We Hear You: Bringing Discipline Back to the Nation’s Public Schools

Editor’s note: With the nation’s children returning to school, discipline and safety are on many parents’ minds. One idea about how Education Secretary Betsy DeVos can make a difference drew responses from our audience. Be sure to write us at [email protected]—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: Efficient and excellent teaching and learning cannot happen in a classroom without strict and proper discipline, as Jonathan Butcher suggests in his commentary (“Betsy DeVos Should Get Feds Out of School Discipline Policy, Withdraw Obama-Era Guidance”). When unruly students disrupt classes, teaching and learning stop.

For such students to learn better behavior and improve their own learning, there must be consequences to repeated disruptive behavior, and it shouldn’t have anything to do with race, etc., just the behavior.

But to say student X cannot be disciplined for bad behavior because he is black and 10 black students have already been disciplined but only seven white students, is the most asinine reasoning possible.—Marilyn Griffin


This education policy  has given free rein to some students to create more violence in our schools, which is happening daily. As a former educator, I can testify to how it was before this asinine directive was issued and how it is now.—Cheryl Detar

This is why I paid tuition to private parochial schools for my kids and grandkids. Private schools have rules and disciplinary codes that they enforce. If the kids or their parents don’t like it, they can save themselves a lot of money and head back into the public schools.—Drew Page


The federal Department of Education should be abolished. It is a waste of taxpayers’ money, and nothing of importance has come out of it. Each state was able to handle its school system rather well before.—Jeffy Pearson

The Attorney General Protects Free Speech

Dear Daily Signal: I suggest that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his interviewer, Rob Bluey, become more familiar with the Constitution’s stance on protest (“A Threat to Our Freedom’: Jeff Sessions Warns of Hostile Environment on College Campuses“).  The word “peaceful” is, I believe, part of the protest protection.

The protests about which the two spoke were not “peaceful,” based on the elements of the protests. To protest is to protest. To deny access is not protest, it is denial.

The protests in Ferguson, Missouri, for example, were anything but “peaceful” and were, thus, not constitutional. Sessions needs to re-read our founding documents.—Marilyn MacG


I hope and pray that Jeff Sessions and every other person in a high position swarm high schools and junior highs and that appropriate strong young speakers go to schools and arm the kids with how to stand up and fight with intelligence and not obstructing.

They need to be armed and ready to speak the truth with love and toughness. It will have to be constant. The deep state and others we all know are training in the opposite direction.

Tell Jeff Sessions to keep going and doing this. Someone needs to care for our young.—Millie Kirschner

Giving Stephen Austin the Boot 

Dear Daily Signal: Regarding Jarrett Stepman’s commentary, “‘Father of Texas’ Under Fire in the City Named for Him”: Our liberal citizens have started this pogrom of anything that can be equated with slavery, regardless of the fact that there are no facts to support their claims. A society is supposed to learn from history, not banish it.

If we continue to rename, remove, or otherwise destroy our heritage, we will be nothing more than drones in a hive devoid of any cultural meaning other than what is approved by the hive mind.—Glenda T. Goode


Why do I get the feeling this is all being driven by a bunch of liberals who have moved to Texas from California to escape the oppressive taxation of the liberals in California?

They come here to escape the mess that is the Left Coast and wish to do the same to Texas that they did to California. Leave the name of our state capital alone. If you don’t like it, move back to the Socialist State of California.—Jim Scofield, Texas


Want to bet on which political party the “name changers” belong to?—Paul Oman


Winston Churchill said: “If we open a quarrel between the past and the present, we shall find that we have lost the future.”—Jorge McNulty


Stepman writes: “A society that devotes more time and resources finding ways to destroy its past rather than build for its future will have no past and no future.” Amen!—Randy Reeves

What to Do About Media Bias

Dear Daily Signal: Educated people can see what Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, is talking about in his interview with Rob Bluey and Ginny Montalbano (“Founder of Congress’ Media Fairness Caucus Has a Prescription for Curing Media Bias”). I remember 20 years ago as a paperboy, I delivered the newspaper to almost three-fourths of the houses in my area.

Today, this same paper might hit the doorstep of one compared to 10 in years past.  I still get the paper. I call it the Thirty-Second Laugh instead of the Trib, and I read it in about 30 seconds.

I scan the headlines and just move on. This includes the sports section. One of these days, I too will cancel the useless thing.—Marty Miller


I have been so offended and disgusted with the blatant liberal bias by the media, I have stopped watching our local stations as well as the national news. It is obvious, even in their body language.

I also cancelled my subscription to the newspaper, which I had had for many years. I sent a letter to the editor informing him of my reason for canceling. Never got any response, of course.

The anchors on our local news each came on, telling how they strived to just report the news in a fair manner. It was laughable. I don’t know what the answer is, but people I interact with are of the same opinion.

I appreciate the work you are doing to try to make changes. It is true that people will start believing things they hear over and over. I am very proud of our president for the work he is doing, in spite of all the opposition he faces.

