Trump: “I May Have To Get Involved” To Get To “Bottom Of Crooked Hillary Corruption”

by Tyler Durden

With his back against the well after longtime Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg was granted immunity by US prosecutors one day after the National Enquirer’s David Packer received a similar deal, on Saturday morning Trump continued his attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, accusing the former senator of not understanding “what is happening” at his Justice Department.

In a pair of tweets Saturday morning, the president wrote that Sessions was allowing Mueller “and his gang of 17 Angry Dems” to have a “field day” at the Justice Department with his decision last year to recuse himself from the investigation into the Trump campaign.

Jeff Sessions said he wouldn’t allow politics to influence him only because he doesn’t understand what is happening underneath his command position. Highly conflicted Bob Mueller and his gang of 17 Angry Dems are having a field day as real corruption goes untouched. No Collusion!” the president wrote.

Trump then quoted Sen. Lindsay Graham speaking about the possibility of a new attorney general, suggesting that the president may be considering Sessions’ firing.

“Every President deserves an Attorney General they have confidence in. I believe every President has a right to their Cabinet, these are not lifetime appointments. You serve at the pleasure of the President,” Trump added, quoting Graham.

Trump’s criticism of Sessions had escalated in recent days after the guilty verdicts handed down in the trial of Paul Manafort and the guilty plea from Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen. In a rare statement on Thursday, Sessions appeared to rebuke Trump and pledged to remain untainted by political bias in his work at the agency. “While I am Attorney General, the actions of the Department of Justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations. I demand the highest standards, and where they are not met, I take action,” Sessions said.

It is unclear if Trump will fire his Attorney General; some media reports are suggesting that Trump may certainly try to do so, although probably not before the midterm elections.

Trump then continued the attack on Twitter, and referenced a recent report by investigative journalist Paul Sperry according to which FBI Director James Comey was incorrect when he told Congress that the bureau had “reviewed all of the communications” from top Clinton aide Huma Abedin on her disgraced husband, and in fact “a technical glitch prevented FBI technicians from accurately comparing the new emails with the old emails. Only 3,077 of the 694,000 emails were directly reviewed for classified or incriminating information.”

Citing Fox News, Trump tweeted that “The FBI only looked at 3000 of 675,000 Crooked Hillary Clinton Emails.” They purposely didn’t look at the disasters. This news is just out.

He then predicted that “we will soon be getting to the bottom of all of this corruption” involving “tens of thousands of Crooked Hillary Emails, many of which are REALLY BAD” and warned that “At some point I may have to get involved!”

With the Mueller probe getting a second wind, if not into Russian collusion then certainly into Trump’s allegedly illicit financial dealings, we expect that Trump will escalate his attempts at distraction; and with attacks on Syria no longer serving as a key distraction to the US population while Russian sanctions remain largely ignored, Trump may have no choice but to make good on his threat to “get involved” in cracking down on “crooked Hillary” and “getting to the bottom of all of the corruption” under his attorney Sessions.

In either case, fireworks are assured.


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