How did Britain get access to the FISA documents that Congress and the American people have not been given


Back on February 23, 2018, the CFP posted an article entitled “Christopher Steele, MI6, and the Trump Dossier.”

The post closed as follows:

“Today, the public narrative of Christopher Steele’s association with the Trump Dossier reads like this:

A U.S.-based organization, desirous of gathering opposition research on U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump, hires a retired MI6 employee, Christopher Steele.  He is known to have extensive knowledge of, and experience with, persons inside the Russian Federation who have direct knowledge of, and/or indirect access to, unflattering information concerning Trump.

Steele’s Russian contacts provide him information, perhaps in consideration for some financial remuneration or in-kind reward. Steele takes that information, applies his intelligence-gathering, –analysis, and –synthesizing expertise, and compiles the Trump Dossier.

As Steele is creating the dossier, persons associated with the British Secret Intelligence Service are unaware of, and uninvolved in, his efforts.

Now, on its face, is that narrative credulous, or incredulous?”

The assumption that the narrative is “credulous” became “incredulous” after Rep. Devin Nunes, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, posed a question while being interviewed on a FOX Sunday morning news program.

On September 23, 2018, while noting the persistent hesitation of the Department of Justice to declassify documents associated with the FISA warrants that kicked-off the Mueller Russia Collusion Investigation, reference was made to a recent Trump Tweet that stated that “key Allies called to ask not to release” the documents.

The only two U.S. “key allies” directly associated with the documents are Britain – through former MI6 employee Christopher Steele – and Australia – through former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer.

Nunes asked a question (paraphrased) that gave pause to the interviewers: “How did they [Britain, Australia] get access to the FISA documents that Congress and the American people have not been given?”

Good question.

Meanwhile, Nunes, who has been diligent in his leadership of the House Intelligence Committee to gain and disseminate information about the Mueller Investigation, is up for re-election as U.S. Representative for California’s 22nd Congressional District.

If you “Google” his name, these three “Top stories” about Nunes pop-up first.

If it looks like bias, smells like bias, and walks like bias…chances are it’s bias.

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