Lisa Page was there when Rosenstein talked about ousting Trump, says he was not joking


Uh-oh.  The Democrats have a little bit of a Lisa Page problem.

As you know, Democrats have spent months portraying FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page as good, honest, morally-upright agents who tried to do the right thing and were railroaded by an evil monster known as Donald Trump.  Any effort to impugn their pre-and-post election efforts is met with a Democrat chorus singing “how dare you besmirch these heroes!”

Unfortunately, they’re going to have to figure out why, then, Lisa Page is telling people that Rod Rosenstein was serious about his plan to secretly record the President as part of a coup attempt. After all, if these people are so wonderful, there’s no way she’d make something like that up, and she’s certainly too bright to mistake sarcasm for a genuine scheme. Right?

From the belly of the Beast:

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page was present for Rosenstein’s comments on secret recordings and did not believe he was joking or being sarcastic, according to two people familiar with the events in question. A spokesperson for Page declined to comment for this story.

Democrats will try, but suddenly suggesting that Page is either an idiot or a liar after they spent months defending her actions will ring hollow. The fact is, she’s either being truthful here – just as she was in her text messages – or they have a massive credibility problem when it comes to denials based on the idea that things like the “insurance policy” were simple metaphors. Either she’s a liar, and therefore is probably lying about efforts to thwart an election, or she’s honest and Rosenstein was trying to oust a sitting President.

An added wrinkle is that her statement corroborates the New York Times report. The Times, of course, is the left’s go-to investigative body/propaganda mouthpiece. If lefties say Page is lying, then it’s a de facto admission that the Times can’t be trusted either.

Because of the high stakes, the question of Rosenstein’s intention regarding the comments has generated furious debate. The New York Times’ deputy managing editor, Matt Purdy, released a statement defending the paper’s characterization of Rosenstein’s remarks as serious (a characterization Page shared, according to The Daily Beast’s sources).

“Just because you don’t like the facts, don’t comfort yourself by dismissing the story as fake or credulous reporting,” Purdy said. “Mike Schmidt and Adam Goldman have been part of breaking some of the biggest stories of the Trump era and this story is based on months of reporting. The DOJ claim that Rosenstein was sarcastic when he suggested he wear a wire on Trump is not supported by our reporting or others. If you actually read them, the follow stories by [The Washington Post], ABC News and CNN support our story, not debunk it. It is the responsibility of The Times and the rest of the media to report the facts, however comforting or discomforting.”

So which is it, Democrats?  Are Page and the Times fabricating this? Or are they decent, honest, folks who’ve exposed Rosenstein’s attempts to upend an election?

You don’t get it both ways.

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