Spain is becoming the Third World,” tourist almost killed by migrants speaks up

Spain has become the new main entry point for barbaric migrants.  Spain’s mainland has for the first time surpassed Italy and Greece to become the main entry point for migrants arriving in Europe from Africa by sea.

Near the Place of Catalonia a tourist saw the migrants assaulting with a woman who couldn’t cross the road with her pushchair.

José Bravo, 45 year old, is an American living in Miami, who decided to spend his holidays with his family in Barcelona.

Jose said the group of African migrants were “surrounding a woman and hitting her”, he explained to the media today. When he saw that nobody was defending her, he tried to save her and was almost killed; he suffered from internal bleeding in the head.

He said that they tried to “kill him”. “Now, I have a bad image of Spain, this country is becoming the Third World and that’s the politician’s faults, they are putting the tourists and their people in danger” he explained.

In yet another incident, Spain’s National Police issued a statement to say that officers in Valencia had “arrested a 25-year-old Moroccan Migrant as the suspect behind a sexual assault and robbery in Tenerife”.

According to local media, officers said they arrested the suspect after he allegedly “broke into an apartment via the balcony” on May 13 and “sexually assaulted a 74-year-old British woman and took her belongings” in Arona, an area of Tenerife which is especially popular with tourists.

Meanwhile in Germany A psychopath Afghan migrant who sexually abused at least seven children in Germany is released after only seven months in prison, the newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine reports.

The recognised refugee was released after only seven months in jail after an agreement between his defense lawyer Michael Bauer, the prosecutor Hannah Witzigmann and the court.

it took around 250 German policemen, together with riot police, dog handlers and ambulances in a migrant centre in the city of Donauwörth on Friday to control the migrants, newspaper Die Welt reports.


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  1. Spain’s only recourse if it is to remain free is to slaughter the Muslim invaders where ever they are found. Islam is in Spain to conquer Christendom….These Muslims will rape your daughters and slaughter your men. Do something while you still can….

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  2. The re conquest of Spain by the Moors

    This is just Islam doing the job for which it was designed, establishing th Sharia on the rubble of civilization:

    Islam is a bandit cult. The Quran and Hadiths are garrison manuals that deal with recruitment, training, martial law, and the acquisition and distribution of booty including livestock and chattels to maintain discipline among the bandits and prevent them from turning against each other.

    Barbarians have always triumphed over civilizations which is why the Quran and the Hadiths are designed to ensure that Moslems remain Barbarians forever.

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