We Hear You: The Left Goes Nuts Over Trump’s Second Supreme Court Pick

Editor’s note: It’s a good time to share some views on the left’s opposition to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, now that his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing is slated for Sept. 4. Don’t be shy about writing us about this and other matters at [email protected]—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: Demagoguery is when a leader in a democracy exploits prejudice and ignorance among the common or uninformed people to whip up the passions of the crowd of listeners to shut down a reasonable debate and arouse fear, as suggested in the commentary by Thomas Jipping and Christopher Baldacci, “5 Absurd Excuses the Left Is Using to Delay Brett Kavanaugh.

If you look up the word, you get, among other things, pictures of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters. Don’t know how they do it with a straight face, other than they are progressives/Democrats.

But if you watch them long enough, you see they don’t even believe the excrement that comes out of their own mouths. They just say that to get re-elected. That’s why they’re politicians.—Terry Hanson


Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s opponents don’t want someone on the Supreme Court who will go by the law and the Constitution.

They want someone who will decide the question based on social justice, then convolute the law to fit that decision. We already have enough of those judges.—Audrey Theiler

Not one Democrat voted for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Yet they claim to be for the “little” people.

Now they’re branching out into socialism. We have seen how that works. Just ask U.K. citizens, Canada citizens, and so on.—Karin Callaway

The sheer number of documents on Brett Kavanaugh caused Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to actually come out and say it would take a while to confirm him, given the Democrats’ tactics in confirmation proceedings up until now.

The Democrats are all in on obstruction. McConnell warned the president this would happen, and he nominated Kavanaugh anyway.—Anita Gummer


The last thing we need is to allow the politicians to delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation until after the midterm elections in November. These crooked politicians (on both sides of the aisle) need to be accountable for their actions to the people they represent.—Steve Nevins


I believe the last person the Democrats want in power is anyone who will be good for America. Someone who isn’t interested in destroying freedom.—Donna Young

What Scares Kavanaugh’s Democrat Foes?  

Dear Daily Signal: On-the-money article by David Harsanyi (“Democrats Don’t Fear Brett Kavanaugh. They Fear the Constitution“). Democrats do not want real Supreme Court justices who actually follow the Constitution and U.S. law. The Constitution has always been a roadblock to every hard-left scheme like socialism.

All forms of statism, which is what the Democrats strive for, require a government that has powerful control over the people. The more control government has, the less freedom the people have, and the Constitution is the defender of freedom. It’s that simple.—Anthony Alafero


Is it that Democrats fear the Constitution, as David Harsanyi writes, or that they hate the Constitution since it directly opposes the agenda of their extremist wing?—Andrew Mason


The Constitution calls for equal rights for all. Having the rights of the liberals’ special-interest group override the rights of all others is unconstitutional.

Socialism and the Constitution are enemies. Socialism is the government’s control of the people. The Constitution is for the people controlling the government.—David Gearhart


Democrats hate the Constitution because they are progressives who understand that all they can do is create administrations to do their dirty work outside the Constitution.—Peter E. Balsam


The left won’t be going nuts again. They’ve been in that state for a couple of decades now.—Phil Auten, Texas


Of course Democrats fear the Constitution. It means they must follow the rule of law. They want to stretch the Constitution as far as they can to reach their goal of transforming our government from a republic to a pure democracy. Devils in disguise.—Ginny Murrell, Rancho Murieta, Calif.

The Supreme Court  Nominee and Religious Liberty 

Dear Daily Signal: Judge Brett Kavanaugh was correct in all the cases cited by Fred Lucas in his story (“These 6 Cases Show How Brett Kavanaugh Might Rule on Religious Freedom”). We have a right to our religious beliefs and practices that is protected.

Just because there are more Christians in the U.S. doesn’t mean there is such a thing as Christian privilege, so get that straight. It’s about as dumb as the saying “white privilege.” What do those two sayings even mean?

I consider myself a Christian and white, but have had to endure trials and poverty all my life. Just because I am white and a Christian doesn’t give me any more privilege than the next person in our great country. But for some reason it gives others the right to ban my right to practice my religion, and tell me I should be ashamed that I’m white.

Does anyone come to my aid to correct this? No, that would be wrong, right? In my opinion, Kavanaugh will make a great Supreme Court justice.—Robert Gibson


The phrase “so help me God” isn’t in the presidential oath. Michael A. Newdow’s lawsuit was against Chief Justice John Roberts to administer the oath as written in the Constitution, which does not have “so help me God” in it.

Newdow’s lawsuit would not prevent the president from adding it, but Roberts can’t change the oath when administering it. And having students vote on a prayer before official school functions was properly struck down by the Supreme Court.—Brian Westley

Protecting Criminal Aliens as ‘Dreamers’

Dear Daily Signal: About the commentary on illegal immigrants by Hans von Spakovsky and Christopher Baldacci (“New Report Shows Government Gave DACA Protection to Thousands of Criminals”): Obama and the radical left didn’t care who was coming into the United States. Terrorists, gang members, criminals, etc.

