Warnings Of  Muslims Bringing In Polio  Myelitis Comes True  8 Children Hospitalized

Conservatives warned people of this very situation that migrants would bring in disease, leftist called us racist for having legitimate concerns. Well now the concern is a reality, will the liberals ever listen to us and heed the warnings?

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Unfortunately these concerns have come true, as 8 children in Minnesota have been hospitalized and confirmed to have Polio, a disease not seen for decades in the United States.

Somalia has an outbreak of Polio and has Polio carriers.   With the lack of sanitation and hygiene of the Somali muslim ‘refugees’ coming  into the United States, it is NO surprise Polio would strike.

It is likely now we will see US babies come down with Polio.  It is time to stop taking in these fake ‘refugees’ and time to make sure travelers from Polio outbreak countries get vetted before coming to the US as tourists. Time to put American lives first and to demand out government protect us citizens.

The United States participation in the United Nations ‘Refugee Resettlement Program’ has GOT TO STOP.  We are being dragged down into Third World garbage.

The news of this outbreak in Minnesota is just happening.   We don’t dare call it a foreign strain of Polio.  Nope, it is Polio LIKE or Acute Myelitis

Minnesota has the largest Somali community in the US, local parents are scratching their head and  cannot figure out why their vaccinated kids are coming down with Polio LIKE diseases, they better start thinking of these so-called ‘refugees’ coming in around the clock.  These Stone Agers are BIOWEAPONS.

The UK is having to deal with refugee Monkeypox and the US is now dealing with Polio.


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