We Hear You: Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford State Their Cases to America

Editor’s note: Our audience had much to say in the days leading up to the extraordinary hearing Thursday where the Senate Judiciary Committee heard from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. Here’s a sampling. Write us at [email protected]—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: How is it that Christine Blasey Ford remembers every detail of the incident, everything about the house, who was where, what they were doing (“5 Big Moments in Christine Blasey Ford’s Testimony Against Brett Kavanaugh”)?  She remembers leaving the house, the conversations that were taking place as she walked by.

But the moment she walks out the front door … Boom! Suddenly she is shooting blanks. From that moment on, she remembers nothing; not where she was, not how she got home, not who drove her home?

As of this morning, she has $700,000 available through two GoFundMe accounts. The first is dedicated to her “security” (travel) expenses. The second, larger account, is labeled simply “Help Christine Blasey Ford.”—Jay Wensley


The one question I wanted someone to ask Christine Blasey Ford was: Exactly how did her psychologist “pull” this memory out of her decades after the alleged incident? Was she hypnotized in any way?

She kept saying that her psychologist “pulled” the memory out. Was the power of suggestion used by her psychologist to pull it out?

I do not believe Brett Kavanaugh is guilty of sexual harassment or attempted rape or sexual assault or anything like that, not for a nanosecond. Some he-said, she-saids are difficult to discern. This one is not difficult at all.—Millie Tyler


She is lying through her teeth.—Charles Singletary

A recovered memory. Very unreliable. Christine Blasey Ford has no corroboration; even her friend said it didn’t happen, and that she didn’t even know Brett Kavanaugh.

Ford clearly has mental issues and maybe she was assaulted by someone, but not Brett Kavanaugh. That is her political agenda, naming Kavanaugh. I still think she thought she would drop an anonymous bomb, but the Democrats knew that wouldn’t be enough and screwed her over.

Sen. Lindsey Graham is right: They will do anything, say anything, and destroy anyone to get power. We must not let them gain power ever again or our country is doomed. Remember in November.—Lynne Hallman

This entire episode has been a travesty, unconstitutional and un-American, as Fred Lucas’ report shows (“9 Key Moments as Brett Kavanaugh Responds to His Accusers”). The Democrats have exposed themselves: All they care about is the acquisition of power by any means possible. They don’t give a hoot about destroying the reputation of an honorable man, and they certainly didn’t try to protect Dr. Ford.

She wanted to remain anonymous, but the Democrats leaked her letter to their sycophants in the media, basically forcing her to come forward. All of this is what I would expect from evil people; it goes way beyond the limits of gutter politics.

Dr. Ford obviously suffered a traumatic sexual attack in her youth and it has damaged her significantly. Her “friends” somehow convinced her that Judge Kavanaugh was responsible, and she now believes that. Sad.

Congress needs to upgrade its rules and procedures for such hearings to prevent these last-minute, uncorroborated accusations that serve only to destroy reputations. Oddly enough, the only reputation that was really destroyed was that of the Senate Democrats.—Randy Leyendecker, Kerrville, Texas


Now it’s time to go back to the high school years of all the Democrats. It’s too bad ethics and morality don’t sway Democrat voters, especially the dead voters.—David Gray, Houston

Dear Daily Signal: It would certainly seem that the attempted character assassination of Brett Kavanaugh by the vile and obnoxious Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., has failed to convince these ladies who talked to Troy Worden (“We Went to a Pro-Kavanaugh Rally. Here’s What 8 Women Had to Say“).

Schumer engineered the events leading to yesterday, including the forcing of the reluctant Dr. Ford to appear in public.

Schumer, assisted by his handmaiden, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., developed a plan which, like that of Obama and Hillary in 2016, couldn’t fail to accomplish its objective.

It failed.—William Westchester


Ford says she passed a polygraph test. Has anyone seen the questions that were asked and the responses she gave?

Did the polygraph administrator ask her the name of her attacker? Did he ask how much she had to drink at the time of the incident? Did he ask how she got to the place of the attack and how she got home?

