Michael Cohen, the Rabbit in Robert Mueller’s Hat

Michael Cohen is the rabbit being pulled out of Robert Mueller’s largely empty hat, the rabbit who thinks he was sitting on the goose that laid the golden egg all along


Former Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen looks more like a singing canary than a rabbit, but he’s the rabbit Robert Mueller III is pulling out of the hat.

People are wondering why Cohen waited so long before turning up at CNN with scratchy audio recordings he claims to have secretly recorded on former, unsuspecting client Donald J. Trump.

It’s the Midterms that kept Mike The Rabbit waiting so long.

Michael Cohen’s testimony is Mueller’s Special Counsel’s last chance to keep the Russians-stole-the-election conspiracy alive in order to get more Democrats returned to power in Midterms, and to keep investigations going all the way through to 2020 presidential elections.

Little wonder that Cohen has become such a big legend in his own mind.

“Cohen says Trump knew about Trump Tower meeting with RUSSIANS”. (PJ Media, July 27, 2018)

“What kind of lawyer is (was) Michael Cohen? He sure seems like a jackass. Cohen is prepared to testify that Trump knew about the famous meeting between Fusion GPS client and RUSSIAN Natalia Veselnitskaya and Jared Kushner, Don Trump Jr., and Paul Manafort in June of 2016. Trump denied having knowledge of the meeting.

“CNN and NBC News reported on Thursday night that Cohen has no evidence that Trump had advance knowledge of the meeting, but is willing to testify about it under oath to the special counsel Robert Mueller.

“Oh ok, he is willing to testify to that without evidence. Does this guy have a shred of credibility? Who would believe a lawyer who surreptitiously records his clients?”

Robert Mueller III, that’s who!

Interesting to note that Cohen, who likes to talk hearing the sound of his own voice, got through not one but two Congressional committee hearings in 2017 by keeping Mum on all he knew.

“Cohen reportedly did not mention this new claim when he testified to two Congressional committees in 2017, according to CNN. Additionally, a person familiar with Cohen’s House Intelligence Committee testimony told CNN that Cohen said nothing at the time about whether or not Trump knew of the 2016 meeting. (PJ Media)

“Gimme a break. The meeting in question lasted 20 minutes and Fusion GPS client Veselnitskaya offered no “dirt” to the campaign but instead spoke about the Magnitsky act. Now “suddenly” Cohen remembers Trump was told about this meeting. Silly stuff.”

Rabbits who perform don’t mind looking silly if there’s a carrot dangling in front of their eyes.

Mueller is also investigating Trump tweets.

“At this point in the game if you think this investigation is about Trump-RUSSIA collusion, you must be an idiot. It’s clear that President Trump and those in his orbit are being subject to a forensic examination of their lives in order to obstruct Trump’s presidency, as punishment to those who have supported him, and to dissuade others from working for him.” (PJ Media)

Far more effective than throwing cold drinks in the face of teenagers who show up late at night in restaurants sporting a Make America Great Again cap, and than harassing Trump staff out for a family meal.

“Mueller is now looking at Trump’s tweets about recused, crippled Attorney General Jeff Sessions and fired Director of the FBI and Twitter personality James Comey.” (PJ Media)

“Mueller is investigating whether the tweets and statements — including those from spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders — constitute attempts to obstruct the probe by intimidating witnesses.(NY Post, July 26, 2018)

All Trump and Sander Tweets are dangerous to democracy rather than ones of comedians holding Trump’s bleeding decapitated head.

“The special counsel is also scrutinizing other actions taken by the president, including his private conversations with “Comey, Sessions and other administration officials about the Russia inquiry, misleading statements from the White House, vituperative public attacks on key figures in the case and whether he offered pardons to potential witnesses. (NY Post)

“Mueller’s team told Trump’s lawyers they were probing the tweets under a wide-ranging obstruction-of-justice law that was strengthened after the Enron scandal, three sources told the Times.”

Note how the Enron scandal never came under the observation of intelligence agencies until the horses were long out of the barn.

“Fox News’s Andrew Napolitano says of the tweets “Mueller knows that those tweets are a treasure trove and a window into Trump’s thinking.”(PJ Media)

“Did the president send messages to people of threats, or rewards, via his tweets? People who he knew or expected would be interviewed by Bob Mueller?” Napolitano said. “And if he did, was he engaging in witness tampering?”

“If there was obstruction of justice, what is the “justice”? What crime was Trump trying to cover-up?

“We have no information about any crime the President was trying to cover up.”

For sure the president never sent any threats to Cohen because you can be certain he would have already shown them to CNN.

“Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani said “If you’re going to obstruct justice, you do it quietly and secretly, not in public” about Mueller’s interest in the President’s tweets.” (PJ Media)

Michael Cohen is the rabbit being pulled out of Robert Mueller’s largely empty hat, the rabbit who thinks he was sitting on the goose that laid the golden egg all along.



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