Leftist put the animals together to enrich their lives and ‘challenge’ them to get along

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This Story is absolutely sickening, and no sorry to say this is not satire. The people responsible should be considered insane and incapable of living among normal humans, and then placed into a psychiatric institution along with other leftist.

The left pushing for Diversity,  woman are men, men are woman, whites are Cherokee natives, the insanity goes on and on. Mass importations of people from the 3rd world. Now they place the bears in with wolves,  what can go wrong?

Since Diversity has been working out so well in Europe with mass molestation, terrorism and rapes happening most every day, the leftist decided to take it to the next level.

A zoo in the Netherlands wanted to promote diversity within the animals to enrich their lives with multiculturalism within the animal species. Leftist promoters at the zoo put the animals together to enrich their lives and ‘challenge’ them to get along with each other, the result was not much different than what the Europeans face with diversity within their cities.  The Animals in the  Zoo now can feel like a German woman at a Year Eve festival in Cologne Germany.

The outcome was as expected, watch as the children at the zoo watch in horror as the bears attack a female wolf and eat her alive. Perhaps the zoo is preparing the children for the reality within their cities?

This is tantamount to animal endangerment and animal cruelty. They should be charged just like the people like Angela Merkel promoting open borders and diversity.

Wolf was culturally enriched, The inclusion of the wolves resulted in the bears seeking hugs and kissies, as we can clearly see throughout the video.

After the incident much like after a truck drives through a crowd in France the leftist are unsure why this happened. No kidding people, they have not a clue. They claim bear and wolves in same enclosure provides enriched environment and they have no intentions of separating the animals, much like they have no intentions of stopping the flood of refugees into Europe.

Diversity will always fail, no matter what. It is nothing but a pipe dream. But these lunatic liberals keep denying it. They keep hoping the bears and wolves would set aside their differences an get along.

After the attack the The wolves have been showing xenophobic signs toward the bears, the leftist Zoo managers are hoping they can overcome that soon.

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