Commutation of Blago will confirm that Trump knows all about 3D justice: Diversion-Distraction-Disinformation

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President Trump will commute former Illinois Governor Rod “Blago” Blagojevich’s prison sentence in time for Blago to be home for Christmas, after 6-plus years in the Federal Correctional Institution at Englewood, Colorado.

When it happens, the reaction from the two major newspapers in Chicago is predictable. The Chicago Tribune and the Sun Times, but particularly the “Trib,” will be apoplectic. Hints to that response have surfaced.

On 31 May 2018, Trump said, while traveling on Air Force One, that he might consider commuting the remainder of Blago’s 14-year sentence.

The two major Chicago dailies soon began rehearsing an indignant response after Patti Blagojevich, in June 2018, opened a public campaign calling for her husband’s release from prison.

On 26 July 2018, a Sun Times op-ed ridiculed Patti Blagojevich stating, “Patti Blagojevich played it perfectly. She could win an Emmy or, better yet, her husband Rod’s freedom. In an op-edin the conservative Washington Examiner, and then in an interview on Fox News Channel, she spoke to an audience of exactly one—President Donald Trump—and wrapped her grievances in his.”

On 27 July 2018, a Trib columnist reacted to Patti Blagojevich’s op-ed and the FOX interview writing, “Blagojevich, the former first lady of Illinois, twisted history and posed as a martyr Tuesday in a newspaper op-ed and Fox News appearance plainly designed to persuade the perpetually aggrieved Trump to use his pardon powers to free her husband from prison, as he earlier hinted he might. The shamelessness of her appeal was vintage and breathtaking.”

In an email exchange with one of the authors, a Trib reporter who covered Patti Blagojevich’s appeal for her husband’s release wrote: “The reason he pardoned Scooter Libby and the reason he will release Blago is because he self-pityingly sees in their cases a mirror of his own and doesn’t give a s*** about the rule of law.

Well, that’s certainly clear enough.

Here’s how 3D Justice plays out in three, high-profile, political “investigations”

But that understanding of Trump’s possible commutation of Blago’s sentence, and his past pardon of Scooter Libby’s conviction, is a hackneyed partisan diatribe.

Several of the same Department of Justice (DoJ)/Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) crew who pursued the phantom leaker of Valerie Plame’s employment in the C.I.A. were key players in the prosecution of Blago after a long investigation that began soon after Blago was elected Illinois Governor in 2003.

Sure, Blago was guilty of crimes. And so was Antoin “Tony” Rezko. But the motives for the pursuits and the timings of their arrests go beyond crime-fighting.

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First, Lewis “Scooter” Libby (the Plame Affair), then Rezko and Blago, were precursors to the trio of General Michael FlynnPaul Manafort, and Michael Cohen in the Russian-Trump Collusion saga. They’re chess pieces in the practiced DoJ/F.B.I. pattern of 3D Justice.

Here’s how 3D Justice plays out in three, high-profile, political “investigations”:

  • Distraction: The goal is to direct the nation’s attention away from that which must remain unseen by the public, and is done by flooding, and dominating, the news cycle over a sustained period of time.
    1. Plamegate: From 2003-2007
    2. Rezko/Blagogate: 2006-2011
    3. Russian-Trump Collusion2016-current
    • Diversion: The motive to divert attention is to create and promote an alternative narrative to cover unseen matters much more important than the media-driven drama.
      1. Plamegate: It dominated the news cycle with intense coverage of the hunt for a leaker who confessed months before the hunt began. What was ignored were the billions of USD unaccounted for in the Iraq reconstruction effort, as well as the WMD fiasco. By one account,provided bythe Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR), “as much as 96% of the$9 bn. provided by the Development Fund for Iraq (DFI)cannot be properly accounted for, noting that poor management and lack of regulations have led to the missing funds. For fully $2.6 billion of the missing funds, there is no paperwork at all.” Add to that, the absence of any inquiry into the missing Weapons of Mass Destruction in exchange for the mass diversion that was Plamegate—all sound and fury.
      2. Rezko/Blagogate: The goals here were to: (A.) conceal any inquiry into, and evidence of, Antoin “Tony” Rezko—who, after his conviction on 4 June 2008, disappeared down the Federal rabbit hole to somewhere up in Wisconsin for three years while he awaited sentencing—having aided Obama’s campaigns for the U.S. Senate, and later the Presidency, by fund-raising activities like those he did on-behalf of Blagojevich; (B.) leave unexplored a connection, facilitated by Rezko as intermediary between Obama and Nadmhi Auchi (recognized in 2008 by the New York Times, also here and here); and, also, (C.) shield the Co-Chair of the Obama Presidential Campaign Committee, Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., from prosecution for attempting to bribe Blago to appoint him to Obama’s U.S. Senate seat. The F.B.I. arrested Blago shortly before the deal was consummated. A Trib reporter, John Chase, warned Blago’s camp by phone that the Feds were bugging his phone (read the bugged warning call transcript here). When one of the authors asked Patrick Fitzgerald if his office had tipped-off Chase, “Fitz” offered a “not-denial, denial.” Two negatives equal a positive. (Incidentally, you’ll recall that this was the era of the ATF gunwalking scandal and then there’s the IRS targeting of Tea Party organizations.)
      3. Russian-Trump Collusion: This on-going diversion aims to, not only discredit the Trump Presidency, but, also, shift attention away from non-investigations into: (1.) Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private server; (2.) her destruction of tens of thousands of emails under subpoena; (3.) the Clinton-DNC use of campaign funds to hire a foreign national to fabricate the “Steele Dossier;” (4.) the nefarious pay-for-favor Clinton Global Initiative; (5.) the Clinton role in the Uranium One episode now allegedly being investigated by the U.S. Attorney in Utah where it will remain buried until the Eschaton; (6.) suppress the Awan IT Scandal; (7.) address Anthony Weiner’s (AKA Carlos Dangerunexamined laptop emails; (8.) investigate the role of some senior officials (e.g., Brennan, Clapper) in the “intelligence community,” who, along with top level F.B.I. officials, colluded to fatally damage the presidency of Donald Trump. And, have we heard any word concerning (9.) the theft of stealth technology to allegedly benefit a Clinton donor? And let’s not forget the (10.) unredacted FISA applications buried deep somewhere in D.C. All the above are collateral beneficiaries of the DoJ/F.B.I. diversion into Russian-Trump Collusion. It’s a BIG puppet show.

