We Hear You: What the Thoughts of County Fairgoers Say About America Today

Editor’s note:  Our reporting of what’s on the minds of some of those attending a county fair in Ohio prompted dozens of emails and other comments. A sampling leads this week’s mailbag. Don’t forget to write us at [email protected]—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: I have to say I was more than delighted to read Rachel del Guidice’s article on her interviews at the Stark County Fair in Ohio (“This Ohio County Swung From Obama to Trump. Here’s What 8 Fair Attendees Think, 2 Years Later“). It’s so very telling of the heart of America.

It was so encouraging to me to read each of these citizens’ testimonies of their path to vote and support core American values.  I’m a 60-year-old wife, Army mom, grandmother, and CEO of a small C-corp in California that I started 13 years ago while off work due to back issues.

My hope is restored.  If there were eight you interviewed among just regular folks, think of all the others.

If Rachel del Guidice were my daughter, I’d be beaming with pride. God bless her with provisions and safety. God bless America.

God bless our brilliant, construction contractor president with a bold, unconventional way of moving America back into a position of strength and health.—Mary Yelton, Linden, Calif.


Rachel del Guidice’s article made me smile. I was born in Ashtabula, Ohio, and live in the Cleveland area now. I think these people interviewed represent thousands in the Midwest.—Jon Brenkus


My gosh! Journalism lives! Rachel del Guidice researched and listened to the people in her story interviewed at the Stark County Fair in Ohio. She also included accurately transcribed statements. Shazam!

Nice to have a competent reporter doing a good job. Truth builds trust. Cringe-worthy “man on the street” interviews are too often highlighting the clueless, people willing to transfer civic responsibility to a new government program.

Canton, Ohio, and this county fair demonstrate the opposite. Clear minded, informed, discernible facts. Our founders can be proud. The very essence of the constitutional experiment required and still requires today. Well done.—Mark McClure

Good job, Rachel del Guidice. I’m a former Stark County Fair Board member and still active at the fair with the courtesy carts. I enjoyed reading and seeing the comments and faces behind the comments. Stark has been a “bellwether” county for many elections.—Bob Horner


Enjoyed Rachel del Guidice’s article and hope the enthusiasm expressed by the county fair attendees in Ohio carries over into midterms and beyond. We need drastic re-education of a large segment of our society in capitalism and our constitutional republic for sustainable prosperity and stability.—Brannen Edwards, Savannah, Ga.


Normally I am a proponent of the free market because it creates more jobs, but we can only have a tariff-free market if all participants are using the same rules.

We have been cheated for years and, as a result, jobs have disappeared and intellectual property has been stolen and consumers wind up with low quality, sweat-shop junk.—Wayne Harmon

I don’t tweet, but I love that President Trump does. He is a chess master, a master magician, whatever you want to call it. He tweets to keep the left distracted so he can get stuff done for us.

Can’t wait to see them howl when he tweets. If you support the president, just ignore the tweets, they’re not for us.—Theresa Rodriguez


It is good to see that many people are capable of seeing through the fog and are able to discern the truth. The people are also pretty good at sifting through all that happens and making the tough choices that best serve personal and American interest.—Dennis Recker


I would like to think that people are pretty good at sifting through the news media’s absurd amount of bias, but then I remember 2008 and 2012.—Millie Tyler


There are things about the president of which I don’t approve. But overall, I support the vast majority of his policies and initiatives.

I, too, will vote to reelect him in 2020. In the meantime, we must vote for Republican candidates in the 2018 midterm elections, even if we don’t totally like them.

That includes my weak-kneed representative. She is a RINO, but that’s a step better than Democrat.—Ken Marx


“Donald Trump is keeping his promises.” What happened to building the wall, with Mexico paying for it? What happened to repealing Obamacare and replacing it with something “better” and “cheaper”? Or rebuilding crumbling infrastructure?

I’m one of those people who find Trump to be a contemptible disgrace who behaves and talks like a creepy mafia boss (there are many of us, even if we aren’t all reading The Daily Signal). But frankly, I would be quite impressed if Trump kept any of these promises.—John Levin

Criticizing the President’s Leadership 

Dear Daily Signal: I realize Armstrong Williams is a strong conservative voice. However, I must say I feel he was so condescending in that article on Trump’s leadership (“Omarosa, Cohen Defections Raise Questions About Trump’s Leadership Style“).

I am a retired social studies and German teacher and usually am impressed with many of your articles included in The Daily Signal. I am disappointed.—Mike Cloncs


Shame on The Daily Signal.  Now you are joining in the fake media’s bashing of President Trump.