It’s more than a bit scary. It’s downright frightening. When we lose the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, we are all screwed.—Drew Page


Ford did seem unstable to me, and not all that savvy about what her lawyers were doing to her (“Problematic Women: Kavanaugh Madness“). She should be able to recognize her own trauma. she may have dreamed this whole episode. How could she not remember how she got to the “party,” nor how she got home?—Bennie Bennett


Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., needs to resign (“Problematic Women: Liberal Hypocrisy Surrounding Brett Kavanaugh“). If his partner, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, received death threats and a conservative tweeted “boo hoo,” Democrats and the mainstream media would have this story running for months. The misogynistic Democrat needs to go. And grow up and mature.—Michael Simon


The “Me Too” movement was started to give women a safety net to tell what has happened to them. However, as with all good things, it has branched out to be “Damn the genders and full speed ahead.”

No matter what people believe, it is only the directives of the #MeToo mission and beliefs that are acceptable. If they want to do something good, do it in secret, not out in the world of bias. Please note that Swalwell is not a member, unless he changed his gender.—Karin Callaway, Florida

Dear Daily Signal: To hell with what the Democrats want (“The Daily Signal Podcast: The Effect of the Ford Hearing“). Brett Kavanaugh has been thoroughly investigated six times by the FBI.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein had this woman’s letter of complaint for two months before releasing it only moments before a vote was to be taken. Feinstein could have asked Kavanaugh if there was any truth to these charges when she met with him privately, but she didn’t.

She could have shared this letter with other members of the Judiciary Committee so they could have questioned Kavanaugh about it is a “closed door” session, but she didn’t.

She and the committee could have requested Grassley to call in the FBI to investigate these charges, but they didn’t.—Marty Miller


FBI background checking was truncated to avoid finding supporting data for Dr. Ford. Kavanaugh’s opening statement was an angry, political attack summoning conspiracy arguments unrelated to his appointment to the Supreme Court—proving my prior condemnation of him as a political hack in judicial robes.

No one acknowledged beer makes the judge incoherent and aggressive, because no FBI checking data was available due to Republican blocking. Despite his high intellect, the judge is a clear liar whose behavior undermines the high morality and standing of Supreme Court justices. Some say a cloud or asterisk will dog him throughout his court term if he’s approved by the whole Senate.

This was a railroad job, a kangaroo court-type of bum’s rush to confirmation by Republicans who seek a justice who (a) believes the president is unassailable legally while in office; and (b) Roe v. Wade should be repealed.—Bill Lemoine


This has been a Democrat hit job, period. They held Ford’s letter because it would have been included in the full vetting and investigation, likely including the FBI. They saw that there was nothing there, so two months later it would be forgotten.

So they violated Ford’s rights and made this public to bring about the circus they got. Then the GOP blindsided them by offering to go to her home and do a private interview. I can see the corrupt Dems screaming, “Private? We don’t want private! We want a circus for the world to see, because there is no substance!”

So suburban women can allow their emotions to rule them, as they have been accused of for decades, and turn this into a lynching. We do not destroy people based on accusations. The KKK did that. The Nazis did. And today’s Dems want exactly that.

Do what my highly successful, Democrat wife did and toss the radical left in the gutter.—Anthony Alafero


I guess I can understand some women being man-haters (“The Daily Signal Podcast: The Problems With the Kavanaugh Allegations“). But if they are true man-haters, that should include Democrat males (and their own fathers, brothers, and sons), not just Republican males.

What I can’t understand is why some men are so quick to join the female man-haters. Are they self-loathing males overwrought not only by feelings of “white guilt,” but “male guilt” as well? Or just hypocrites?

There is a quick way to deal with real male guilt. It involves a bit of surgery and hormone shots, but if they really feel all that guilty about being male, that’s their answer.—Drew Page

Dear Daily Signal: About Thomas Jipping’s commentary, “The Only Thing That Matters to Liberals Is Preventing Trump’s Nominee From Joining Supreme Court,” we should go a little further about Democrats’ objective with Judge Kavanaugh. They have been working anything they can to destroy Trump’s presidency, and the media has been directing the party rather than only fanning their effort.