    • Disinformation: The liberal media is always ready to propagate—as in propaganda—fake memes and false information as well as leak information—some true/some false—concerning alleged on-going investigations.
      1. Plamegate: The Washington Post and the New York Times meticulously chronicled the progress of a fake investigation where the perp had confessed to “F.B.I. officials” (which had to have included Mueller) two months before Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald was appointed by his good friend, Jim Comey, to find who leaked Valerie Plame’s C.I.A. affiliation. The DoJ/F.B.I. knew who’d done it from the get go. Plamegate was a smaller puppet show, but a crass sham perpetrated by sworn law enforcement professionals. Meanwhile, we hardly heard about the abuse of the U.N. Oil for Food fraud with which a known close associate and benefactor of Antoin “Tony” Rezko was associated.
      2. Rezko/Blagogate: The goal of the Chicago media, led by the Chicago Tribune as the DoJ/FBI’s designated spoon-fed leak outlet during the Blago saga—you can catalogue the timeline of at least a dozen DoJ leaks to the Trib over several years by searching the words “discloses,” “reveals,” and “reports”—was to: (A.) Help elect Obama to the apex of national power and international prestige, particularly since he championed a globalist agenda based on the “fundamental transformation” of America; (B.) Leverage Obama’s coming influence to assure that The Windy City host the 2016 Summer Olympics; and, (C.) Enable President Obama to become an advocate for bailing out a city facing serious financial challenges—even worse now than then. (But then along came the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 that largely benefitedFannie Mae, Freddie Mac, GM, and a host of big banks and other financial institutions, plus unions.)
      3. Russia-Trump Collusion: The entire liberal progressive media, virtually every Democratic Party politician, several prominent Republican pols, Session’s Department of Justice, current-and-now fired senior F.B.I. officials, as well as major social media organizations, serially suppress exculpatory evidence of Trump’s un-involvement in any mythological Russian collusion. As the “Disinformation” stage craters, the DoJ/F.B.I. crime-fighters move into a wide-ranging hunt for any Trump crimes, anywhere, anytime, against anyone.

    Trump will commute Blago’s sentence, and Blago will be home with his wife and children for Christmas

    Trump will commute Blago’s sentence, and Blago will be home with his wife and children for Christmas.

    His commutation will be not be based on his innocence. As a leading politician in a state that’s notorious for political corruption, of course he’s guilty.

    Blago was the fourth Illinois governor to go to prison—so far. His arrest came as a genuine surprise, since he assumed that what he’d done was Standard Operating Procedure for major pols in Illinois. Because it is.

    The F.B.I.‘s long investigation of Blago—under F.B.I. Director Robert Mueller—lasted at least 6 years. As the intended consequence, it swept from the political landscape Rezko, then Blago, in order to clear the way for the ascension of the new, young, charismatic, first non-white President.

    There were also others, including Loretta Lynch, in the DoJ who helped clear Obama’s path to the White House so that he would not be tainted with the stain of the most corrupt city in the United States.

    Obama would never be tarnished by his past associations with Rezko and Blago. Nor would he be seriously questioned—certainly not by the sycophants in the Chicago media—about his contact with Auchi, a character ignored by the two Chicago dailies.

    Rezko and Blago were primarily convicted for convenience, not in the pursuit of justice. Any justice served was a by-product to the political goals.

    Robert Mueller III played a leading role in all three episodes of 3D. First, as F.B.I. Director during Plamegate, and Rezko/Blagogate. Then, later, he was appointed Special Counsel in the Russia-Trump Collusion saga.

    Mueller is the bright star of the trilogy.

    A crime fighter par excellence.

    Don’t imagine that Trump doesn’t know all this.

    His commutation of Blago will confirm that Trump knows all about 3D justice: Diversion-Distraction-Disinformation.

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