His Dad Immigrated From Cuba. He Clerked for Kavanaugh. They Both Love the Constitution.

Roman Martinez’s father immigrated from Cuba to the United States after communist dictator Fidel Castro took power. Because of that, Martinez says he has a unique appreciation for the U.S. Constitution. That appreciation led him to pursue a career in law, which in 2008 led him to a clerkship with Judge Brett Kavanaugh on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

As the atmosphere surrounding Kavanaugh’s nomination grows increasingly tense, Martinez is speaking out about why he says Kavanaugh should be confirmed.

“He’s going to think hard about every case, he’s going to be impartial, he’s going to be fair, I think he’s going to bring his intellect and his integrity to every case,” he told The Daily Signal.“He’s going to surprise people on all sides.”

Watch the video to hear more from Martinez.

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