No problem. They see all of these folks as future Democrat votes, because they are losers and losers will go for the free stuff. Winners want no part of handouts.—Anthony Alafero


So they have a list. I say divide this bunch among the Democrats who are protecting them.

Give a few illegal immigrants to live with each politician and person who even suggests we keep them here. They can be responsible and pay for all their needs that taxpayers currently shell out for.

Make these politicians and others responsible for all legal issues these criminal aliens are and will be involved in. They might just figure out these potential Democrat voters aren’t the precious commodity they thought they were.—Marty Miller


Nobody is ignoring any criminal activity. Truth is, DACA was a blanket. Meaning that for all such U.S. residents, it ordered a settling of their status so they could proceed as the overwhelmingly productive and appreciative aliens they were.

Noticeably, in the 8 percent “criminal” cadre cited here, there is but one breakdown of 13 percent causing violent, heinous crimes–about 8,000. That’s a tiny fraction of the 800,000 (by some accounts) DACA recipients. A small fraction of a group that has been granted no other status than “limbo” since they hit our shores. It’s up to Congress to recognize the reality that they were made a promise by government.

That promise must be kept, and DACA recipients should be granted a pathway to citizenship regardless of how long and tortuous that road might be. Any criminals should be handled accordingly.

They’re here, they’re ensconced in American life, they want to be here. Why else would they come out of the shadows to register? They deserve the attention of Congress to resolve their standing, even if nothing else is attempted on immigration.—Bill Lemoine


Democrats need to stand up for their constituents instead of illegals, who are only out for what they can get from the government.—Melynda Curriden Parks


The truth will set you free. Obama’s legacy is failure.—Curtis Crass

Boosting Short-Term Health Insurance

Dear Daily Signal: This is in response to Fred Lucas’ report, “Trump Further Chips Away at Obamacare by Expanding Short-Term Health Plans.”  In case no one remembers, when President Barack Obama was touting Obamacare, he said 30,000 people were not covered by health insurance and that Obamacare would cover them.

Well, guess what? We still have 30,000 people out of health insurance. So Obamacare was just another way for the deep state to get kickbacks from the insurance companies. It is a dismal failure.

Democrats will not allow it to be repealed because they are still getting kickbacks. Wake up.—Ginny Yoder


Really, getting populations together and starting self-funded plans is about the most economically friendly health insurance. If done right, it could work well. I have a self-funded plan through work and my rates are low compared to most people I have heard from.

I have worked at a couple other companies that do the same, and it was less expensive then, too. Anything the government touches immediately triples and more the costs.—Lou Meeth Worden


Before the Affordable Care Act, my family insurance was under $500 a month. In January 2017, it was $1,300 a month, plus they didn’t pay for my daughter’s most expensive med at $175 a month. DotGov said I made too much to get any help. Needless to say, we don’t have insurance.—Mary-Ann Cummings


Competition brings down the price of everything.—Kenneth McCallister

Calculating the Cost of  ‘Medicare for All’

Dear Daily Signal: What Robert Moffit describes in his commentary is Obamacare on steroids (“New Study Shows Huge Cost of Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ Plan”). It is nothing but “control health care” and “control the people.”

Bernie Sanders is a total moron. His scheme will cause a lot of doctors with a great deal of experience to leave the medical field and create a severe shortage of qualified doctors. But that is all part of the plan.—Jim Scofield


That Sanders plan would be devastating to the working class. People who have not put anything into the system should not be taking from it. To take away our right to choose our medical program is nothing less than communism.—Estell Newton


Socialism does not work, period. National health care does not work, period.

All you have to do is look around the world where socialism and national health care are in effect. Those countries are bankrupt.  Look at Greece. Venezuela has 1 million percent inflation. Britain’s taxes are astronomical. When Obamacare and national health care were being debated, Britain even told us: “Don’t do it.”

Yes, our health care system is broken, but it can be fixed. Socialism and national health care are not the answer.—Marion E. Daniels-Price

Wendy Williams Disparages Virgins

Dear Daily Signal: I’m writing about Rachel del Guidice’s commentary, “If Slut-Shaming Is Not OK, Neither Is Virgin-Shaming.” My husband and I were both virgins when we married, 49 years ago. What we learned, we learned together.

Neither of us has shared that intimacy with anyone else, and that’s a wonderful thing. Society has turned such things upside down. Used to be, someone who was sexually active before marriage was looked at as possibly untrustworthy.

Sex used to be special, sacred, set apart. Now it’s just another body function, like blowing one’s nose. Sad.—Linda Kreger


Talk show host Wendy Williams’ attitude is part of the typical extreme feminist persona. I note that Rachel del Guidice’s article points out that the more sexual partners one has, the more likely his marriage will end in divorce. I wouldn’t marry someone who has had many sexual partners any more than I would buy a high-mileage used car.—Rob Calvert


In a society that encourages sex, and goes so far as to teach how to have homosexual sex in schools, it is abhorrent to be a virgin.