It is pretty obvious, no matter what the president has done, they twist and turn his accomplishments into something negative. Even after the president ordered the FBI and Justice Department to release documents that the Republicans in the House have been asking for, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and the pencil-neck Adam Schiff sent the letter to them to ignore.

They are bold because they know that there are a lot of Obama/Clinton holdovers in the government to support them.—Yasuko Kearney


What on earth has happened to “innocent, until proven guilty”? And one’s right to face their accuser? Ah,  lefties.—Cheryl Detar


You might have a better chance at winning the lottery or to be more specific the Powerball jackpot than most politicians doing the right thing for the right reason.—Bennie Payne, Enid, Okla.


We must remember who votes for Kavanaugh and who votes against him, and in November vote accordingly.—Henry Carlson


Jipping writes: “A poll at the 2014 midterm election found that only 4 percent of Americans believe that politicians keep their promises. ” Then why do we keep re-electing them?—Michael Schmidt

Dear Daily Signal: What’s happening here, I gather from Rachel del Guidice’s report, is that the Democrats have searched far and wide for liberal activists who lived in the same area at about the same time as Kavanaugh, and are willing to swear false testimony about him (“EXCLUSIVE: Female High School Friend of Kavanaugh Says Latest Allegation ‘False,’ ‘Absurd’“).

That’s why no one but the accusers know about the alleged incidents. They never happened.—Randy Jordan


Democrats should be ashamed of this crap, but they are not. Just evil socialists trying to take down America. Soros, Hillary, and Obama are pulling the strings.

Chuck Schumer is a disgrace to humanity. The lies that come out of his mouth. 

Don’t believe any of these women. Just a con.—Pam Johnson


The Democrats have disgraced themselves beyond forgiveness or redemption. What kind of people do this to a family, and to young children who will probably face ridicule and shame by other kids who believe this trash, just to advance the Democrats politics?

These unconscionable women have set back any hope for decent women who have actually been victims of sex or brutality crimes by perjuring themselves like this in plain sight.—Steve Stuning


This entire sordid affair was choreographed by the Democrat Party in order to deny Kavanaugh a seat on the Supreme Court. None of it has been corroborated or confirmed by any other person, other than stating that the accuser told them her accusations.

An accusation is not evidence and must be corroborated to become evidence. In addition, every person is assumed innocent until proven guilty. The Democrats are spouting off that it is Kavanaugh who must prove his innocence.

The Democrat Party is driven insane by extreme hatred and is behaving in an unconstitutional and un-American manner. They need to be called out on this publicly, and the dishonest media needs to be included.—Randy Leyendecker, Kerrville, Texas

Dear Daily Signal: Regarding Thomas Jipping’s commentary, “Why the Kavanaugh Process Became a Mad Political Circus,” you can see what happens when totally political lawyers are appointed to the bench. Every single Obama appointee is legislating every lawsuit against the Trump administration from the bench.

No laws are being applied. All of them understand exactly why they were appointed and rule accordingly. Along with the rest of the corruption of the Obama administration that has been revealed regularly since the Benghazi attacks, the corruption of the federal bench has been one of the most pronounced, the FBI and DOJ notwithstanding.—Dave Hunter


It’s interesting that the Ford contingent wants Kavanaugh to take the stand first and defend himself, followed by Ford taking the stand and making the accusations. As the Red Queen said: “First the sentence. Then the trial.”—Francisco Machado


The Democrats are pretty clever. They put the Republicans in a situation where if they question Ford, they are 11 angry white men questioning a poor white woman.

If they hire a woman to ask questions, they are hiring a prosecuting attorney to question a woman when it’s not a trial.