Mediacrats! Love it! My new best word?—Sandra Price


If the mostly liberal Democrats employed at Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other social media platforms can censor and influence news stories and feeds, isn’t it common sense to extrapolate that the FBI and other agencies staffed with Obama holdovers would also work with a bias and agenda in mind )?

The FBI’s Peter Strzok and Lisa Page come immediately to mind, among others.—Peter Raymond

Letting the Bad Apples Go

Dear Daily Signal: Regarding John York’s commentary on terminating poorly performing federal workers, I was the deciding official for the removal of the chief of the U.S. Park Police, Teresa Chambers, in the Bush-Cheney administration (“Firing a Bad Federal Employee May Get a Little Easier”).

The process for removal is not that difficult, if managers do their job documenting the reasons for removal.

The so-called Douglas Factors provide 12 reasons for removal, and the bar is not set too high. My decision survived a Merit Systems Protection Board appeal, a full appeal, and a federal court appeal.

However, after Obama’s appointees to the MSPB were in place, the board overturned my decision. The MSPB needs to be de-politicized in addition to the other proposed reforms.—Paul Hoffman


We could start by operating government jobs like those in the real world. You lose your job, period, if you do a lousy job; you cause problems; you share information you should not; you remove, take, or destroy materials and equipment; you send and share electronic communications belonging to your employer with outside sources; or you fail to meet expectations.

Our citizens work to fund the government with our tax dollars. Treat federal employees like us; no special privileges forever. Stop the corruption and the abuse. Fire anyone who fails to meet expectations and work demand.

In addition, they don’t get to keep their security clearance after leaving a job, ever. If clearance is needed, then have some kind of reinstatement clause. But don’t just let past government employees keep clearances, period.

Some now leave employment but are able to access systems and look at whatever they want, including past presidents, vice presidents, secretaries of state, other Cabinet members, senators, congressmen, FBI, DOJ, NSA, etc. They need to be treated as regular citizens.

Live like we do. That would change a lot.—Susan Horsley


This is good. We can start at the FBI and Justice Department. Hey, it’s Pink Slip Day.—Jim Scofield


If we can’t fire federal employees, why not re-assign them to maintenance like cleaning or to some other job in Timbuktu doing research on one of those far-out government projects we always hear about?—Sally Becker

What Ever Happened to Civility?

Dear Daily Signal: I could not believe what I was hearing when Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., started spouting off in a public place as Ginny Montalbano reports, driving people’s animosity into a frenzy (“Black Leaders Call for More Civility, Official Rebuke of Maxine Waters”). Such actions by an elected official should be wholly contended with the harshest statements.


I knew that it would not stop with President Trump’s Cabinet and would overflow into the general population, as in the case of the bully who went after the 16-year-old. No manners, no common sense, non-American actions.—Karin Callaway, Florida


The more unhinged the “progressives” get, the faster logical voters #walkaway from them.—Rory Murray


Maxine Waters is trying to take away the rights and privileges of anyone who supports the president of the United States. She needs to be held accountable for her suggested predatory actions and not only be censured but leave the House of Representatives.—Wes Potts


Maxine Waters needs to be censured and forced to resign. Her actions are unconscionable, unprofessional, and against everything for which this country stands. This is just the latest abuse of her office.

Come on, House Speaker Paul Ryan, do your job and do something about Maxine Waters. We the people should not have to wait until November to have her removed from office.—Marion E. Daniels-Price


Maxine is a sick bird. It’s unconscionable that she is a part of governing the USA. She’s the dumbest and rudest candidate I’ve ever seen. She is far worse than anything she accuses Trump of.—Paul Wood

A Wall Isn’t All We Need

Dear Daily Signal: I enjoyed David Inserra’s commentary regarding Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s immigration bill, but I take exception to his remarks regarding the $130 billion in taxpayer money requested for the border (“House ‘Compromise’ Immigration Bill Fails to Adequately Address Broken System“).

According to the Congressional Budget Office, we already spend $150 billion per year on illegal aliens, and I would bet that number is low and will never go down but will go up. But the cost of building the border wall is a one-time expenditure for the most part, which, along with other security measures, can virtually eliminate criminal trespassing of our borders, saving taxpayers’ money for the long haul.

Immediate, strict enforcement of laws can have an impact once you get past the propaganda of the left, aided and abated by the mainstream media and Mexico. Even the United Nations is getting in on the assault of our nation.

We’re facing an invasion of proportions that can literally effect the financial security and prosperity of our constitutional republic. We could really wind up looking like what the illegals and refugees are leaving behind.—Brannen Edwards, Savannah, Ga.


I am deeply troubled by what our government is forcing on its people. We have no idea what is happening in the government, nor do most care. We need to enforce the law whether we like it or not.

When I was young, we had a large farm in East Texas, growing tomatoes and watermelons. We used migrant workers to harvest our crops. When the season was over, they went back to Mexico and returned the next year. If they got injured, they paid with U.S. dollars out of their pocket.

Now they come across not looking for work but a free ride. Free health care, free food, free housing, and free retirement.  When I was 30 years old, they said Supplemental Security Income would not be there for us who worked and earned it. How was I to know it would be because we were giving it to illegals?