Raising question about Trump’s leadership style is not supportive of the office. Trump needs help, not more bashing.—Pat Ellis


Trump’s inner circle problems are partly his doing but mostly due to his inexperience in running and presiding over the federal government. That said, he fires people causing problems quickly when he can.

As an employer for several decades, I have found that batting over 500 in hiring decisions is very hard, and hitting a home run with a new hire even harder.

Trump needs also to understand that, as Eisenhower and others have found out coming from the military, a president has limited powers. People under him are either short-term appointees or long-term bureaucrats or politicians who mostly care about their re-election. The last president to come from a business background was Herbert Hoover.

That said, Trump has done a lot in a short time.—Paul Hudson


I saw Walter Williams’ post stating President Trump has turned out to be a good president, despite not being a good role model for our children (“A Good President With Character Flaws“).

Your role is not to tell me who is a good role model for our kids. You had no reason to make that comment, other than you couldn’t find it within you to say something positive without a negative first.

It is difficult to find reliable news sources, and you just slipped down the ladder. Trump is light years better than whoever approved that post.—Dayla Gentry

Speaking Up on Campus

Dear Daily Signal: We have not seen this level of discrimination cited in Rob Bluey’s interview with Attorney General Jeff Sessions since Selma, Alabama, in the ’50s (“‘A Threat to Our Freedom’: Jeff Sessions Warns of Hostile Environment on College Campuses”).

Just try to get hired as a professor, if you are a conservative. Thirty-six percent of Americans identify as conservative and 25 percent as liberal, yet over 90 percent of all professors are liberal?

Conservative clubs are denied on campus. Conservatives are not allowed to give speeches. It’s insane.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to tell colleges to diversify or else. Just as they did with minorities.—Anthony Alafero


I am surprised AG Sessions has even looked at this. I thought he had recused himself from everything but his title and paycheck.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is running everything, including special counsel Robert Mueller. All three of these people need to be fired, and those who are willing to do the job should be hired. Judge Jeanine Pirro comes to mind, or someone like her.

All the American communists (the new Democratic Party) are waiting for is to take the House and then everything will disappear except the investigation of our president, which will move into a higher gear.—William Poole


Alternatives to “higher” ed should be sought, in particular meaningful high school diplomas and employer-subsidized certification in specific skill sets.—Greg Brown


Colleges are teaching students how to be traitors instead of teaching them a career. Sorry, students, there’s no future there.

You eventually will have to answer to God. Laugh now while you can, because your laughter will end soon and you will wish you had listened.—Estell Newton


FDR was a “liberal.” When was the word liberal downgraded to mean fascist? It means somebody who believes in liberty—that is, the freedom to follow their conscience.—Beverly Taff, Cardiff, Wales


There are not debates anymore. The opinion of the majority rules, whether right or wrong. It seems that with the past 30 years it has become passe to even enter into a debate.

I wonder sometimes if even the law students learn to debate, or if they just learn to run over anyone whenever there is opposition to their thinking.—Karin Callaway

Getting a Warrant to Spy

Dear Daily Signal: The investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, analyzed by Hans von Spakovsky on your podcast, needs to tell the public what the Russians supposedly did to affect the 2016 election, and what effect their actions actually had (“What the Carter Page FISA Warrant Reveals About the Trump-Russia Investigation”).

If there was no confirmed effect, there doesn’t need to be an investigation. We also need to know what the Obama administration did to stop whatever the Russians were supposedly doing. It looks like the Obama administration decided to wait and try to connect everything to the Trump campaign.

Can’t we require Mueller to make a progress report and reveal what comes next?—Henry Vance, Waynesboro, Va.


I am still waiting for some of the miscreants to go to jail. Is the deep state so powerful that we cannot put a James Comey, Susan Rice, Peter Strzok, and so on in front of a judge and send them to jail?

Is there a trade-off going on that we talk bad about the Democrats but do not jail the bad ones, and in return when the Democrats talk bad about Republicans they do not jail them either?—William Poole


What this clearly shows is that those who swear an oath to uphold the law are lawbreakers undermining our government and country. What little I know about the law shows me that you can’t base any accusation on hearsay, because then it becomes slander. And that’s what’s been going on.

The president is accused of conspiring with the Russians, and it looks like the investigators are in cahoots with the Democratic Party. For as long as I can remember, the Russians were always pro-Democrat during our elections.