I can’t wait till this is over and Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court, and the Dems can find their next issue.—Ricki Noland Bayne

Dear Daily Signal: About Thomas Jipping’s commentary, “Senator Wants Federal Court to Block Kavanaugh’s Confirmation,” I don’t think the Supreme Court is of any mind to get involved in Senate sausage-making. Even Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is horrified at the Democrats on this one.—Russell Armor


Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., is seeking to undermine the confirmation authority of the Senate by yielding it to the judiciary. The Constitution doesn’t count to Merkley. He wants justices who will not follow the Constitution.—Lonnie Kwarther


The Justice Department needs to open an investigation into money given to senators who coordinated with outside groups to block this confirmation. Money talks. Cui bono?—Justin Nother


When did the Constitution or “will of the people” get in the way of politicians and what they want? Never.—Marty Miller


If they do find a communist judge to try to stop it, that will be a new low. Just ignore the court, as Abe Lincoln did.—Thomas Wayne


Here is an idea for Jeff Merkley: If you, as a U.S. senator, do not think that you have enough information to confirm a Supreme Court nominee, vote no. Oh yeah, you will be doing that anyway.—Daryl France


Interesting to find out that Christine Blasey Ford wasn’t told (by her handlers) that she could have been interviewed in California instead of having to fly to D.C. and make her endure her massive fear of flying (“Allegations Against Kavanaugh Are ‘a Big, Fat Con Job’ by Democrats, Trump Says“).

Of course, the Democrats wouldn’t have had their big show and delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation. I would say shame on them, but Democrats have no shame.—Kerry Hudson

Dear Daily Signal: It’s so obvious from Kelsey Harkness’ video report that Juanita Broaddrick is personally embittered by the fact that her accusations against Bill Clinton did not receive the same echo as those of Christine Blasey Ford (“Why Bill Clinton’s Accuser Doesn’t Believe Ford“). Ford’s accusations may be true or not. The same goes for Broaddrick’s accusations: They may be true or not.

Broaddrick is trying to politicize her case by bringing it to the “Women for Trump” platform. One of these “Women for Trump” actually maintained that, as far as Kavanaugh was concerned, “Boys will be boys” and “What boy wouldn’t do that then?”

To me, that is disgusting. Personally, I believe that Kavanaugh (by all known accounts a heavy drinker back then) most probably did what Ford accuses him of doing. He should not sit on the bench of the Supreme Court.—Martin Schwarzer


Broaddrick just wanted, justifiably so, a hearing on her accusation of Clinton.

Kavanaugh admits to being a drinker then and now. That is not what is in question.

I believe Kavanaugh, mostly because Ford was not credible. She sounded rehearsed and she could provide no evidence, and did not accuse or provide evidence, when she should have, until it mattered to America’s left.—Ron Miller


How could Ford not have known that Grassley offered for committee staff to fly to California, or anywhere else for that matter, to take a statement? Did her attorneys fail to tell her, or is she lying because she was in on the delay tactics deployed by the Dems?—Robert Cole


No one could stand on their conduct as a teen, is my response to Armstrong Williams’ commentary, “Cosby, Kavanaugh, and the Necessity of Evidence.” I also challenge anyone to be absolutely sure of what happened to them 30 to 40 years ago.

I place my trust in the actions of an adult who has served the country well as a lawyer and judge. His actions have been investigated by the FBI at least three times to allow him to serve as a judge.—Henry Vance, Waynesboro, Va.


Dr. Ford may have had something bad happen to her, but it wasn’t done by Judge Kavanaugh.–Lisa Ann Gohn

Dear Daily Signal: Brett Kavanaugh probably has no choice, is my response to Rachel del Guidice’s report (“Kavanaugh Assails Accusations as ‘Smears, Pure and Simple,’ and Won’t Withdraw“). He’s dug himself in too deep now, and of course he wants it too badly.

If he withdraws, then he’s saying he was an attempted rapist 36 years ago but he’s also a liar now. Whereas if he was just an attempted rapist 36 years ago, as a drunk 17-year-old, and had no history of assault since and was apologetic, then he probably could have been confirmed.

Now, of course, it’s looking questionable. Even though his defenders don’t want to admit it, the accusations coming out now are all entirely credible.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will probably try to ram it through, but this kind of shenanigans will hurt the Republicans even more.—John Levin, New York


It’s amazing these days what pressure can be applied to otherwise respectable persons.

