How Fascist Twitter Censors Conservatives like a Stalinist State

Leftist fascist don’t like arguments from the other side, particularly conservative arguments. Twitter is directly involved in political censorship of its users bu banning their accounts, such as

Twitter is notoriously opaque about why it punishes its users. Often, suspended users will get a message informing them they have been banned for violating the site’s terms of service, without being told specifically what they did.

Breitbart News columnist Milo Yiannopoulos reported  that the leftist company’s management was subtly censoring “populist conservative … cultural libertarians, and other anti-PC dissidents” by subjecting them to “shadowbanning” so that most of their tweets did not show up in their followers’ Twitter feeds.

n February, far-right blogger Robert Stacy McCain was banned for unspecified “targeted abuse” of which no one produced any evidence.

Meanwhile, whatever one thinks of Breitbart News, its writers have made a pretty strong case that Twitter management tends to ignore serious harassment by left-wing posters toward conservatives — including a black Breitbart reporter being repeatedly attacked as a “coon” by rapper Talib Kweli and his followers.

Last month, after Palmer Luckey, the multimillionaire co-founder of the Oculus Rift virtual reality company, was outed as the backer of a pro-Trump political organization, his girlfriend Nicole Edelmann (formerly Nikki Moxxi on Twitter) was also “exposed”  as a Trump supporter and soon deleted her Twitter account due to harassment. No one intervened, and the abuse directed at her was shrugged off by some progressive Twitter users.

Left-wing provocateurs on Twitter certainly seem to fare better than their right-wing counterparts.

 If Twitter wants to convince its users it truly respects free speech, there must be change and all users treated the same,  so far it simply a propaganda piece for the leftist movements like Pravda was in the USSR.

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Social networks like Twitter are increasingly perceived as inhospitable to conservatives or libertarians, there is a growing moment to create alternative platforms, which have no shortage of Silicon Valley backers such as Luckey or fellow pro-Trump tycoon Peter Thiel.

One such platform already in existence is Gab, which promises virtually untrammeled expression. But then there is another issue, fascist leftist at Google also banned gab from their search engines. Google had banned its Android app from the Google Play Store for violating what Google’s considers hate speech, what was just a person posting real Koran verses and exposing them, Google did not approve of that and they were banned.

Why does the Left hate free speech? The USSR was a far left state and they tightly controlled speech, like we see form the left, attacks, or canceling events ate Universities. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google all limiting speech from the opposing side.  Vladimir Lenin’s Bolshevik Party was the first political party that came to power on the platform of women’s equality, access to abortion, and other measures that hadn’t taken root in the west.

Unfortunately for the citizens of Soviet Russia, the democracy became a one party system. This is also what liberals want in the USA is democrat control only, we clearly see this with the constant attacks on Trump

Liberals want your only option to be democrats in control. The leftist Americans like the USSR want an absolute government, who will not tolerate criticism. We are even seeing this non-tolerance from the left toward legitimate concerns about Islam, the left is banning any critical though and discussion about Islam.

Liberalism is also to the exact same degree as the Third Reich. There are three important differences between the USSR and Third Reich

  1. Citizens of the Third Reich enjoyed considerably more personal freedom than citizens of the Soviet Union during Brezhnev’s era, which was arguably the most liberal in all Soviet history.
  2. Nazism was defeated, while Communism evolved and continues to exist.
  3. A typical Western liberal will tell you that Nazism is very bad while Communism is just another political philosophy. Chances are that once the Communists cause yet another major war, our liberals will start calling Communism the doctrine of peace like they do with Che of the Cuban Revolution.


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