Democrat Party Lawlessness Undermines Elections

The Democrats, themselves, are domestic enemies that concerned the founders, that they could some day destroy the Republic from within.


The 2018 Midterm results have revealed a deeper crisis in America that threatens the fabric of our nation. The integrity of our electoral process is now in question. There are political candidates and leaders from both major political parties who are willing and able to subvert the vote in any number of ways. However, there is a powerful perception that the leaders of the “Democratic” Party are more often guilty than those of the GOP with regard to the mutilation of truth, the capacity to cheat (even their own party members), and the propensity to steal from the American people. This is blatant lawlessness.

Only, the Democrats would certainly dispute the claim that their political party may be the party of lawlessness. But, the denial would be a mutilation of the truth. From their inception up to present Party practices, Democrat leaders have flagrantly flaunted the very legal foundations established at the creation of the nation, just as they do today. They have deviated from precedents that had been established by prior administrations and had been set by previous legislation, or court decree. Ultimately, their Party history reveals a very real defiance and contempt for the Constitution of the United States. By peeling away the veneer of the gloss covering their history, the roots of contemporary Democrats reveal a deeply entrenched lawlessness from the beginning.

While most of the news from this month has been dominated by the aftermath of the elections, very little or no major media or public attention was focused upon the election fraud originating from the “Democratic” Party. It usually falls to the grassroots citizen watchdog organizations to keep tabs on the coincidence that most of the elections that were won by Democrats resulted due to late tabulations of provisional ballots. Obviously or miraculously, there were elections that were won by a number of Republicans in very close elections. Florida’s new governor, Ron DeSantis, and former governor Tim Scott, who is the new state senator were able to survive the swirl of accusations about fraud in the elections in the “Sunshine State.”

In the “Lone Star State,” Ted Cruz escaped the “Beto Blitz” despite the record spending spree between the two of over $100 million raised for the U.S. Senate race in Texas. And, while the Left wing darling raised and spent roughly two-thirds of that total, all the Democrat donors saw their dog in the race go down to defeat. There is still some hope that the greatest expenditure of money doesn’t always guarantee one can buy a seat in Congress, or buy a governorship. Yet, records were set in 2018 of the many millions of dollars spent to buy a government position.

Of course in Texas, there was the accusation that Beto’s people were collecting illegal alien’s ballots, and using some of their millions to pay for illegals to vote. Yet, there is no hard evidence of election fraud in this regard. However, the Texas “Democratic” Party is under investigation as they were accused of sending out voter-registration applications to non-citizens with the citizenship box already checked “Yes.”

Following the reports of the alleged fraud, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted that the issue “ is being investigated. If true there will be serious consequences.” If found that the allegations are true, it would be typical for the Democrats – and it would have been quite convenient, if such an effort had remained in the shadows. Thanks to a non-profit organization, the Public Interest Legal Foundation, that alerted both state and federal authorities to possible lawlessness, there may be light shed on some potential election corruption.

Yet, the elections in the United States for years have been plagued by fraud perpetrated by the “Democratic” Party. In 2017, a Mexican alien, Rosa Maria Ortega, was caught five times for illegally voting in U.S. elections. However, there are many reasons such lawlessness is not caught easily. First of all, the Democrats are the ones who will assure the citizens that voter fraud is a myth. So when the DNC, CNN, and the rest of the group of media elite defend the fraud, they are complicit in the crime. And when they do not report the crimes, they are aiding and abetting criminals, so yes these MSM outfits are the enemy of the people.

In Texas in October of 2018, four women were indicted on 30 felony counts of voter fraud. Leticia Sanchez, Leticia Sanchez Tepichin, Maria Solis and Laura Parra were members of an organized voter fraud ring that were discovered targeting elderly voters and stealing their votes via harvesting the ballots in 2016. They were paid to do this. Who would be willing to pay such people to do such a thing, if voter fraud is a myth?

The Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, at the time stated that

Ballots by mail are intended to make it easier for Texas seniors to vote… My office is committed to ensuring that paid vote harvesters who fraudulently generate mail ballots, stealing votes from seniors, are held accountable for their despicable actions and for the damage they inflict on the electoral process.

For those who are unfamiliar with “vote harvesting,” it is now official policy in the state of California. It happens in different ways, but essentially there are two stages of how it is carried out: first there is the “seeding” and then the “harvesting.” In Texas, Paxton’s office clarified what happened. Initially the mail-in ballots are sent to “targeted precincts” that paid or volunteer harvesters will “help” the elderly vote, or to get the ballots to the polls on their behalf. Of course, the harvester is seen as a good Samaritan, a good citizen who is just helping out. Nevertheless, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They will ensure their patron’s candidate of choice will be elected.

Who knew? It seems so absurd to believe that one political party would stoop to such lengths to get their designated candidates elected to office. The American public has been quite naive about the nefarious factions behind the scenes in our nation’s vote process. All the efforts of getting out the vote to ensure our elections demonstrate that citizens still care about participatory politics go down the drain (in this case the ballot box) when the votes are manipulated or stolen. Is this why Democrats were so smugly confident of a Blue Wave in November?

It stands to reason that if such fraudulent activities are happening in one state, it is highly likely that it is happening in several without people even knowing about it. In Texas, the AG officials revealed that “the voters do not even know their votes have been stolen.” The Fort Worth voter fraud ring had been forging signatures, altering information on applications on the requested mail-in ballots, and re-submitting them with other voter information. Elderly voters had no clue.

In California in 2018, vote harvesting may have been responsible for the Blue Wave sweeping most of the Republicans out of office in certain areas. But in the beautiful “Golden State,” California Democrats have left nothing to chance. Not only is vote harvesting legal, the “old-style” methods of buying votes with cigarettes, booze, or drugs was in full operation, and the influx of illegal immigrants has changed the demographics because illegal immigrants can register to vote through California’s “motor-voter” laws.
Who might benefit through all of these efforts? Is there any wonder why California is now a one party state – a Democrat heaven?

Back in 2016, Democrat Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation known as AB 1921, which may have paved the way for California to become Kalifornia, the first Socialist state in America. The bill Brown signed passed under the “radar” of Californians. It was a seemingly minor revision to California’s vote-by-mail procedures—making vote harvesting legal in California. This meant that the voter law changed so not only people’s relatives or housemates could turn in absentee ballots; it meant that any third party “good Samaritan” could legally collect and turn in the ballots.

It does bring into question the intent of the “good” Samaritan, or volunteer for any Party, or member of any number of Leftist activist groups, or anyone who needed a decent job doing something as simple as picking up ballots and delivering them to a designated place for “sorting.”

On Election Day in California, when the polls closed, a number of GOP candidates were ahead in their respective races. But, as in other states, absentee and provisional ballots swung the votes to their Democratic challengers. In California, as in other states, there was more of Blue Wave than many of the various conservative media did not like to focus upon, nor do they comprehend the seemingly irreparable damage that is being done by the Democrat Party in this state.

The “Democratic” Party is not that unique compared to the Party in other parts of the nation. But, in California there seems to be a sophistication that goes beyond many of what those Democrats in other states possess – except maybe for Maxine Waters. The Party has perfected the way in which to control elections and dominate one geographic area within the “Land of the Free.” And, Democrats are concerned over possible foreign interference in our elections? The hoax of Russian influence in the 2016 election is truly a grand irony. We do not need Russian interference to influence the outcome of our elections; we have a homegrown version. The Democrats, themselves, are domestic enemies that concerned the founders, that they could some day destroy the Republic from within.

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