All the more proof that the judge is qualified, that he and his family are still hanging in there in spite of this leftist baptism of fire.

Stay strong, Judge Kavanaugh. There are more of we the people standing behind you than you might be directly aware of at present. We are still at the top of our Constitution last time I checked.

Also, last time I checked, no political parties (including rogue ones turned domestic enemies) are found anywhere in the original text. Wouldn’t it be very refreshing to see our entire election process set free from under their jackboot?—Joseph O. Morrow


This is not about Judge Kavanaugh. This is all about his nomination by President Trump.  It doesn’t matter to the left what and how they try, as long as they can remove him from being confirmed.

It is no wonder there have been over 750,000 #WalkAways from the left. They cannot stand any longer the lies, violence, anti-Americanism, obstructions, and destroying of everything the leftists touch.—Yasuko Kearney


A note passed along from desk to desk, lost and then found, given to the mainstream media with no credibility, and that’s to be considered hard facts? No witnesses, no definite location or time/date, 30-plus years old.

Anything to stop our president from administrating and correcting our United States of America, anything. I’m glad that Judge Kavanaugh has taken the high road and made a very strong stand, no wavering, no backtracking.

Everything this man has done or said has been above board, truthful, and without prejudice.—Marty Miller


The Democrat Party and their sycophants in the media have been searching for accusers among their leftist sympathizers, anyone willing to make the most absurd statements in an all-out effort to stop Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court justice. It is a vain attempt just like their smear campaign against Justice Clarence Thomas.

Decent people do not attempt to destroy the reputation of an honorable person for any reason; evil people do that. To make matters worse, they are doing it as a tactic in their practice of gutter politics. These people should be ashamed of themselves, but evil knows no shame.

As a positive note, the Democrat Party has revealed its own lack of character and integrity in the process.—Randy Leyendecker, Kerrville, Texas


Vote Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court seat; he is best qualified for the appointment. Those dingbats that have come out of the woodwork are lying.

Cut off the money and the bull won’t go on. Those snowflakes are just about smart enough to know not to work for free, especially if there is a chance that they will get screwed up or arrested.—Michael Folk, Pahrump, Nev.

Dear Daily Signal: This is a response to Thomas Jipping’s commentary, “Losing the Presumption of Innocence.” Kavanaugh has a good wife and children who support him, and I know you don’t get that from being immoral and demeaning to your fellow human beings.

To get to where Kavanaugh is shows he has had a very good upbringing that was full of the values that groom a person to be of his stature. These women are doing this for political reasons, and that’s why I believe they wanted him to testify first, so they could spin their story around his.

This is not only a waste of time, but like the Mueller investigation it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money, meant to line the pockets of lawyers. Hmmm. Maybe we should investigate that, huh?

Confirm him, and be done with these shenanigans.—Robert Gibson


Democrat enemies of Kavanaugh want to impose mob rule and every form of personal immorality, and blame others for their own perverse behavior.—Bert Chapman


Sen. Mazie Hirono is one ignorant tool.  The only reason she’s where she’s at today is due to the Hawaii Democrat Party’s grip on their ignorant voter population.

Hawaii has many more qualified candidates, but chose this bat to take deceased Sen. Daniel Inouye’s place. It’s a Japanese thing. Racist on their part.—Adonis Antonio


Sen. Hirono is of Japanese descent and I am embarrassed by her conduct. It is sad that people of Hawaii would elect such a woman as their senator. She is ambitious for her own career, supports killing babies, is very ignorant, and not for America. She is shameful.

I too am a female of Japanese immigrant and strongly reject Hirono as an embarrassment to Japanese culture and pride. She wants to be noticed, otherwise she wouldn’t be. She is another stupid woman representing stupid people who elected her to office.

