Media Misses: Sarah Huckabee Sanders and CNN Saga Continues

We break down the top media moments this week—and plenty of misses.

CNN’s Jim Acosta made waves this week when he complained about his experience at a Trump rally in Tampa, Florida, saying he felt like he “wasn’t in America anymore.” But it didn’t stop there. Acosta questioned White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, asking if the media is the enemy of the people—but she stood her ground. 

Plus: Kim Kardashian is facing backlash from the left and the media after she made what some are calling a controversial comment about the president. The New York Times’ new tech writer, Sarah Jeong, is causing quite a stir after old controversial tweets were uncovered following her hiring, raising questions about a double standard. And Slate dedicates an article ripping first lady Melania Trump about her presumed lack of gardening experience.  

There’s no fake news here. Watch the video above for this week’s media misses and be sure to leave us your feedback.

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