But it shows strength of character as well as spiritual strength. Promiscuity is a big problem with teens, as well as adults. Shame on Wendy Williams for belittling a man for his personal beliefs.—Tonie Lesia Dalton

Securing Our Schools

Dear Daily Signal: I do like the idea of arming certain teachers, one option Steve Bucci and Peter Bucci write about in their commentary (“Here’s How School Security Should Be Improved in 4 Easy Steps”).

But there are many good ideas. One school principal has put a bucket of rocks in every classroom, which is an inventive idea that doesn’t have to wait for legislation. (Actually, this is a tactic that is as old as the wind.)

In any case, we would all like to see these crazy shooters (invariably liberals) get taken down hard.—Joey Smith


All these steps are good, but I doubt that these will result in major improvement of the situation. There are so many situations when the harm comes from the students or teachers. And it’s really difficult to know what is on one’s mind.

Maybe teachers can really try paying more attention to kids and each other. I feel that most problems come from inattentiveness and communication problems.—Prudence Davis


Stop making “gun-free zones” where only criminals have guns.—John Kotsay


It all starts at home and with strong families. Finally we have someone in the White House who understands that and is helping build stronger families with a strong, robust, expanding economy. The best social program is a job and economic security.—David Miller

Gun Control in Canada 

Dear Daily Signal: The sad part, reading the commentary by Amy Swearer and Scott French, is that the bad guys will always have a way to get a gun (“Stricter Gun Laws Didn’t Stop This Mass Shooting In Canada”).

Then when they go on a rampage with no good guys to stop them, the results of gun confiscation will be touted as proof that better confiscation is needed.—Robert L. Roach, The Woodlands, Texas


Stricter gun laws won’t stop shootings like this. Neither will full confiscation of guns. Why? Because people who commit crimes and want to do harm to others will always get underground guns. It’s just that simple. But some people will never understand that.—Paul Scatena, Choctaw, Okla.


There is a clear, direct correlation between the length of time in releasing the name and motive of the shooter and his being a myrmidon of radical Islam.—Bill Mayberry


It’s like having a problem with broken glass in the park and making it illegal to buy shoes because some people might throw them at people or get blisters.—Jamie D. Merrill, Mesquite, Texas


Getting sick of hearing about gun control. We all know that the best gun control only works in the hands of the good guys. Bad guys don’t abide by laws in the first place.—Jeffrey Day

I Left My House in San Francisco

Dear Daily Signal: What a pie in the face San Francisco and California are facing, judging from Jarrett Stepman’s commentary (“How Liberal Housing Policies Made San Francisco Unaffordable for All but the Rich”). Now they’re paying for it and losing their residents.

If only they’d see and understand that their political policies and hard regulations are the main cause. But they won’t see, or they see but are in denial. Oh, well.—Delilah Fleharty


This is what happens when the left takes over. So be aware. Average rental prices of $3,500 per month? And now their illustrious leaders are mandating that all housing will have solar energy panels by 2020?

I’m sure that will bring the costs up by at least $10,000 per home, whether it is an apartment or house. Proof positive that America had better turn off the liberal, left, socialist activity and go for a republic, which our Constitution put in place.—Karin Callaway


Stepman writes: “Ironically, a city deeply committed to progressive values has become a place where only the super-rich can thrive.”

I thought that was the entire point of progressivism: to make the world safe for rich, white people and abort everybody else before birth.—Theodore Seeber


Wait a minute. Progressives have values? I guess. What we call filth, the progressives call values.—Jack Mehoff

How Are We Doing?

Dear Daily Signal: I love the fact that someone, anyone is presenting articles and views with a conservative slant. I am both disgusted with and a bit frightened by the amount of liberal media out there. It’s twisted, and twisting people’s thinking.

Where have people’s values gone–decency, kindness, compassion, and the right thing to do? Without guidance, this country is beyond divided and once pillars of society are now loud, abusive animals.

Please continue to put a moral, conservative edge on your articles. It reassures people and relays hope.—Catherine A. Bliss


Really enjoy getting your Morning Bell e-mail.  The content is always relevant and I am glad to be receiving a point of view without the liberal nonsense. Keep up the good work.—Barb Orcutt


You’re doing very well. Good job. I actually read most of your stuff. —Judith Kramer


Great work. The libs won’t succeed. Trump is winning the battle.—E. Shirkman


Everything from The Daily Signal is an amazing reason for a better America. God bless good reporters.—Jose Pichardo


I look forward to reading the truth about our president. Thank you all.—Marilyn Braun


I depend on The Daily Signal for informing me of significant news in an honest, well-referenced yet enjoyable style. Keep on keeping on!—Lee Hastie

Sarah Sleem and Jeremiah Poff helped to compile this column. 

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