Dirty tactics are coming from the leftist ideologies and not from gender. I strongly believe these women who make false accusations and destroy innocent people’s lives should be prosecuted just as equally.—Yasuko Kearney


The Dems rightly point out that this is not a court of law. These antics would not be tolerated in a court of law. There is lots and lots here that definitively proves that the rules of a court of law do not apply to a Senate confirmation hearing.

What laws have been broken? Defamation? Slander? These are rarely proven. The Dems are right in that there is practically no risk to anyone here, and a very high political upside.

The only way the Dems will ever be punished will be through elections.—Joey Smith


This brouhaha is completely out of touch with being human. Even should it be true, which seems unlikely, such acts at a young age are not unnatural to being human and certainly do not necessarily reflect upon Kavanaugh’s character.

It would be a safe bet to assume even a murderer could be an excellent Supreme Court judge, as he may have reflected upon his own conduct to change his nature to that which is good.

The presumption natural to the left and Democrats is that people do not change, because this rigidity in thought makes their maligning cases so much easier to make.—Jerry Hewes

Dear Daily Signal: Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., are real pieces of work (“Sen. Hirono Suggests Democrats Could Hold Supreme Court Seat Open Until 2020“). Both are experts at making fools of themselves.—Ginny Murrell, Rancho Murieta, Calif.


The Dems’ wanting to stall the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh is just about the only thing left for them to do. The Dems reek of desperation, as witnessed by recruiting two women to come forward with sexual abuse charges 35-plus years after the fact with, apparently, no witnesses and no evidence.

What the Dems do is unconscionable. Taking a good man and trying to ruin him because they can’t grasp the fact that they lost an election is way beyond childish and inane, it’s downright sadistic.

It’s time to confirm Kavanaugh and put an end to this dog-and-pony show.—Marco Beeman


We can’t play nice with these leftists. They will do everything possible to take this country down. The GOP acts surprised every time they pull one of their dirty tricks, but that’s the new normal.

Read Kurt Schlichter in Townhall.com. He is straight-up truthful about how the Dems, leftists, and progressives hate normal Americans. We can’t afford to give them a single inch in this war for our freedom.

I hope that someone besides this moron Hirono shows up for a “meeting of the minds.” She’s clearly unarmed. Between her and Sen. Elizabeth (Fauxcahontas) Warren, you might get a single brain if combined.

Hirono is the idiot who was confused about the illegality of crossing the border. Wow, Hawaii, you need to do better.—Teresa Barrett


If you think you can, try it, Mazie. In fact, I think y’all are trying it. But it sounds like Mitch McConnell is going to bring this all to a screeching halt. The bluff is an overrated ploy.—Russell Armor


What Hirono means is that a judge who is a political activist will support whatever a socialist Democrat wants.—Jim Scofield


My thoughts on Sen. Orrin Hatch’s statement (“Democrats’ Approach to Kavanaugh Allegations Makes Clear ‘Objective Here Is Not Truth, but Politics’“): I think this shows how sleazy the Democratic Party has become, because they know they are losing support of the average American citizen and they are in desperation mode. If it were not for the leftist media spreading anti-Trump fake news, the leftist Democrats would disappear.—Bill Cowart

Dear Daily Signal: Haven’t we had enough unproven allegations, as suggested by Rachel del Guidice’s report (“‘A Man of Honor, Integrity’: More High School Female Friends Defend Kavanaugh“)?

Why be guilty of similar behavior? Does anyone have proof that Ford was made a “lucrative offer” by somebody to make a false allegation against Kavanaugh? If you don’t, you should not say it.

As it stands now, all that has been presented is Ford’s unsubstantiated allegation. That may be all that Democrat senators need as an excuse to vote against confirming Kavanaugh. But these senators had made up their minds to vote against Kavanaugh, or any other Supreme Court candidate nominated by Trump. They voiced all their objections before Ford’s letter ever became public.

Ford will get her chance to testify and Kavanaugh will get the opportunity to do the same.  No matter when the vote for confirmation is scheduled, I suspect Democrats will object, demanding more “investigations” and further delays.

