Media Misses: Coverage of Melania vs. Michelle

First lady Melania Trump caused a stir this week when she publicly called for the removal of deputy national security adviser Mira Ricardel. While this particular statement was unprecedented, it is a long-held tradition that the nation’s first ladies have influence in their husbands’ administrations. The mainstream media is all over this story, and it’s a reminder that they haven’t always covered the first lady fairly. 

We’re dedicated to calling out double standards, hypocrisy, and media bias every week—and there is a lot of it. But sometimes it’s important to shine a light on positive examples.

Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw, a veteran, was the target of a poorly received joke made by Pete Davidson on “Saturday Night Live” regarding the eye he lost in an IED explosion in Afghanistan.

The “Today” show had Crenshaw on and had a fair interview that highlighted the civility and unity shown by Crenshaw when he agreed to actually go on “SNL” and roast Davidson back, but more importantly, forgive and recognize Davidson’s dad, who was a firefighter killed in 9/11.

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