself top death in his holding cell.  Why to the leftist cheer on these people committing these illegal acts and seeing the end result as a  suicide?

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