The left isn’t all that concerned about Keith Ellison’s girlfriend and her charges of physical abuse at the hands of Ellison, and she has police reports and medical records to back up her complaints. She remembers where and when she was assaulted, and didn’t wait 35 years to report it.

I don’t recall the left being all that concerned about Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults on women who came forward to complain. In fact there were quite open attempts to smear their reputations, most of which came from Hillary and James Carville.

Sen. Grassley should grant no further concessions, delays, or postponements. If the Democrat senators don’t want to vote, take the votes of the senators who do want to vote.—Drew Page


I think they were geared up to hate any Republican president. They have no ideas for improving the economy or anything else, so hate is all they have.—Anna Clare


The Democrats know that a bunch of Republicans don’t have the spine to come after them as most of the Republicans are more worried about their image with the mainstream “fake news” media to go after them.—Bennie Payne, Enid, Okla.


Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., tearfully announced that she believes the accusations against Kavanaugh. Why? Because she hates the president.

If the accuser was Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, or even Mary Jo Kopechne, Gillibrand would not want to see the evidence but would be certain that the evidence doesn’t prove a thing.—Wayne Harmon


I’m still trying to think which Republican or other supporters have said that Kavanaugh would overturn or reverse Roe v. Wade. I have heard the Democrats screaming about it since the last justice announced his retirement. They were screaming about that before his paperwork was even signed.—Terry Shields Sr.

Dear Daily Signal: It really doesn’t matter what people think, nor does anything unprovable that happened or not (“We Hear You: After 35 Years, Christine Blasey Ford Accuses Brett Kavanaugh“).

Frankly, it kind of sounds to me that there may be a kernel of truth to what these women are saying, because the behavior in question was associated with heavy alcohol use (reportedly) by a young male who lost his inhibitions. (I know I’m horrible when I drink, which is why I don’t do it.)

But all of that still doesn’t really matter if nothing can be proven. And it’s really ridiculous (evil?) for these women to be bringing this stuff up now, 35 years later, when they never said anything at the time and were admittedly drunk themselves when it supposedly occurred. Give me a break.—Stuart Shepherd


Christine Blasey Ford either is a malicious liar or a victim of false memory.—Eric Benndorf


In reality, Ford  is describing the political career of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Tell a lie that is so outlandish and maybe everyone will believe some of it.—David Gray, Houston


If Kavanaugh got drunk and drove off a bridge in the water and swam away leaving a girl in his car to die, he could have gotten a pass. If he were a Democrat like Teddy Kennedy.—George Blumel

Dear Daily Signal: About the podcast by Katrina Trinko and Daniel Davis, I expect no new facts from Professor Christine Blasey Ford (“The Daily Signal Podcast: Exclusive Interview With Female High School Friend, Supporter of Kavanaugh“). It will be feeling versus facts, as it always is on any issue between Democrats’ crying and Republicans’ wanting the facts.

This will change no votes, from Judiciary Committee to the full floor. I fully expect Sens. Jeff Flake and Bob Corker to vote no, just to stick it to the president.

The lady senators from Alaska and Maine will stay in favor of Kavanaugh because they will still be serving in the Senate.—Chuck Yarbrough


“President Donald Trump calls out Congress over the lack of funding for the border wall.”

Really? Katrina Trinko, please gently remind President Trump that he promised Mexico would pay for the wall, so Congress has no need to appropriate any money for his project.

“Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, says she’s open to testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee—just not on Monday.”

Leave anything out? Oh yeah, Professor Ford also has called for an FBI investigation of the alleged incident so that other witnesses are interviewed. Including Mark Judge, who was Brett Kavanaugh’s high school classmate and who Professor Ford claims was in the room during the alleged sexual assault.

Kavanaugh, who claims he is innocent, oddly, has not called for an FBI investigation to clear his name. Uh, why?—John Levin, New York

Dear Daily Signal: About David Harsanyi’s commentary, “There’s No Reason to Delay the Kavanaugh Vote Any Further“: The right action was clear. A credible accusation was made against a man with a lifetime appointment to the highest judicial post in the land.