My daughter is married to the most amazing man who came over here from Mexico, not by choice but as a minor. He worked and got his citizenship as he should have.  He even paid for his mother to get hers, but she decided it would be dishonoring her Mexican heritage to do so. He spent $15,000 for her to decide not to get her citizenship.

His father is still here illegally and has been arrested many times. My son-in-law has turned him in and refused to help him get back in. We need more than a wall; we need an outpost and deadly force to stop this invasion.—James Madewell

Russia, Ukraine, and the Truth

Dear Daily Signal: The headline of Nolan Peterson’s commentary article could not be any more truthful (“The First Casualty of Russia’s War Against Ukraine: The Truth”). When a Nazi gang disposed and tried to kill legally elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and the West did not even blink, the truth was really the first casualty.—Petar Petrovic


Russia invades Ukraine with masked, unmarked thugs (Spetsnaz special forces and army) with Russian military hardware because Putin is a mini-Stalin and wants Ukraine under his control. They use the false premise that people in eastern Ukraine speak Russian after being under their control for 70 years. No independent reporting of what’s going on there, just Russian BS.—Bruce Atkinson


Shows the dismal performance of President Obama. Ukraine wasn’t part of NATO, so Putin had free access to do as he wanted. It’s been four years and President Trump is supposed to fix it in one meeting. Ridiculous!—Michelle Woodward


Yep, President Trump is so weak on Russia that he sent U.S. weapons (Javelins, etc.) so Ukraine could defend itself against evil Russia. Of course Obama sent them blankets. Um?—Mark Perkins

This and That 

Dear Daily Signal: The mainstream media is something else. In 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton performed the idiotic “reset button” ceremony with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in a feeble attempt to reform diplomatic and political relations between the nuclear superpowers.

In 2012, Barack Obama congratulated Vladimir Putin on his re-election. That same  year, Obama told the then-outgoing Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, to tell Putin that after the 2012 American presidential election  that  he, Obama, would have more flexibility to deal with contentious issues  between the two nations.

Talk about collusion. Nary a criticism came forth from the media.

But let Trump treat Putin with some semblance of respect as he did weeks ago, and the media, Democrats, and various high-handed Republicans go apoplectic in their frenzied hatred and obsession with Trump’s gestures of civility toward the head of another powerful nation.

Obama’s ex-CIA director, John Brennan, with his years of horrible performance, asserts that Trump has committed treasonous behavior arising from the summit with Putin and subsequent press conference. That Trump is a traitor by electing not to publicly confront Putin. Brennan is absurd.

Russia remains a very important player in the scheme of global geopolitical relations. The United States needs Russia to deal bilaterally with various international issues. Communication and cooperation are much preferable to confrontation.

The mainstream media must deal with what appears to be its psychotic pathology concerning Mr. Trump, and accept the fact he is the duly elected president. The time is at hand for this sanctimonious set to stand down from its clear and present bias against the man.—Earl Beal, Terre Haute, Ind.


Reading Fred Lucas’s article on unions getting Medicaid money (“Trump Administration Takes on Unions Over ‘Skimming’ Medicaid Funds“), I thought to myself: “I bet Obama had something to do with this.”

Sure enough, there it was: Yet one more thing Obama screwed up in 2014.

The worst president in history, and the sneakiest. Going behind the scenes and changing things for the worst.—N. Gibney, Glenpool, Okla.


I am a retired 5th Special Forces Group and 10th Special Forces Group guy, now teaching at the NATO Special Operations Forces School in Belgium.

I have been reading Nolan Peterson’s work for a while and I wanted to say how much I appreciate his reporting. His work is important, is getting noticed, and is valued. Keep it up.—D.J. White


Appears as though Judge Brett Kavanaugh discriminates against men in hiring female law clerks and is proud of it (“8 Things to Know About Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh“). How come so many people feel it is OK to hire women over men, just because they are women?

Women are in the majority of the work force and do not deserve a leg up over men for that reason. I don’t like that and am becoming very sensitive to it. I see more and more men having to take a back seat to employment and even college selection.—Gary F.


Just curious if anyone has checked to see if Stormy Daniels paid taxes on her unearned income of $130,000.—Chuck Bowman


Has there been election meddling or campaign meddling? Illegal voters would be the only election meddling of consequence, as I see it.—Steve J.

How Are We Doing?

Dear Daily Signal: This is the second time I have caught up with The Daily Signal’s podcast. A range of topics—including human dignity, abortion, the comedian who just lost her show—all interesting, well and succinctly delivered.

I am going to forward those links to others who are conservatives and volunteers.  I am a supporter of both The Heritage Foundation and am a Heritage Action Sentinel.—Christine Paul, Dallas


I would much prefer to read than listen to podcasts.—Nancy Josefosky, New Mexico


I love The Daily Signal. Fact based, fair, and balanced. Stay true!—Susie Johnson


The Daily Signal team is doing a great job disseminating the truth. Thanks. —Tom K. Bello


Thank you so much for keeping me informed. I will be praying for you. God bless.—Mayra Scherrer, Fullerton, Calif.

Sarah Sleem and Jeremiah Poff helped to compile this column.

Source material can be found at this site.

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