During the Clinton reign, China evolved into the most favored nation—having access to just about all technology. Also during the sexually embarrassing Clinton administration, many left the Democratic Party and became Republicans in name only. I remember thinking the migrating Democrats were damaging Republicans’ primary values by becoming RINOs.

This article reminds me of the mess and bad example those “in charge” of our national security have caused. I feel sorry for the good, honest ones who have to work there—and shut up or else.—Bonnie McGuire

The EPA Cleans Up Old Messes

Dear Daily Signal: I think I read about this EPA success, the subject of Kevin Mooney’s story, in The New York Times. Nah! That would never happen (“Trump’s EPA Outpaces Obama in Cleaning Up Hazardous Waste Sites”).

I don’t read the Times, and they would never publish anything good about Trump. They must keep the lie going.—Anthony Alafero


Amazing what the EPA can do when it focuses on actual environmental hazards instead of industry at large.—Curtis Caldwell


Obama didn’t clean up water in Flint, Mich I hope Trump is working on cleaning it up. I haven’t heard much about it in a while.—Bettyann Senf


That’s what happens when you shrink the government by eliminating over 600 jobs. The strong step up or they’re out.—Tom Dean


Trump is getting things done but someone will always find a way to blame him instead of admitting he is doing well.—Valerie Greene-Crowder

This and That

Dear Daily Signal: About Fred Lucas’s story, “7 Big Moments From Pence Address on Religious Freedom,” one religion says to accept thy neighbor, one says to love thy neighbor, and one says to convert thy neighbor or kill them. Attacking one of those seems justifiable.—Ron Colvin, Fresno, Calif.


Thank you for resolutely fighting for the freedom of our country.  I don’t care if the whole world sees what I post; in fact, I wish they could.

Facebook deleted you and lots of other organizations from my contacts. They also choose what to post for me and who to post it to. I am being censored.

Since Facebook is a “free” service and our country is still marginally free, I am “free” to work around them to the best of my ability.  My knowledge of social media and electronic devices is not great, however.—Andrea Weber, Winchester, Ky.


About Jarrett Stepman’s commentary on Venezuela, it started with massive wealth inequality—then populism (“Inflation to Hit 1 Million Percent in Collapsing, Socialist Venezuela”). Hugo Chavez rode that wave to the presidency, and, indeed, basically tried to buy the people off. The place is a mess now.—Edward Buatois


The Daily Signal’s fight is to save the greatest country that man ever produced. Having said that, those who seek to educate the public about the dangers of too much government need the tools to do so.

It would be so nice if The Daily Signal, when sending out articles, offered them as downloadable PDFs or other formats, so patriots don’t have to copy and paste to save them. (I do so, to use them as references when writing letters to the editor.)—Larry R. Treffry, Spokane, Wash.


Due to not using Facebook nor Twitter, as they allow too much personal information loose, I am blocked from voicing my somewhat strong opinions. Sad, that.—Catherine A. Bliss, Fort Myers, Fla.

How Are We Doing?

Dear Daily Signal: Please put all your articles in writing. Podcasts and other recordings are inconvenient, as I do not have time to sit and listen to them and they saturate the room with sound that bothers other people with whom I live.

I enjoy your writings. I would hate to give up on your site because it is no longer accessible in written format.

Also Disqus is the most dysfunctional comments system I have ever seen.  I have spent hours trying to get it to function over the last year, and it is pathetically useless. Please use something that works and is more user friendly.—Mark Bigley


Your White House correspondent is perpetuating fake news and he is smart enough to know it (“Trump: ‘Open-Border Extremists’ Oppose ICE, Border Patrol”). This hypothesis has been refuted. Fred Lucas needs to get on with the truth. We await his conversion.—Richard Leslie


I begin each morning with your Morning Bell email. Like it.—Evelyn Sharp


Thank you for your uplifting and honest approach to the day’s events. I enjoy reading the articles and will continue to read them. Keep up the good word and newsworthy reporting.—Sharron Lazechko


You’re doing very well. Keep up the excellent job on reporting and analyzing all relevant news.—Jack Brienza


I’m amazed. I feel as if I have found a literal gold mine of wisdom by finding The Daily Signal. Why is conservative media not shouting your website from the housetops?—Jon Gurley


As always, excellent!—Leo Jablonski


Thank you for your excellent reporting. I read your news stories and columns every day and am so pleased that you are so capable of delivering true and significant information to our readers.

You stand out as the very best! Keep up the great work.—Ann Merwarth

Sarah Sleem and Jeremiah Poff helped to compile this column. 

Source material can be found at this site.

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