The GOP could have asked for an expedited FBI investigation. The FBI could have rounded up its fleet of experts in sexual assault law and interviewed every single student from both their high schools within a very short time. Mark Judge and Christine Blasey Ford’s therapist could have been interviewed by FBI agents.

The GOP could have gathered evidence and testimony, and set a hearing—likely in the time that they have taken to drag their feet and bully. In a nation of laws, that is the way we deal with credible accusations—even potentially incredible accusations deserve a respectful hearing under the law.

If Kavanaugh had the moral maturity to serve on the Supreme Court, he would long since have said, “I demand a process that respects my full record and the institutional processes that undergird our laws. I would not judge a case without ensuring that full evidence is presented; I will not be rushed through a nomination process that does not respect the same process. I am confident and stand behind my record.”

He clearly does not meet this moral, principled standard of maturity.—Virginia Hammon


Ford had 35 years to make up her mind and expect to testify if she meant to make a public charge against Kavanaugh. Take the vote and stop this nonsense. She does not get to change laws or dictate terms to the Senate or anyone else.—Randy Harod


Sickening theatrics from the Democrats, just as sickening waffling from the Republicans.

I have appreciated Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley’s firmness throughout much of the confirmation hearings, but he is being far too accommodating now to Dr. Ford by extending the deadline over and over again so that she can find her voice.

He needs to make a firm decision and stick by it, no matter how much growling and barking he hears from across the aisle. With unprincipled attack dogs on the left and cowardly sissies on the right–depriving Judge Kavanaugh of the timely confirmation to which he is entitled–it is truly sad day for the nation.—Martin Rizley


This is a high stakes game. The Democrats will do anything to win. And guess what? If they win we all know all the things they will do, because they have shown their entire hand. Open our borders, abolish ICE, impeach our president with nothing other than the fact that they hate him.

But the crown jewel is they are coming after our guns. Why? Because they want to remove our ability to resist their tyranny. My representative is a RINO, but I’m going to hold my nose and vote for her. I hate having to do it, but we must.—Rick Alenn


The Republicans just need to have the vote. I’m tired of them being stupid trying to play nice. Time to be like their president and deal back to the Democrats how they respond.—Samuel Robinson

There is simply no way for this kangaroo court to go forward with any credibility, as seen in Rachel del Guidice’s report (“Protesters Swarm Sen. Grassley’s Office, Insist Kavanaugh Accuser Deserves ‘Trauma-Informed’ Investigation of Charge“).

First, there may be statutes of limitations barring an investigation. Second, there are no credible witnesses to the allegations, other than the sketchy accusations of the accuser.

Third, this whole emotional charade is gender-based rather than fact-based, which is contrary to our country’s tradition of equal treatment under the laws.—Donald Leegh, Augusta, Ga.


Why did they not throw those so called “protesters” out? They have no business in a senator’s office to protest. Did they have a permit? Guess it doesn’t matter, since they were leftists doing the protesting.–Doris Gray


At the root of this ugly demonstration is that the people taking up all that space know they are only going to get attention by acting the fool. why is Senate office space used for this?–Gary Grimm


Allow me to be Captain Obvious here. Ford is not credible on so many levels. And if she insists on testifying second, what is Kavanaugh supposed to respond to? Total setup, and unconstitutional. As though her lawyer has no idea what the Bill of Rights is about.—Robin M. Clifton


This charge is 36 years old. What might have been done as a minor has little or nothing to do with a man’s character today. Ford should be ignored.

The FBI does not have jurisdiction. However, the Senate has its own investigative powers if they choose to use them. Kavanaugh has undergone six previous investigations with nothing negative showing up.

Why waste taxpayer money on another? Ford could have said something at the time, she could have spoken up in any one of the six  previous hearings. She is a leftist, anti-Kavanaugh, politically motivated slanderer.

The only credible witness has denied that anything happened. After 36 years, there is little hope of finding answers. Way to go, Dems, you have mucked up the system again and besmirched a good man’s character.—Henry Wollman

Troy Worden helped to compile this column.

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